There were 138 newly diagnosed cases in 6 days. Is the Beijing epidemic severe? Reminder: be alert to continued infection

Judging from the latest Beijing epidemic situation data today, there are still 31 new cases, and the number of local confirmed cases in Beijing in 6 days has reached 137 cases. Under the epidemic situation where we have been basically controlled, this situation is indeed worthy of everyone’s active attention. Why are new cases in Beijing appearing so quickly? This should be seen from the source of the Beijing area. The investigation of the source of the epidemic in Beijing is very efficient and rapid. At present, the large-scale wholesale market in the new place has been locked. The wholesale market is the country’s largest integrated agricultural products wholesale market, covering an area of ​​1,680 mu. Such a large market has a huge flow of people. Therefore, once an epidemic occurs, its scope of impact and the difficulty of epidemic prevention and control are also relatively large. In addition to the relevant cases in the new places, there are also cases of close contacts of newly diagnosed cases in the new places. In today’s news report, five employees in a restaurant in Yichuan, Beijing, were diagnosed just a few days ago in the restaurant. A confirmed case of close contact with a confirmed case. Therefore, in the follow-up epidemic investigation process, it is very likely that there will be new diagnoses that will continue to increase in the following days. It can be said that there is a good aspect of the epidemic in the Beijing area, that is, the origin of the epidemic is discovered early, and the epidemiological investigation of the transmission path of the epidemic is relatively clear. Therefore, in the follow-up investigation work Although it is more difficult, the direction is still relatively clear. Under such circumstances, the epidemic prevention and control departments at all levels actively investigate and strengthen the epidemic prevention and control measures from all aspects. The possibility of controlling and avoiding a large-scale proliferation rebound is still very high. Relevant experts also pointed out that the epidemic situation in Beijing is still severe. After all, its occurrence occurred in a large national wholesale market. The population density, the mobility of personnel and materials are very large, except for the comprehensive investigation in the Beijing area. In addition, the foreign personnel who have recently visited the new place are also a focus of epidemic control. The recent confirmed cases in Hebei Province are all related to the new place market, and the newly confirmed local cases in Zhejiang today are also the same. The business personnel in the newly developed market, therefore, there is still great uncertainty as to whether such epidemic outbreaks and growth points will occur in other places. It is also worthy of our vigilance that the emergence of the epidemic has been repeatedly related to the fresh market. In addition to the Beijing market and the Wuhan market, the farmers’ markets in other parts of the country, especially those with imported cold chain food ingredients, should all be As for the active deployment and investigation work, according to various sources, such work is currently underway. As individuals, we must also be vigilant, maintain good habits of wearing masks, washing hands frequently, and killing in moderation. Finally, I will share with you a piece of good news: The new crown inactivated vaccine jointly developed by Wuhan Institute of Biological Products and China Biotechnology has achieved very good results in the combined phase one and two clinical trials. Among the more than 1,100 inoculated subjects tested In China, through two injections on days 0 and 28, higher titers of neutralizing antibodies were produced in the body, and no serious adverse reactions occurred. Since the Phase III clinical needs to test the effectiveness of the vaccine against viral infections in areas where there is still a large-scale epidemic, relevant units are also actively communicating with foreign countries, hoping that the Phase III clinical will be implemented and successful as soon as possible and the vaccine will be obtained If we already have a new crown vaccine with good effectiveness and safety on the market, when this epidemic rebounds again, we will have more tools to strengthen the control of the epidemic. Therefore, we wish our new crown vaccine can be successfully developed as soon as possible Listing, let us thoroughly defeat this epidemic annihilation battle.

WHO wants to investigate the source of the virus again, can we refuse?

Many friends were indignant at the World Health Organization ’s May 7 press conference on “re-entry into China to investigate the origin of the new coronavirus”. Why did we have to investigate us, and why not go to the European and American countries where the epidemic is more serious, and even have Many people have presumed that the re-investigation proposed by the WHO was carried out under pressure and the consent of certain countries. But for such an investigation, as long as it is a scientific and fair investigation, why should we resist and get angry? At this point, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Hua Chunying has given a standard answer. She responded at a press conference on May 7 that China has responded to various issues including virus tracing issues with WHO. Cooperation remains open. As long as it is conducive to mankind to better cope with major infectious diseases, China will make due contributions. However, China opposes that the United States and other individual countries can’t wait to conduct “presumption of guilt international investigations” on the issue of traceability. Such an attitude is the real attitude of being neither humble nor overbearing. What we are afraid of investigating, and fair and just investigation, we will maintain an attitude of cooperation and openness, and if we want to impose unjustifiable charges on others, we will never allow it. This is our attitude. The epidemic has been spreading all over the world for a long time, and various studies on the source of the virus have not stopped. So far, the results of various international studies and the consensus of scientists, including WHO The speeches all said that viruses are not artificially produced, but originate from the spread of mutations in nature. There is no clear conclusion as to where the original host of the virus originated. The investigation of the origin of coronaviruses, the clarification of the propagation path of the virus, the mutational target of the virus, and the subtype of the new coronavirus, which are the earliest cases of human-to-human transmission, are significant studies. As for the source of the virus that the World Health Organization has re-entered into China to investigate, if we can demonstrate the true source of the virus through scientific research in a scientific and fair manner, not only will we not have an adverse impact, but may cause some All day clamoring virus originated in China’s foreign politicians shut their stinking mouth. However, investigating the source of the virus can start from China, but it should not be limited to China. Although it seems that the outbreak of China appeared earliest, as various investigations and research continue, the outbreak of Europe and the United States has been greatly advanced. There is even a lot of evidence to prove that as early as last year, the New Coronavirus infection also occurred in Europe and the United States, but it was not discovered at the time. A British study published online in the form of a pre-calibrated draft on May 5 in the international medical journal “Infection, Genetics and Evolution” showed that the new coronavirus was several weeks before the first official case report It even began to spread in Europe, the United States and other countries around the world in a few months, and was introduced and spread in almost all countries at the same time. According to the results of this study, from the systematic evolution of the analysis of 7,600 viral gene samples, the new crown virus has The infection was formed between October 6 and December 11 last year, which was the time when the virus was introduced into human society from its natural host. In the face of such research results, our country welcomes WHO to carry out further investigations, so as to scientifically analyze the true source of the virus, but WHO also does not forget that virus infections in European and American countries do not occur later than China. Today, with the increasing degree of globalization, where exactly does the virus come from and in which country did the source of the virus first appear, should it be investigated accordingly? Only in a global context, conducting open and fair, scientific and transparent investigations and studies, analyzing and investigating from a scientific point of view, and finally drawing scientific and convincing conclusions is a truly responsible attitude. Writing here, I can’t help but think of the lyrics of an old song: “A friend is here, there is good wine, and if the jackal is here, there is a shotgun waiting for it.” In the face of the investigation, we remain open and cooperative, if we ignore scientific reality , Our words and messages will be shared, and our country and people will never agree.

Will asymptomatic infections cause a second outbreak? The doctor explains the truth for you

Many friends are very concerned about the problem of asymptomatic infected people. Indeed, asymptomatic infected people are more concealed and often have a certain degree of infectivity in the early stages of infection. However, from the perspective of the national epidemic control situation, all regions of the country, including In Wuhan, where the epidemic is most severe, there is no secondary outbreak of the epidemic due to the problem of asymptomatic infected persons. What is the reason for this? Let’s discuss and analyze it together. Regarding asymptomatic infected persons, the country has been actively paying attention to it, and it will be displayed in the daily outbreak notification data. Let ’s take a look at the statistics of asymptomatic infected persons in Wuhan: As of April 13, Wuhan City There were 17 new asymptomatic infections, 42 people were released from segregation on the same day, and 597 were under medical observation. In Wuhan area, asymptomatic infections are currently under active investigation. According to the Wuhan Health and Health Commission, the current investigation of asymptomatic infections in Wuhan is mainly in close contact with asymptomatic infections and resumption of labor In the inspection of personnel, as of April 10th, 1,291 close contacts of those who have found asymptomatic infections have been investigated. At present, there are no recurrent cases of asymptomatic infections or cases. More than 143,000 people have been tested for resumption of labor. The positive detection rate is eight in 10,000. These data all indicate that Wuhan City is conducting comprehensive investigations for asymptomatic infections, and for those asymptomatic infections that have been found that have not been cured, they will also take active medical isolation measures. If they can continue to maintain such a cautious attitude To actively continue the investigation and epidemiological investigation of asymptomatic infected persons, the possibility of asymptomatic infected persons causing a second outbreak in Wuhan is still very small. Whether an asymptomatic infected person is still infectious, we have to divide it into two cases to see. Some asymptomatic infected persons have been asymptomatic, but the body has gradually produced antibodies, and the virus in the body has been eliminated. The symptomatically infected person is equivalent to the cured person, and there is no possibility of transmitting the virus; the other asymptomatic infected person is more worthy of vigilance. It is not known whether there is such a possibility that the asymptomatic infected person always carries The virus has not produced antibodies, and the virus has not been effectively cleared. The subsequent symptoms may be diagnosed as a new coronary pneumonia patient, or it may continue to remain asymptomatic and become a “healthy person with a virus.” How to check the infected person, how to isolate it, how to help it suppress and expel the virus from the body is the focus of medical research for asymptomatic infected persons, but judging from the current research data, such cases are rare and should belong to Very special case. There will not be a second outbreak in the Wuhan area. Professor Zhang Wenhong also gave another possibility, that is, the Wuhan area may have produced a group immune effect. The so-called group immunization refers to that because most people in the population have antibodies (more than 70%), it is impossible for the population to spread and outbreak of infectious diseases again. Of course, this is just a speculation by experts. Whether or not mass immunization has occurred in the Wuhan area still needs more rheological data to support it. All in all, if the Wuhan area can actively screen for asymptomatic infections and conduct comprehensive nucleic acid detection screening for re-examination personnel, the possibility of a second outbreak is unlikely. I believe we have the ability to When the time passed, and we achieved full success in the fight against the epidemic, we also have the ability to ensure our anti-epidemic achievements, and there will not be a second outbreak of the epidemic.

Wuhan has been unsealed, and what about new asymptomatic infections? Doctor: Don’t be afraid to do this

As everyone’s attention to asymptomatic infected people gradually increases, the National Health and Health Commission has added new reports of asymptomatic infected people in addition to the daily new reported cases. From the current report data There are very few newly diagnosed cases in Wuhan, but there are usually asymptomatic infections in daily reports. According to the latest news from the official website of the Wuhan Health and Health Commission: 401 cases are still being treated in the hospital in Wuhan , Of which: 70 cases of severe and 67 cases of critical illness, all received isolation treatment in designated medical institutions. The number of existing suspected cases is 0, the number of new additions on that day is 0, 0 people are excluded on that day, and the number of concentrated quarantines is 0. A total of 279,668 close contacts were tracked, and 1,650 people are still undergoing medical observation. In Hubei Province, there were 24 new cases of asymptomatic infections, 0 cases were diagnosed, 20 cases were released from quarantine, and 674 cases of asymptomatic infections are still under medical observation. Some friends asked: Is n’t Wuhan a comprehensive investigation? How can there be asymptomatic infections all the time? I believe this is a misunderstanding of comprehensive investigation. The comprehensive investigation of new coronary pneumonia in Wuhan area is the registration of all personnel and the declaration of health status, the active inspection of suspected situations and the investigation of close contact with personnel, etc., but it is not Many friends imagine that the investigation of the new coronavirus has been conducted for everyone in Wuhan. Although this is the safest method, it is not necessary from the current epidemic prevention and control situation and the huge human and material pressures caused. of. Most of the newly added asymptomatic infections are found in the process of further investigation of close contacts, or epidemiological investigation within a certain range, and the scope of the inspection is continuously expanding. Asymptomatic infected persons are also infectious. Therefore, the issue of newly-increased asymptomatic infected persons is also worthy of special attention in the current situation where Wuhan is unsealed and the work is being resumed. The Wuhan area is the hardest hit by the outbreak and the city with the highest outbreak density in China. Therefore, under the current situation where the outbreak has been basically controlled, a certain number of asymptomatic infections and sporadic cases of missed diagnosis are very likely. Large, enhanced screening of asymptomatic infected persons is also one of the tasks that should be strengthened in the current environment of resumption of labor in Wuhan. The significance of this work is to strengthen the identification and screening of asymptomatic infected persons. , To further reduce the possibility of asymptomatic infections spreading the virus, on the other hand, for the accumulation of epidemiological data, we further understand the specific situation of the virus infecting the human body, whether there are “healthy carriers” , But the situation of carrying viruses may infect others), the question of how high the proportion of this situation is, all need to be investigated and confirmed through the investigation and statistical data of asymptomatic infected persons. Up to now, 89 out of 173 streets in Wuhan have been named epidemic free, accounting for about 51.4% of the total. Under such a situation, the epidemic prevention and control in Wuhan cannot be relaxed, while Wuhan This is exactly what is being done. Whether it is related media or government announcements, it is pointed out that zero addition does not mean zero risk, unblocking does not mean undefending, opening a city gate does not mean opening a home, or stressing that the people are not necessary. Try not to gather, and pay attention to personal protection and personal hygiene. For the prevention and control of the epidemic, the standards of identity, temperature, information, and masks have not been reduced. For asymptomatic patients, according to Relevant requirements of the State Council should be reported directly to the network within 2 hours of asymptomatic infections, and take active medical testing, isolation measures, I believe that through the process of resuming production, actively prevent and control all epidemic measures, while Strengthen medical examinations and investigations, strengthen the investigation and notification of asymptomatic infected persons, the epidemic situation in Wuhan will be able to continue to be controlled, and Ultimately cleared. As a final digression, for this epidemic prevention and control, we have to say that our country has fought a beautiful battle. Although there are certain losses and sacrifices, the speed of epidemic control is unprecedented and many so-called The “developed countries” cannot do that. At the stage when the current domestic situation is improving and the international epidemic is erupting, we must do a good job of resuming work and resuming production to actively seize the opportunity to develop the economy, but we also have a thousand Do n’t relax,