This is the most important thing about liposuction, don’t ignore it!

Seeing the weather getting hot every day and losing weight, the fat on the body is as annoying as ever. Many girls choose to achieve weight loss through liposuction. In order to have a good effect in early summer with uncertain temperatures, I will give you a little postoperative Care advice! The most common part of fat growth is the thigh and buttocks. The overall sister is not particularly fat. But the three parts of the fat are more. In order to modify her ideal body, she chose to improve her body by liposuction. Post-operative feedback from real customers in the beauty hospital, stolen pictures will be investigated after a week of liposuction is the key period. You can be hospitalized by doctors and nurses to observe and care for infusion for one or two days, reduce activities without abnormalities, and can move freely. You can take oral antibiotics for a few days after discharge During this period, you must take a good rest and pay attention not to get wet. Postoperative feedback from real customers in Shanghai Huamei Medical and Aesthetic Hospital. The stolen picture will be investigated after the stitches are removed. You can take a shower. The bodysuit should still be worn every day, but pay special attention to diet. Spicy, seafood and various hair products can not be eaten within a month. You can walk and walk properly, but don’t do vigorous exercise. You can already show your body at this time. Postoperative feedback from real customers of Shanghai Huamei Medical and Aesthetic Hospital, thief The beautiful picture needs long-term maintenance and adherence to the basic fixed shape. After that, you still have to wear a certain amount of time to shape your clothes every day. You can get the postoperative feedback from real customers from Shanghai Huamei Medical and Aesthetic Hospital by consulting your doctor. If it is thin, it is also necessary to pay attention to the waist and hip ratio, etc. The skin is locally thin and the line flow is smooth and the skin is not wrinkled. The proportion of the body is just right. It is the beauty of success.