If the facial features are three-dimensional and soft, these two parts are the key!

A beautiful nose will not only make your face value soaring, but also full face contour, side face killing will also crush the passerby in minutes, but for the natural nose and face imperfect friends, the comprehensive operation of the nasal face is undoubtedly the magic weapon of transformation. ! Before the operation, it was shared by real customers from Shanghai Huamei Medical and Aesthetic Hospital. The stolen picture will be investigated. The nose and apex of the young lady are not ideal. The tear groove of the apple muscle is also sunken. The doctor’s overall situation of the young lady has developed a comprehensive nasal face comprehensive plastic surgery plan. 7 days nose The shape of the department first appeared from the sharing of real customers in Shanghai Huamei Medical and Aesthetic Hospital. The stolen image will be investigated. The swelling will continue to disappear. The congestion has almost disappeared. The wound is also close to the healing state. The pain is slight. Wait for half a month to see the shape of the nose. After seeing the 1-2 weeks after the operation, the rapid swelling period came to share from real customers of Shanghai Huamei Medical and Aesthetic Hospital. Everyone knows that the stolen pictures will be removed one week after the operation. In fact, after the stitches are removed, the rapid swelling period will be visible. The beautiful nose type continues to be avoided at this time, pay attention to the scar hyperplasia period of 3-4 weeks after anti-collision and anti-compression. It is shared by real customers from Shanghai Huamei Medical and Aesthetic Hospital. The stolen picture must be touched within 1-2 months after nasal and facial synthesis It will feel hard because the nose is still in the swollen stage at this stage. The scars are also in the hyperplasia stage. The soft tissue is in the recovery stage. The feel will be relatively hard. The fat filled in the face is basically stable. The swelling sensation disappears after 1-3 months from Shanghai Huamei Medical Sharing with real customers in the beauty hospital, the swelling will disappear after 1-3 months of surgery. At this time, you can see the basic stable shape of the nose. If you want to return to a very natural state, then match it with a full apple skin They are very nice and very stereoscopic. After half a year, they will share with real customers from Shanghai Huamei Medical and Aesthetic Hospital. The stolen pictures will be investigated. The general nasal face will return to a stable state half a year after surgery. Although it is stable at this time, don’t vigorously touch the normal touch of the nose. Then there is no problem. In the process of recovery, you must listen to the doctor’s advice so that you can recover faster and better. What kind of care can be restored faster after rhinoplasty? [Remember the ice pack for the first three days] This can reduce capillary bleeding and reduce bruising and redness, but be careful not to overwhelm a towel when the ice pack is applied to the nose. Wash off and wash again with normal saline. Apply a small amount of ointment or spray growth factor to make the wound heal faster and wait for self-healing [treatment of the nasal face and back of the nose] keep the nasal face clean. Oily secretions on the face and back of the nose must be cleaned in time. Alcohol or Wipe the wet towel clean without touching the nose with your hands to prevent foreign objects from hitting your nose [Do not wear glasses for 2 months] and diet and other habits should also pay attention to it. In fact, these doctors will tell you to be careful after surgery. Obediently listen to the doctor’s words, postoperative recovery is completely no problem. For rhinoplasty, doctor technology and prosthetic materials are very important. Postoperative care is also critical.