How to repair the defective nasal column

Nasal column is too short is a common nose defect, the impact on the entire nose is very large, so now many people are using nasal column extension to reshape a perfect nose shape. Nasal column is too wide and too short: just remove the crescent-shaped excess tissue at the inner edge of the anterior nostril. & nbsp. Nasal column is too low: commonly used methods include V-Y forming method and local flap method. Suspension of the nasal column: the nasal column can sag to remove the full-thickness septal tissue, lift the nasal column, or perform a marginal incision on the nasal column to remove part of the skin and soft tissues. Deflection of the nasal column: Deflection of the nasal column is often accompanied by deformities of the anterior nostril, nasal tip and even the alar, which requires comprehensive treatment. While correcting the nasal column, the position of the tip of the nose, the symmetry of the nostrils and the balance of the entire lower nose should also be corrected. & nbsp. Nasal column indentation: If the nose column is indented but the height of the nose is normal, you can use the nasal septal cartilage or ear nail cavity cartilage curl transplantation to fill the invaded nasal column. The nasal column indentation combined with the nose flattened, available The autogenous bone or surrogate is L-shaped and corrects the above two deformities at the same time. If the nasal column is invaded and the septal tissue is tightened, it is possible to relax the nasal septum, the upper tissue slides down, and the nasal spine is partially excised to relax the lower tissue of the septum.At the same time, a small nasal column cartilage implantation is also possible. Flap advancement, or advancement of full-thickness nasal septum VY suture advancement. Nasal column defect 1. Compound displacement method is used to make an I-shaped incision at the tip of the nasal septum and the base of the nasal column to separate the skin and mucosal flaps, fully loosen the scar, and increase the contact surface of the affected area.According to the size of the defect wound, cut under the ear wheel or The skin fat composite tissue in the earlobe is slightly cut away to increase the height. & nbsp.2. Nasal labial fold skin tube method: design a dermal tube along the nasolabial fold, 1.8-2cm wide and 5cm long. The first stage of surgery is performed first, and the second stage is performed three weeks later. To the tip of the nose, loosen the scar tissue in the receiving area, so that it has a larger contact surface with the skin tube. After three weeks, the third stage of surgery was performed, and the puncture of the skin tube was sutured with the base of the nose to form a small nasal column. & nbsp.3. The upper lip skin flap method uses the upper lip skin to stretch and repair the shaped nasal column. & Nbsp.4. The pedicled skin flap method in the human body The skin flap is located on the base of the nasal column and on both sides in the crest of the human body. The length of the skin flap depends on the height of the tip of the nose. & nbsp. & nbsp.