Yixian Qianxi Golden Awards, how parents can guide introverted children

Yi Xian Qianxi’s once small fresh meat, now acting school! For the first time, I knew that Yi Xi Qianxi was heard from my little nephew, because when I accompanied him to watch the TFBOYS concert, I found three pretty little boys. Mother, the traffic niche is the only impression left on me! Because I was n’t interested in it, I did n’t pay much attention to it. Until I watched “You ’re You”, I found that the protagonist was Yi Xian Qianxi. I watched it carefully, but I did n’t find the beautiful face. boy. When I read it three times, I finally found out that Xiaobei was Yixian Qianxi! This cool, very man’s little bastard, is actually Yi Xi Qianxi. It turned out that he could not only be a beautiful boy, but also have another side. Yi Xian Qianxi was 18 years old when he appeared in “You Young”, and he was still facing the college entrance examination that year, and he did both well. “Youth of the Youth” made Yi Xianqianxi a real actor, and the first class of culture and professional courses was accepted by the Central Academy of Drama for his college entrance examination. The energetic Yixi Qianxi on the stage is an introverted child & nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. During my consultation, I met a lot of parents when they talked about the child’s character, what they were most worried about was Your child is introverted. Fear of this character will affect the child’s future development. Yi Xi Qianxi is an introverted child. At the age of 2, he was taken by his parents to carry out various talent training, and at the age of 5 he began to participate in the children’s program of Beijing TV Station. But at that time he did not like living under the camera. Facing the camera, he flinched, even when his mother pushed him under the camera, he was thinking about how to avoid it. Many years later, when he was interviewed by a magazine, he would still choose to sit in a corner and use a pillow to make a space for himself. In this visually blind corner, he could see all the people, but others could not clearly see the expression on his face. . Introverted did not affect the performance of Yi Xi Qianxi on the stage, but because of the advantages of introverted personality, he made his life path better. When filming “You Young You”, Yi Xian Qianxi needed to perform a little gangster who had not been punished in the street from childhood, but the good family education that Yi Xian Qianxi received since childhood was exactly The opposite of. As Qianxi has always been very polite to people, it is undoubtedly a huge difficulty and challenge to want to perform Xiao Bei with a great contrast in personality. In “You Young”, there is a scene in which Xiaobei takes his girlfriend home, because he embarrassedly scolds his little turtle “tortoise son”. With these three words, Yi Xiqianxi, who has never spoken bad words, says no. Export. After he figured out various versions and repeated them constantly, he finally got the meticulous performance in the movie. Focus, analysis, and perseverance of the introverted characteristics make Yi Xian Qianxi act like who he is in the same direction as him, and ultimately act like who he is, rather than acting like everyone. How do parents and introverted children get along with introverted personality research expert Sylvia Loken wrote in “Introverted Psychology”: introverted and extroverted are just two levels on the line, everyone has the characteristics of introverted and extroverted, It’s just that some people are closer to the inward end, while others are closer to the outward end. Recognize your strengths and obstacles and treat them as good friends for life. After that, you can turn adversity into prosperity and quietly exert your influence. How can you let your introverted children take advantage of their personality? In the process of parenting, we need to pay attention to the following 5 points: 1. Let children keep a certain degree of alienation from the outside world. Introverted children are different from extroverted children. They naturally like to be quiet. So an introverted child needs a space alone to restore vitality from an early age. It is best to prepare an exclusive room for him. In case the conditions are limited and cannot be done, at least an undisturbed area can be prepared. There is a fixed period of time every day for the children. In addition to dancing and acting, Yi Xian Qianxi also writes brush characters. At the age of 8, he won the “Hope Cup” National Youth Calligraphy and Painting and Writing Competition. It is also collected by the Danish Embassy. In other people’s eyes, the practice of writing words is boring. For him, the practice of studying words after school is a method of self-recovery. The introverted child needs to take part in activities such as school, vacation, and party