Sick people and society, introspection, is conducive to treatment!

Introspection is a way for a person to settle down and cultivate one’s life, and the ability to reflect is the ability to settle down and cultivate one’s life. This is not only for general self-cultivation, but also for the protection of body and health. The less developed the productivity, the more people can reflect. This kind of reflection is forced. The so-called introspection is to look back at the difficulties and difficulties encountered. Looking back at the past in pain, reviewing which past caused the current dilemma. These reflections may provide valuable references for future life. Therefore, introspection is necessary to settle down and cultivate one’s life. However, not all people have the ability to introspect, they will reflect. More often, he is still willful when encountering difficulties. For various reasons, it seems that it is not advocating introspection, calm-headedness, and abstinence. On the contrary, it is an age of indulgence. This is because some people have criticized that the development of China in the past was merely satisfying people’s general needs, while Western society was developing people’s desires and needs. This kind of voice is in line with the trend, so it seems a bit pedantic to talk about the topic of reflection now. So that when I wrote these words, I was a little trembling. But, helplessly, the Chinese medicine that I am engaged in is a kind of medicine abandoned by the times. He advocated abstinence, asked people to reflect and oppose indulgence. Similarly, the experience of Chinese medicine does not agree with the tunes of those who advocate indulgence on the Internet. They encourage boys and girls to taste the fun of sex early, encourage them to “self-development”, and regularly introduce some adult toys to ignorant children. However, everyone is different, and there are some people, so life wasted. Because they are dizzy all day long and do not have the energy to study, they can’t help but continue to “self-development” as soon as they lie on the bed, so their energy becomes more and more depleted. Of course, it is not only children who are left unused, but I am more pity for children. Inevitably there are also adults. There is a man who is just 19 years old and does not do anything wrong, because he started “self-development” and being developed by others at the age of 14. When we see how many boys and girls do adult things, we are not surprised. However, this was the phenomenon of the so-called evil capitalist countries 20 years ago. Nowadays, it has about the global flooding. People are not surprised, because there are too many, so they get used to it. Undoubtedly, a lot of infertility is related to multiple miscarriages. Some people say that so many children get pregnant too early because our country does not do well in sex education. I disagree with this. I think there is more sex education now than in the past. Why is there more? The thief shouting to catch the thief is an idiom and one that will never go out of style. It is the people who are under the guise of sex education. He has been advocating self-development, selling toys, and encouraging appointments. They are actually the spokesperson of excess industrial production. If every girl who has a premature pregnancy abortion is also Life, if their children are also life, then the pretense of these people is sex education, but they are actually eating human blood. Promote abstinence, do not promote indulgence, do not promote abstinence. It should be like this. There is also a young woman who gradually fell in love with self-comfort because the two places were separated. Excessive self-comfort not only brought huge spiritual emptiness, but also made her listless and fell into depression. The essence of depression is a lack of energy. The word listlessness itself tells the cause. Without spirit, because there is no essence, there is no god. It’s just that scientific medicine can’t find essence, qi, or god. Although everyone can experience the objective existence, together with the introduction of his medicine and the culture that carries it, they are all ridiculed by scientific medicine. Science, even science, has become synonymous with truth, and unscience is not truth. As long as it is unscientific or unclearly explained by science, it will be criticized and discarded as dross! Many people menstruate very early, just like the rivers are becoming dry today, their hair is like the crops by the river becoming dry, and the whole person is like this dry field, lifeless and vigorous. This is the result of liver and kidney deficiency and overdevelopment. When people do not reflect on the destruction of the environment and are fond of developing other planets, they naturally do not think that human health will be the same as the over-exploitation of this environment, and they will get senile disease early. Prematurely dry environment