Xie Bielu of Beijing Hematology Hospital: How to care for leukemia patients correctly and effectively!

Xiebielu Studio WeChat add369456 article source: Reposted from the WeChat public account [Xiebielu Studio] After leukemia patients get sick, they spend a lot of money on economic development and have a heavy burden at home, so they are very prone to mental and physical fatigue and emotional distress. Once tired, gaunt, and disease-resistant work ability becomes weaker, pathogens will take advantage of the weakness to enter, resulting in aggravation of the disease or recovery after recovery. Factors such as a high incidence of fever and cold, excessive diet, and irregularities in daily life can also have a negative impact on the condition of leukemia patients.   Therefore, the rehabilitation of leukemia is related to various factors. The necessity of medication is unquestionable, but it is also particularly important in medical care. It is necessary to ensure that the physician, patient, and family work together and cooperate closely to establish a good foundation for rehabilitation.  1. Pay attention when applying chemotherapy drugs.  (1) Grasp the chemotherapy regimen, route of administration, and closely observe the side effects of chemotherapy drugs. During intrathecal injection, the concentration of the medicine is not suitable for too large, and the amount of medicine is not suitable for too much. It should be delivered slowly. After the operation, it is necessary to lie down for 4-6 hours to reduce side effects.  (2) Skillful puncture technique. Chemotherapeutics are usually administered intravenously. And there is a strong stimulation. Leaking medicine can cause some pain, swelling and tissue necrosis. Make sure that the vein is smooth during injection. Sunlight can cause some medicines to dissolve. For example, when methotrexate is injected intravenously, black paper should be used to cover the light to prevent the medicine from dissolving. In actual operation, it is best to wear disposable gloves for maintenance to prevent the operator from polluting the chemical environment.  2. Intravenous medical care. Temporary reconstruction of bone marrow is not high is an inevitable trend of reasonable radiotherapy. Leukemia usually requires blood component transfusion or intravenous injection for supportive treatment during the whole course of treatment. Strict rules and regulations for intravenous injection are required for infusion. Generally, observe the instillation at a slow rate for 15 minutes. If there are no side effects, adjust the drip rate according to the patient’s age, heart function, acute and chronic anemia and anemia level. The side effects of intravenous injection should be closely observed during the whole process of intravenous injection.  3, diet with medical care. Leukemia patients should be given high-protein foods, high-vitamins, high-calorie foods, high-mineral, and easy-to-digest diets because their body’s metabolism is more active and their immunity is weakened. Eat peanut kernels, red dates, walnut kernels, fungi, hericium erinaceus, broccoli, apples, black fungus, lotus seeds, lotus root, etc. in moderation to nourish blood and blood. Avoid eating irritating foods such as raw garlic, raw onions, Stimulating foods such as ginger slices. Motivate patients to eat. Food tableware should be disinfected and fresh fruits should be washed and peeled.   4. Psychological care. Both irritation and depression make the blood qi in the body function disorderly, and the circulation is not smooth, leading to the nervous function of the internal organs and the disease. In addition, psychological disorders with negative information such as anxiety, loss, and autism will cause self-suggestion of negative information to the patient’s body, causing the patient’s endocrine situation to develop toward the direction of unfavorable disease repair. Therefore, care should be taken to remove the patient’s psychological barriers, build a good attitude, and maintain a stable mood during medical care.

Beijing Haematology Hospital’s farewell note: can blood transfusion immediately change the phenomenon of anemia?

Xiebeilu Studio WeChat add369456 article source: transferred from WeChat public account [Xiebeilu Studio] When anemia symptoms occur, many people will show symptoms of anemia, in fact not thin people have anemia, but fat people will also be anemia. If the anemia is relatively light, you can use food to supplement the blood. If it is serious, you can still use some methods to improve it. Can anemia be restored by blood transfusion? Let’s take a look below.  In an emergency, severe anemia patients, elderly or anemia patients with cardiopulmonary insufficiency should transfusion red blood cells to correct anemia and improve the state of hypoxia in the body. However, blood transfusion can only be a temporary treatment. Multiple blood transfusions can be complicated by hemochromatosis, and iron therapy is required. Therefore, it is most important to find the cause for targeted treatment.  Coping with anemia symptoms, it is more common to adjust according to the method of nutrition, but intravenous treatment can also be used. However, this condition is only for more serious conditions, for example, some people have a significant imbalance in the blood system, and there may be more serious heart damage. You can choose intravenous treatment with the help of a doctor , Immediately inject blood into the blood vessel to promote the repair of the blood vessel.  Intravenous treatment is actually a lot of things to pay attention to, for example, to control the amount of intravenous injection. Some people think that the greater the amount of intravenous injection, the better the actual effect. This is actually a very big misconception. If the amount of intravenous injection is large, it is very easy to cause conflicts and shortcomings in immune function. Therefore, everyone should pay more attention to this kind of problem and don’t have to type too much blood. If the human body can’t afford it, it should start with a small amount, and then gradually increase the injection volume.  I hope everyone can know their own endurance when they choose this type of treatment, and then choose appropriate maintenance methods to reduce damage to the human body. Many people do not know how to control the symptoms of anemia, and often take drugs indiscriminately, then it may be difficult to fully exert the efficacy of the drugs, and the symptoms of anemia will continue to be more significant. Therefore, everyone needs to carry out targeted treatment, first to find the cause, and then to clarify the treatment plan.