Precautions after eyelid surgery suture removal

What are the eyelid stitches after surgery? ? For the eyelid surgery project, it seems simple, but it is more elaborate. Postoperative precautions require patient care. Most people will feel that the stitches have finally been removed and they have gotten out of their way. As everyone knows, the organization does not really grow at this time, but is “similar to glue, just glued”. With a little vigorous involvement, there will be a risk of tearing, so it should not be careless at this time. So what are the precautions for eyelid surgery? (1) After removing the thread, due to incomplete swelling, there are certain asymmetry on both sides, mostly normal, you can wait for recovery, continue to observe, and communicate with medical staff at any time; (2) Within 24 hours after removing the thread, Do not get wet; (3) 3 days after removing the thread, according to the situation, you can start to apply appropriate products to prevent scar hyperplasia; (4) about 1 week after removing the thread, try to avoid bending your head down; (5) after removing the thread 1 After the week, you can lighten the makeup properly, apply as little makeup as possible at the incision, and remove the makeup gently; (6) Within 2 weeks after the thread is removed, try to clean or clean the face with gentle movements, and do not rub it vigorously; Do not exercise vigorously or lift heavy objects, etc.; (8) 2 weeks after removing the thread, try to avoid it, such as spicy irritation, seafood, tobacco and alcohol products, etc… If you don’t know it completely or if you can’t handle it, please contact the doctor in time to deal with it as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary trouble. Medical incidents are no small matter, and every detail must not be ignored.