New technology for minimally invasive treatment of obesity

After the introduction in previous issues, everyone should have a preliminary correct understanding of obesity and weight loss metabolic surgery. Many patients are afraid of surgery. This is also normal, and the word “surgery” will make people talk, and the postoperative pain and inconvenience of the recovery period caused by the operation are difficult for many people to accept. Today, let’s briefly understand a relatively new minimally invasive technique that does not require a knife-intragastric water balloon implantation. Intragastric water balloon implantation is to place the balloon into the stomach through the esophagus through a gastroscope and a special device, and then inject saline into the balloon to inflate it to occupy a certain space. After the gastroscope observes no abnormalities, the special device and The gastroscope can be withdrawn. After a period of time (usually 6 months), remove the balloon to complete the treatment. The principles of this technique include: 1. The balloon occupies a part of the space in the stomach, which reduces the amount of food intake and is prone to fullness; 2. Delays gastric emptying and reduces the patient’s appetite. Current research has confirmed that intragastric water balloon implantation can effectively reduce body weight, but the degree of reduction is lower than weight loss metabolic surgery. In addition, the intragastric water balloon implantation also has a certain effect on the treatment of binge eating disorder. In fact, the idea of ​​placing a balloon in the stomach to lose weight is not new. It is just that the related technologies and materials are not mature at first and they are forced to withdraw from the market. After a long trial and development, they became what they are now. Approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Treatment method: Visiting time: General Surgery Specialist Clinic of Xuanwu Hospital, Capital Medical University Full-time functional gastrointestinal diseases, weight loss and metabolic surgery on micro-blog every week: Obese weight loss doctor Liu Dangang