Patients Sharing | Intractable ITP? My platelets go up

Patients share&nbsp.|&nbsp.Incurable diseases ITP? My platelets have gone up! This patient has been suffering from primary thrombocytopenia for a period of time. Like many unhealed patients, his condition has been fluctuating repeatedly. During the onset of illness, I heard other people’s recommendations to buy Aiqu for a while, but it did not improve. The prolonged condition caused a decline in the individual’s physical fitness. Coupled with mild anemia and poor complexion. At the same time, because of low blood platelets, I am always worried about bleeding and I feel a heavy burden. I used to think that diseases like the intractable disease ITP cannot be cured. Now through targeted medication treatment, the results have improved! Below is the comparison of the values ​​before and after the patient’s feedback (20 days after medication), which shows that recovery is not impossible! (Before treatment) (After treatment) Although thrombocytopenia is indeed an intractable disease within the scope of hematology, as long as the cause is clear, the disease is half healed. In the later stage, the treatment plan can be clearly determined according to the cause of the disease. Seeing more and more patients recovering from health, we must maintain good recovery confidence! Learn more about “disease knowledge” or “thrombocytopenia patient group communication” and other WeChat search public number: xxbjs1