Intra-anal warts

Intra-anal warts&nbsp. Causes of incidence are divided into internal and external causes. Generally speaking, the causes of the onset of intra-anal warts are divided into internal and external causes. The inner wound surface is airtight, damp, and easily infected. Specifically, the causes of acute warts in the anus are mainly direct sexual contact; indirect infections use public household goods, infections in public baths or swimming pools, etc.; self-infection, some patients have it after laser or other physical therapy It may cause self-infection and recurrence of pointed warts in the anus. &nbsp.Intra-anal warts&nbsp.The main symptom is HPV infection in the anus. Some patients have no obvious symptoms. Some patients will feel burning, itching and pressure around the anus accompanied by mild itching, tingling, etc. , A small amount of tiny red papules appear when the warts around the anus first appear, and then gradually increase and become larger. They are cauliflower-like and papillary in various sizes, soft in nature, and can merge or overlap each other. Due to the infiltration of secretions, the surface may appear white, dirty or bleeding, with pus and foul smell. Due to local scratching and friction, the wart body may be damaged, and the surface may be eroded, causing exudation, bleeding and secondary Infection, if the local area is damp for a long time or has been irritated, the wart will grow rapidly and become a huge condyloma.  &Nbsp.Intra-anal wart&nbsp.Comprehensive treatment   Due to the particularity of the location of the intra-anal wart, the recurrence rate is relatively high. Therefore, it is necessary to be cautious when treating. The first-onset patients can choose physiotherapy such as freezing, laser, microwave, etc.; for single wart, the base of which is small can also be ligated. After the local wart is removed, combined with interferon treatment, the effect will be better. Take special care of the internal position of the anus. For the treatment of recurring acute warts in the anus, you can try the treatment of oral and external vesicles with traditional Chinese medicine to completely remove the viruses hidden in the skin and mucous membranes, remove toxins from the body, increase the body’s immunity, and achieve the purpose of curing. During the treatment of acute warts in the anus, pay attention to the following points: prohibit sexual life or avoid unclean sex, prohibit sharing tableware or bath towels with relatives, and do not bathe in shared bathtubs to avoid transmission to family members; Quit smoking and alcohol; eat a proper diet and eat some shiitake mushrooms. It contains a lot of polysaccharides, which is beneficial to improve the patient’s cellular immune function. You can take honey or royal jelly appropriately to enhance your own resistance and immunity.

What is the feeling of genital warts in the anus?

Condyloma acuminatum in the anus is a common site, and the early symptoms are not so obvious. Patients often have some symptoms, such as: pain in the anus, blood in the stool, etc., and these symptoms may not all be revealed due to individual differences When it comes out, it is fluffy at first, scattered on the small nipples, mostly condyloma on the mucous membrane, and dry condyloma on the outside. Condyloma is pale pink, while dry warts are brown or gray. If this is the case, it is condyloma acuminata that occurs around the anus.   Condyloma acuminatum in the anus may also have some unconscious symptoms, such as: unfair appearance, formation of needles, etc., this kind of appearance is warty, superfluous and contains living material and varies in size. Bleeding with exudate on the outside. It also has a foul smell and usually has no conscious symptoms. Itching, pain, foreign body sensation, falling sensation, and perianal discharge are revealed when infected. Patients who are diagnosed with condyloma acuminatum, please do not touch or scratch with your hands, otherwise the hands and ruptured warts are likely to carry the HPV virus. The virus can easily infect the skin and mucous membrane of the wound, the virus will spread, the infected area will increase, and eventually more places Warts grow and the condition will be more serious.

What to do if the condyloma acuminatum recurs after treatment

Condyloma acuminatum is a common site in the anus. Early symptoms are not so obvious. Patients often have some symptoms, such as: pain in the anus, blood in the stool, etc., and these symptoms may not all be revealed because of individual differences. It came out and appeared fluffy at first, scattered around small nipples, mostly genital warts on the mucous membrane, and mostly dry genital warts on the outside. Whether genital warts will recur depends on the treatment you choose. If it is a single treatment, just removing the wart, there is a probability of recurrence. If the treatment you choose not only can remove the wart, but also block the virus The growth environment, plus the care in your own life, can be cured, and the treatment principle is in accordance with the standard for curing condyloma acuminatum. Nanjing Youjia Viral Wart Medical Research Institute adopts the “2011101665723” invention patent traditional Chinese medicine formula (available from the State Intellectual Property Office) for various condyloma acuminata lesions, including the intracavity (such as: oral cavity, urethra, cervix, anus, etc.) ) The cure rate is high. The combination of the symptoms and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine is the foundation of the motherland medicine, and it is also unmatched by Western medicine and Western medicine.

What are the symptoms of penile condyloma acuminatum

   Male condyloma acuminata occurs predominantly in the genitals and perianal areas, and is more common in the foreskin, laces, coronary sulcus, glans, urethra, penile body, perianal, intrarectal, and scrotum. Among them, genital warts in the anus are mostly spread among men and gay men, and the disease is mainly infected through unclean sexual behavior. Therefore, cleansing oneself is the fundamental way to avoid condyloma acuminatum of sexually transmitted diseases.   Male genital warts often have no symptoms, and some patients may experience local pain or itching. The basic damage begins with small, light red, small pimples, varying in size, distributed individually or in clusters, moist and soft, showing nipple-like, cockscomb-like, or cauliflower-like protrusions, red or dirty gray, often pedicled at the root, and prone to erosive exudate , Easy to bleed if touched.

Which parts of genital warts are most likely to recur

The environment suitable for the growth of genital warts needs to meet the warm and humid conditions, so we can define it as a region suitable for the growth of genital warts, such as male and female genitals and perianal and anal, because these areas meet the basic requirements Living conditions, but in these areas we can treat the warts locally to improve the humid environment around it, so that its recurrence rate will be lower. If the patient is a male, the most common sites of condyloma acuminatum are the foreskin, scrotum, perianal, lace, coronal groove, glans, urethra, and penis. , Gay men can also be found in the anus and rectum. If the patient is a female, genital warts generally grow on the labia, vagina, vagina, clitoris, posterior union, cervix, perineum, and perianal. Condyloma acuminata is the most suitable environment for growth in the anus. This position in the anus is the junction of the skin and mucous membranes, called the dentate line, and has been in a state of constant temperature and humidity for a long time. Even after treatment, there may be a small amount of virus remaining locally, which may lead to a relapse. Patients with genital warts in the anus are treated with relatively greater pain, and the treatment time is longer.

Is there a small piece of meat in the anus that is condyloma acuminatum

If genital warts appear in the anus, the infected person will have different degrees of foreign body sensation, stool bleeding and other symptoms. The foreign body sensation is due to the growth of cauliflower-like, cockscomb-like and other neoplasms. The bleeding is because the neoplasms are moist and soft, easy to bleed when touched, and will be detected with defecation. Due to the special location of the lesions in the anal canal and strong concealment, other feelings are difficult to perceive. Infected people can check the anal canal through medical equipment when they go to a regular hospital for examination. Typical anal warts can show obvious hyperplasia, mostly cauliflower-like, cockscomb-like or nipple-like. If a sample is taken for pathological biopsy, hollowed-out cells or hollow cells are found. This result is the basis for clinical diagnosis of condyloma acuminatum. Nanjing Youjia Viral Wart Medical Research Institute uses pure Chinese medicine national patent formula (patent number 2011101665723) to treat condyloma acuminatum. The patented formula is composed of dozens of animals, plants and mineral medicines such as golden lizard, scorpion, pangolin and centipede. Through heat-clearing and detoxifying, sparse liver and dampness, softening and dispersing stagnation, supporting Zhengxiexie, and other syndrome differentiation medicines, it can completely remove the residual virus in the body, improve the body’s immunity, prevent the recurrence and malignant transformation of condyloma acuminatum, and thus achieve the purpose of treating both the symptoms and the symptoms. ※ Health column: My country ’s national academic journal “Chinese Sex Science” published a research paper: exploring a new method of patented Chinese medicine prescription for treatment of huge perianal condyloma acuminatum