What is eczema? How to treat eczema the fastest and most effective?

The human body is undergoing necessary metabolism every day, and naturally there will be many complex and small changes. However, people are usually busy with work and family and have no time to take care of themselves. For example, when certain parts of the body suddenly become itchy and intolerable, many people just scratch and scratch again, and then scratch again, repeating the cycle. As everyone knows, these repeated itching symptoms are just the distress signal sent by the body to you! Many people get eczema at the beginning from mild itching in a certain part. These parts may be in the joints of the limbs, chest and back, behind the ears and necks, or in the face, fingertips, and even some private parts such as the anus and scrotum. They are everywhere and hidden everywhere. So how do we judge whether these itching is caused by eczema? And what is eczema? First of all, let’s first understand, what is eczema? How to treat eczema the fastest and most effective? Scientifically speaking, eczema is a kind of skin inflammation, that is, a skin disease, which is caused by a variety of complex internal and external factors. Internal causes include digestive system diseases, mood changes, insomnia, endocrine disorders, etc.; external causes include climate change, food intake, etc., and some external stimuli such as cold, dryness, animal fur, cosmetics, and man-made fibers can induce eczema. Eczema can be regarded as a relatively common skin disease. Generally speaking, it has the following characteristics: 1. Itching of the skin is difficult to bear, and it can even affect sleep in severe cases; 2. The skin is red and pimple, and in severe cases it will blisters and discharge pus. 3. After the acute phase, it will enter the chronic phase. The chronic phase will manifest as dry, rough and thick skin. How to tell if you have eczema? 1. Early eczema is generally distributed in small lumps, with red spots and erythema, and light yellow exudate after scratching; 2. Skin surface ulceration will appear in the later stage, and the patient will feel itching and unable to concentrate. Even feel pain; 3. The appearance of eczema is irregular, showing plaque distribution, most of which are symmetrical and easy to recur. After we have a preliminary understanding of eczema, we can’t help asking, what should we do once we have eczema? What medicine works best for eczema? For patients with eczema, the use of scientific coping methods is essential. First of all, once the skin has the symptoms mentioned above, you should go to a regular hospital dermatology department for consultation, and a professional doctor will give a scientific diagnosis. After the diagnosis is confirmed, actively cooperate with the doctor for necessary treatment. The hospital generally prescribes some necessary antihistamines, glucocorticoids, antibiotics and immunosuppressants, etc. Depending on the symptoms of each patient, the prescriptions are different and vary from person to person. However, western medicine generally prescribes hormone ointments. This type of ointment is not suitable for long-term use. We can also choose Chinese patent ointments, such as Gan Bozong cream. The ingredients are Stemona, hibiscus bark, hibiscus leaf, sophora flavescens, and so on Natural herbal ingredients such as horn lotus and mountain gardenia, and Gan Bozong cream also contains a variety of healing herbal ingredients, which can improve the symptoms of various skin problems while also repairing damaged skin. Secondly, while cooperating with doctors for active treatment, patients should carefully pay attention to the development of their own eczema, summarize the reasons, and make some adjustments in their own internal and external environments, such as adjusting mood, work and rest, strengthening exercises, improving immunity, and improving dietary intake , Reduce spicy and irritating eating habits, try to choose mild and non-irritating clothing and skin care products. In addition, to avoid excessive scratching of the affected area, you can switch to patting, ice compress and other methods to help relieve itching. You can also apply some topical creams such as Gan Bozong cream, a cream with pure natural Chinese herbal ingredients, which does not contain hormones, is gentle and non-irritating Skin, after wiping, will make the skin drier and have a significant effect on eczema. Finally, I hope my friends with eczema can face this skin problem with a positive and good attitude. As long as you persevere in good living habits, paired with appropriate auxiliary drugs, you can naturally face eczema and get rid of itching.