What causes vaginal dryness? Is there any way to improve it?

Almost every woman will experience vaginal dryness for a certain period of time. Low estrogen levels are the most common cause of vaginal dryness. Low concentrations of estrogen can affect the secretion of love fluid and make the vagina dry. Such as endocrine disorders, perimenopausal period, lactation period, after ovariectomy of various reasons, etc., estrogen maintains the youthful beauty of the vagina, reduces estrogen, the vaginal wall will age, the vaginal tissue will become thinner, and the elasticity will become weaker. It must be dry and fragile, unable to provide love liquid. . &nbsp. In addition, it is also related to female psychological factors, such as financial constraints, conflicts between husband and wife, and interpersonal disharmony. Under the effect of psychological pressure, women often have low libido, delayed sexual arousal, and slow sexual response. Due to insufficient sexual excitement, insufficient secretion of cervical glands, insufficient vaginal wall hyperemia, no exudate, and natural vaginal dryness and discomfort. &nbsp.&nbsp. Sometimes, women’s vaginal dryness may also be caused by the husband. For example, foreplay is insufficient, or even ignored at all, and fails to fully stimulate women’s sexual excitement. The cervical glands cannot secrete enough mucus to lubricate the vagina and enter the vagina quickly. Naturally, women will feel dry and uncomfortable lower body. &nbsp. Therefore, to prevent and treat vaginal dryness, women need to find out the cause and treat the symptoms. &nbsp. If it is an estrogen problem, you should first maintain a normal estrogen level. You can eat more soy products in your life. Soy products contain soy isoflavones, which are phytoestrogens. In addition, under the guidance of a doctor, the use of estrogen drugs has improved. &nbsp. If it is affected by the state of life, then pay attention to rest and adjust the state of mind. In this place, as a husband, you should show more care and understanding to your wife in your daily life. &nbsp. If it is insufficient sexual arousal, you must fully communicate with your partner, especially before planning to have sex, create a romantic and harmonious atmosphere, make foreplay gentler and more patient, and extend the foreplay time appropriately. &nbsp.Vaginal dryness private solution: Eurostar (Rui Li laser treatment platform) uses erbium laser to lightly heat vaginal tissues according to the characteristics of female private mucous membrane aging to stimulate angiogenesis, activate fibroblast activity and experience collagen Protein formation, improve vaginal dryness, without long-term dependence on estrogen therapy. &nbsp. The Eurostar is like a guardian to protect our privacy, improve vaginal resistance, balance internal flora, and prevent bacterial invasion. If women are infected with vaginitis and cause dryness, they need to undergo inflammation treatment first, and then undergo Eurostar treatment for maintenance. &nbsp.&nbsp.

Hypertrophy of the labia minora causes psychological pressure, what should I do?

A pair of mother and daughter came to the clinic last week. The mother came in first. The little girl followed. She kept her head down during the face-to-face consultation. She did not dare to raise her head to communicate with me. I learned that the little girl has labia hypertrophy. Pants will always show the outline. Adolescent girls love beauty. With such embarrassment, the little girl is a little inferior and only dares to wear particularly loose pants or skirts. The little girl’s mother had previously consulted on the Internet. Considering that this problem affected the child’s mental health, she felt that the child would be operated on during this holiday. Regrettably, I rarely meet mothers who take their children to do private plastic surgery. I have encountered them before, but very few, many of them are girls in their 20s. I found labia hypertrophy in junior high school, but when I came out to work, I went to the doctor quietly. . What I want to say is that there is no need for us to dare not face or seek medical treatment because of private issues. Only timely medical treatment can prevent the problem from further affecting the body and mind. The exact cause of labia minora hypertrophy is unknown, but is generally related to genetics, hormone levels and infection factors or artificial stretching. It can be divided into congenital and acquired. The latter is related to chronic infection, stimulation, hormones, especially androgen use, artificial stretching, excessive masturbation, premature sex, obesity and multiple pregnancy. Strictly speaking, labia hypertrophy is not a disease, but over-enlarged labia will have some effects on women. Some people with labia minora do not feel or feel uncomfortable at ordinary times, and some people will develop partial discomfort, such as: walking Discomfort and pain appear when the enlarged labia minora rubs against the underwear. Hypertrophic labia can accumulate dirt and bacteria, which can easily cause gynecological infections; labia minora can also cause women to miss the urinary line when urinating, and the labia minora is close to the urethra. If the labia wraps the urethra and vagina for a long time, it will not Good ventilation can easily lead to urethritis. In addition, the hypertrophy and asymmetry of the labia minora affect the beauty of the private area, which will cause psychological pressure on women. Because of the privacy problem, many people dare not go to the doctor, resulting in greater psychological pressure. This adolescent little sister is just like this. Fortunately, her mother paid attention to the girl’s problems early. In fact, some children may not be aware of it. Therefore, mothers also need to be careful. If you find that the labia hypertrophy has adverse effects, it is best to be as early as possible To improve, when women reach the age of 16 or reach adulthood, they can undergo private labia minora plastic surgery. I hope this little girl can be more cheerful and confident after solving this problem. &nbsp.&nbsp.

Popular science||What is the use of female labia?

Today, I will give you some popular science about our private part-labia. The labia is divided into the labia majora and the labia minora. The labia majora is a pair of oblong and plump skin folds close to the inner sides of the two strands. Most of the pubic hair grows in the labia majora. The labia minora is the gatekeeper of women’s privacy. Generally, women’s labia minora are only two thin pieces. When the legs are brought together, the two labia minora naturally close together to completely cover the urethra and vaginal opening. This not only protects these two parts from being injured by friction, but also prevents external infections. , Keep the vagina moist. However, some women have overdeveloped labia minora, exceeding the normal range, some are very narrow, and some women grow very long, with their legs hanging together to the outside of the labia majora. This type is called labia minora hypertrophy. &nbsp. The size of the labia directly affects the quality of sexual life. A pair of good-looking labia majora are full, elastic, and pink. When a woman enters sexual excitement, the labia majora will become congested and swollen, which is a kind of caress for men. “effect. However, with the increase of age, fertility, weight loss and other factors, the rich adipose tissue and connective tissue under the labia majora pass away, leading to shrinkage of the labia majora, and the shriveled labia majora will reduce the quality of sexual life. Under the stimulation of sexual excitement, congestion and swelling of the labia minora will also occur. However, if the labia minora is excessively enlarged, it is easy to be involved in the vagina during sex, and painful intercourse. The size of the labia directly affects women’s privacy and health. After shriveling, the labia minora can no longer provide strong support. After losing the support, the labia minora cannot be closed perfectly and begins to leak. The labia minora is the first door to private parts, protecting the vagina and urethral opening from bacteria. &nbsp.But the door could not be closed, and it began to leak out, and bacteria would naturally invade without any scruples. It can lead to repeated vaginal inflammation, and can also cause vaginal dryness and reduced sensitivity. In addition, the labia minora is in direct contact with the underwear. When women perform activities, friction occurs, causing pain, and in severe cases, it can also cause inflammation of the labia minora. &nbsp. If a female friend finds that the labia majora appears shriveled, abnormally enlarged labia minora affects private health and life, they should seek improvement in time. I hope more women will pay attention to their private health.

Compared with other industries, the doctor group has a higher acceptance and respect for female private plastic surgery

Compared with other industries, the doctor group seems to have a higher acceptance and respect for female private plastic surgery. Many doctor friends introduced patients to me for surgery because the private surgery has functional recovery function in addition to the face value. Many women may experience symptoms such as prolapsed organs or frequent urination, urgency, constipation, and inflammation due to vaginal relaxation caused by childbirth. Moreover, vaginal relaxation is more likely to cause bacteria to invade and cause diseases. Tightening surgery can improve the physiological structure of women and is a protective repair. Of course, it is also very helpful for regaining family happiness. Therefore, the successful operation, while simultaneously repairing the appearance and shape, enhances women’s confidence, improves the quality of life and many other benefits. A Korean doctor I know said: I have never done any facial plastic surgery. The only plastic surgery I have done is private surgery. At the same time, I also truly realized that surgery has brought tremendous changes to my life, but It is a pity that many women still do not realize this.