Kidney stones, mostly caused by improper diet, supplement these four elements to reduce oxalate deposition

“Spinach must be blanched before eating”, “Spinach should not be eaten with tofu”, there are always many sayings about spinach. This is actually to wash away a large amount of oxalic acid in spinach, avoid the formation of calcium oxalate, and reduce the risk of kidney stones. Oxalic acid is a human metabolite. Spinal animals, including the human body, do not contain enzymes that can metabolize oxalate. The rise of oxalic acid in human urine is considered to be a risk factor for calcium oxalate stones. Studies have found that hundreds of plants are rich in oxalic acid, especially spinach, amaranth, purslane, taro and other plants with the highest content. Kidney stones are mostly caused by improper diet. Supplementing these four elements reduces the deposition of oxalate in upper urinary tract stones. Approximately 70% to 80% are calcium oxalate stones. Studies have found that: in the formation of calcium oxalate stones, oxalic acid plays a greater role than calcium. Normally, the concentration of urinary calcium is 10 to 20 times higher than that of urinary oxalate, but the balance between urinary calcium ions, oxalate ions and oxalate crystals mainly depends on the content of oxalic acid in the urine, and its slight change can be Affect the production of calcium oxalate crystals. The vast majority of oxalic acid in the human body is eliminated through urine. About 10% to 70% of the excreted oxalic acid comes from the absorption of food, so the oxalic acid absorbed from food is an important source of oxalic acid in urine. Under normal conditions, the intestine absorbs 70 mg to 150 mg of oxalic acid from food every day. Patients with hyperoxaluria are more sensitive to changes in the concentration of oxalic acid in food. If 458 mg of oxalic acid is added to food every day, the secretion of urinary oxalic acid in normal people will increase by about 5%. ~7%, while the increase in patients with hyperoxaluria reached more than 30%. Therefore, if the absorption of oxalic acid in the diet can be controlled, the occurrence of kidney stones can be effectively prevented. Recent studies have found that there are some bacteria that can decompose oxalic acid in the intestines of vertebrates, including humans, such as: phytobacter, Eubacterium lentus, fecal intestine, and oxalate degrading enzymes, because these bacteria and enzymes can use Oxalic acid is used as an energy source to reduce the intestinal absorbable oxalic acid content, so it is helpful to prevent the formation of calcium oxalate stones. 1. The intestinal tract of oxalobacter. The anaerobic bacillus isolated from the intestinal tract of vertebrates (including humans) can decompose a large amount of oxalic acid. This bacteria can regulate the absorption of oxalic acid in the intestine and the content of oxalic acid in plasma, and thus maintain an important symbiotic relationship with the host. 2. Enterococcus faecalis and Eubacterium lentus Enterococcus faecalis are also oxalate-decomposing bacteria isolated from human feces in an anaerobic environment, but not all strains can decompose oxalic acid, only 4/11 strains have this ability. 3. Oxalate degrading enzymes In recent years, urologists have used oxalate degrading enzymes to degrade oxalic acid in the human body to prevent and treat calcium oxalate stones, which has become a research focus in this field. Oxalate degrading enzyme is a biological enzyme that can efficiently, specifically and gently degrade oxalate. Oxalic acid in food is released in the stomach along with the digestion of food, and is degraded by oxalate degrading enzymes. It is not absorbed by the body and will not be excreted in the urine, preventing the oxalate crystals in the urine from generating urinary stones. Edible fungus powder products containing oxalate degrading enzymes can reduce urinary oxalic acid content by more than 20.7mg/day, which is expected to reduce the stone recurrence rate by far more than 50%. It has a significant effect on reducing the urine oxalate level of patients with kidney stones, and can reach a safe urine oxalate level without stones.

How to understand the cause of allergic rhinitis from a medical point of view, and what are the ways to prevent and alleviate it?

“Allergy” is called “type I allergy” in professional medical terms, also called “immediate allergy”, which is one of the four types of allergy. Type I—rapid type, type II—cytotoxic/cytolytic type, type III—immune complex type, the above three types are all mediated by antibodies; type IV—delayed type or cell-mediated type. The “abnormal” mentioned here refers to the abnormality of the body’s immune function. Under normal circumstances, the immune system is the guardian of the body and resists the invasion of pathogenic substances. However, the immune system of allergic people “does not take the usual path”. In addition to killing bacteria and viruses, it also protects against pollen, eggs, Wheat bran, dust and other “passers-by” are all treated as “terrorists” and attacked indiscriminately. These “innocent passers-by” are the “allergens” that cause allergic reactions and are also called “allergens” in medicine. When allergies come into direct contact with the body through diet, breathing or skin, the immune system quickly sounds the alarm, and the immune system’s “special police team is dispatched”-mast cells in the body release a chemical substance called “histamine”, causing it A series of stress reactions such as capillary dilation, increased vascular permeability, and increased glandular secretion, allergic symptoms begin to appear. The reaction in the nose of the upper respiratory tract is allergic rhinitis. The reaction in the throat is the allergic cough reaction. The reaction in the lower respiratory tract is bronchial asthma. The reaction is eczema and urticaria on the skin surface. Become an “enemy”. How to solve allergic diseases, clinical treatment is actually very limited. Generally, antihistamines, corticosteroids, mast cell stabilizers and anti-leukotriene receptors can only be used to control symptoms and relieve discomfort. It must be used for a long time or during the attack period, and symptoms may reappear once the drug is stopped. Desensitization treatment will not be repeated here. If you are interested, you can read Chapter 10 of the book “Who Moved My Little Nose”, which is mentioned. In my 30-year clinical doctor’s career, I have been exploring and innovating continuously. Through the analysis of the mechanism of disease and repeated clinical practice in combination with the physiological characteristics of children, I have summarized the solutions for children’s allergic respiratory diseases. The specific solutions are divided into four aspects: 1. Avoidance What are the common allergens that cause allergic rhinitis? 1. Inhalation allergens: such as house dust, mites, fungi, animal dander, feathers, old cotton wool, etc., which often cause perennial rhinitis. Caused by plant pollen, mostly seasonal. 2. Food allergens: such as milk, eggs, fish and shrimp, wheat noodles, peanuts, soybeans, fruits, dried fruits, vegetables, etc. Especially certain drugs, such as penicillin drugs, thiamine drugs, antibiotics, etc. can cause allergies. 3. Contact: chemicals such as cosmetics, paint, alcohol, gasoline, etc. 4. Others: such as food additives, certain bacteria and their toxins; physical factors such as ultraviolet light, sunlight, and changes in cold and hot temperature. Allergen detection methods are generally divided into three types: prick test, patch test, blood test prick test trial: the preferred method of detection of inhaled allergens, such as respiratory allergies caused by inhalation of pollen and dust mites. Patch test: Suitable for skin contact allergens. It is the simplest and most accurate method for detecting contact dermatitis. It is also suitable for allergen screening for eczema. Blood test: It is suitable for respiratory allergies, immediate food allergies and food intolerance, that is, IgE or IgG. Some parents reported that they went to the hospital to do a 28-item allergen screening for children. According to the screening results, they strictly fasted allergic foods, but the children became more and more serious. This situation may be a relatively high degree of food intolerance. If it is not checked, conventional hospitals can do 40 items, and some professional testing institutions can do 90 and 132 items. 2. Repairing mucosa and alleviating inflammation. Allergic respiratory diseases will destroy the normal structure of mucosa and easily cause respiratory infections and chronic inflammation. To reduce the damage caused by allergic diseases, it is necessary to repair the damaged respiratory mucosa and restore the normal movement of cilia. The treatment idea is to block the destructive factors to the ciliary epithelial cells. On the one hand, it reduces inflammation and repairs the mucosa to reduce the release of inflammatory substances, and at the same time removes the secretions accumulated in the respiratory tract and restores the normal movement of the cilia. It can be atomized with traditional Chinese medicine formula, and simultaneously perform semiconductor laser irradiation and saline nasal washing to relieve symptoms. 3. Regulate the physique and supplement some special probiotics, restore the balance of cellular immunity and reduce excessive

Summer diarrhea may be this disease? Do 8 points, the intestines are healthier

The three people took a diarrhea and cleared the area. After so long, they could finally go out and enjoy it. So they asked some friends to indulge in the night market. So, a few of us are really self-willed, from one end of the night market to the other, eat whatever you want, and when you go home, the trench is already flat, which is quite satisfying. But diarrhea started in the morning. As soon as I called, a total of 3 people had symptoms of diarrhea, and I took the medicine quickly. Since we ate while walking last night, no one of us can be sure what caused it. Who knows whether it’s skewers or oysters… In summer, we must pay attention to intestinal infectious diseases. Summer is coming, and intestinal diseases are frequent, especially if there are The collective illness of the collective diet may basically be an intestinal infectious disease. Why should be careful of intestinal infectious diseases in summer? 1. The temperature in summer is high, the bacteria multiplies faster, and the food is easy to spoil. 2. The amount of hot drinking water increases. Drinking a lot of water will reduce the concentration of stomach acid and reduce the acidity of the stomach. Pathogens will take advantage of the deficiency and make them sick. 3. There are many raw foods. Melons, pears and peaches are easily infected with bacteria in the process of growth, picking, transportation and sales. Eating unwashed fruits and vegetables can cause illness. As for street night markets and small vendors at night, cooking does not pay attention to hygiene, and the disinfection of tableware is not strict. Practitioners have not undergone health checks, and even patients with intestinal infections are engaged in direct food imports, which is more likely to spread diseases. 4. In summer, flies multiply in large numbers, fly around, pollute food, and people are susceptible to intestinal infectious diseases after eating. How to prevent intestinal infectious diseases? Sickness is the most appropriate for intestinal diseases. The preventive measures are very simple, that is, wash hands frequently, eat cooked food, drink boiled water, and do a good job in environmental hygiene. 1. Washing hands is the most important personal preventive measure. Washing hands before and after meals can wash about 90% of the microorganisms on the hands, greatly reducing the chance of pollution. 2. Do not drink raw water, because boiling water can kill pathogenic microorganisms. 3. Eat cooked food, eat less cold dishes, wash it when eating, and wash and sterilize raw fruits and vegetables; do not eat spoiled food, sick and dead poultry, livestock, stale food, do not buy; try to eat as little as possible Foods that cause pathogens, such as screws, shells, crabs, and other aquatic products, should be cooked and steamed before consumption. Eating raw, half-life, wine, vinegar, or salted food is not advisable. 4. Try not to eat leftover food. If the leftover food should not be stored for too long, it should be heated before consumption, subject to heat penetration. 5. The tableware should be strictly sterilized, and the cooking utensils used for raw and cooked food should be separated; it is best not to eat in small outdoor eating stalls on the roadside. 6. Do a good job of indoor and outdoor sanitation, remove garbage, dredge sewage ditches, and eliminate infectious diseases such as flies, mosquitoes, mice, cockroaches. 7. At the same time, individuals should pay attention to work-rest combination and ensure adequate sleep, improve self-immunity, and help prevent infectious diseases. 8. If you have symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea,   must not be careless. Seek medical treatment immediately for early diagnosis and early treatment. But if you have to say, I just want to lose weight through diarrhea, I will not stop, but be careful, severe diarrhea may cause dehydration, and even more serious infections and complications. And if it is an intestinal infectious bacterial infection, bacterial dysentery, typhoid fever, paratyphoid fever, etc.; amoebic dysentery caused by amoeba histolytica; there are many types of viruses, including poliovirus and coxsackie virus , Ekovirus, new enterovirus, etc., can cause polio, hand, foot and mouth disease, viral encephalitis, herpes angina, and other diseases. It is easy to cause the group to get sick, and it will be big.

How does drinking orange peel water help the body?

Chenpi is not a stranger to everyone. It is a popular snack. It can also be said that it is a commonly used Chinese medicine. We often use it to soak in water. It has a great effect on the human spleen and stomach and can eliminate intestinal accumulation. Qi, spleen and phlegm. However, there are some contraindications to drinking orange peel water. People with excessive stomach acid and people who take medicines should not drink orange peel water. There are also special care for pregnant women. It is not easy to drink orange peel liquorice. Today, let’s take a look at the effect of orange peel soaking in water. 1. Promote digestion and increase appetite: because orange peel contains limonin, this limonin-like taste helps to promote intestinal peristalsis and promote digestion; in addition, orange peel contains volatile oil, hesperidin, vitamin B, C, etc. Ingredients, the volatile oil it contains has a mild stimulating effect on the gastrointestinal tract, which can promote the secretion of digestive juice, eliminate gas accumulation, and increase appetite. 2. Expectoration and cough: orange peel is also a commonly used traditional Chinese medicine. It has a bitter taste and is warm in nature. It has the functions of ventilating the spleen, dampening the phlegm, relieving greasy fragrance and reducing vomiting. It is suitable for people with symptoms such as full stomach, indigestion, loss of appetite, cough and sputum. Eliminating intestinal gas accumulation and tangerine peel has a mild stimulating effect on gastrointestinal smooth muscle, can promote the secretion of digestive juice and eliminate intestinal gas accumulation. 3. Drinking water with orange peel is often good for the body. It can improve our spleen and stomach, beautify the face and protect the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular vessels, but it is not suitable for everyone to drink, such as stomach fire and yin deficiency. People with physiques need to drink less, but drink more or worsen the physical discomfort. In addition, we are not suitable to drink orange peel soaking before going to bed, and orange peel soaking is prone to insomnia.

Is there any way to reduce the damage to the liver and intestinal flora by drinking?

Excessive drinking will cause damage to various organs of the body, cause gastric mucosal damage, lead to the accumulation of fat in the liver to produce alcoholic fatty liver, etc .; induce peripheral neuropathy and even atrophy of the cerebral cortex. Because alcohol ingested in the body is mainly metabolized in the liver, long-term excessive drinking causes the most obvious damage to the liver, and it is easy to induce alcoholic liver disease. Alcoholic liver injury is related to intestinal flora. Although alcohol is mainly metabolized in the liver, drinking alcohol will cause intestinal flora imbalance and lead to an increase in gram-negative bacteria among intestinal bacteria. This Gram-negative bacterium is terrible. The harm it brings is simply toxins that damage the liver. Gram-negative bacteria can release a large amount of endotoxin, and beyond the liver’s ability to clear, endotoxin will also be recognized by immune cells in the liver to cause a series of immune responses, which in turn cause liver damage. At the same time, its metabolites promote the production of reactive oxygen molecules, proinflammatory cytokines and chemokines, and aggravate the occurrence of liver cell damage. The latest research shows that the disturbance of intestinal flora can not only accelerate and worsen the process of liver cirrhosis, but also further trigger a vicious circle. But many people do not know that there is such a relationship between intestinal flora and cirrhosis. The steady state of the intestinal flora, the integrity of the intestinal barrier and the immune cells in the liver play an important role in the occurrence of alcoholic liver disease. Probiotics to prevent and treat alcoholic liver damage High-quality probiotics can regulate intestinal flora, improve immunity, relieve or even inhibit inflammation. For the liver, probiotic intake can reduce endotoxin and other toxic substances that are harmful to the liver, participate in fat metabolism, reduce fat accumulation in the liver, improve alcohol-induced intestinal leakage, reduce intestinal and liver damage, aging and Inflammation, protect the liver from damage and reduce the incidence of alcoholic fatty liver. The latest research on probiotics, cirrhosis and hepatitis shows that supplementing bifidobacteria can reduce the concentration of endotoxin and blood ammonia in the blood. Probiotics can reduce the damage of pathogenic factors to the liver and effectively improve liver metabolic function. Probiotic liver protector Probiotic bacteria can help metabolize and decompose alcohol in the body, effectively reduce the metabolic pressure of the liver, reduce the damage and impact of alcohol on the body, and wake up faster. Lactobacillus casei and Lactobacillus acidophilus can regulate intestinal flora, improve immunity, relieve or even inhibit inflammation. Ingestion of beneficial bacteria can inhibit excessive proliferation of bacteria in the small intestine and reduce endotoxin and other toxic substances harmful to the liver produced by the bacteria. Probiotics can enhance the nutrition of intestinal epithelial cells through the production of short-chain fatty acids, repair the intestinal mucosal barrier, prevent apoptosis, improve the activity of intestinal epithelial cells, these functions also stabilize the permeability of the intestine and reduce the intestine Occurrence of bacteria and metabolites entering the blood. In addition, probiotics can regulate gene expression in the liver, including related genes involved in fat synthesis and breakdown, genes of liver cell apoptosis, etc., to reduce fat accumulation in the liver and protect the liver from damage. Including liver damage caused by hepatitis, especially liver damage caused by drinking alcohol, have a good protective effect. Probiotics are especially suitable for people who have suffered gastrointestinal damage and usually have poor alcohol, but want and need to drink; business people who are entertaining and drinking, people with serious sequelae of drunkenness. Compared with “after-the-fact remedy”, probiotic supplements before drinking can effectively block alcohol damage and prevent liver damage in advance. Intestinal flora, the biological structure that accompanies us all our lives, is more like an “organ” that affects all aspects of the body. Whether this organ is normal or not has an important impact on the health of the human body. Do you have a hangover trick? Leave a message in the comment section!

Are you free to defecate

Nowadays young people have more and more symptoms of constipation. The reason is that in addition to diet and lifestyle, they often hold back the excrement due to work. Defecation action occurs when the feces stored in the rectum reaches a threshold, the anus and rectum will send a signal to the brain, which triggers bowel movements. When defecation is not possible under special circumstances, the human body suppresses the defecation center, thereby pushing the feces in the rectum back to the sigmoid colon for the next defecation. If the stool is held for a long time, and the stool in the intestine is stored for too long, the stool will become more and more dry, and it will be as hard as a stone, causing constipation. Constipation not only causes perianal diseases such as hemorrhoids. Because there are digested metabolites in the feces, these metabolites will enter the bloodstream, causing a series of chronic symptoms such as nausea and decreased appetite, and can also cause intestinal diseases such as colon polyps and colon cancer. So freedom of bowel movement is also a kind of wealth.

If the stool is in these three colors, it means you should go to the hospital ~

& nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. Brows are locked on the toilet, the belly is bloated but there is no way to do it, and the toilet is run several times a day … Have you had such a bowel movement experience? Studies say that having a bowel movement 1 to 2 times a day is a healthy frequency. Defecation: Don’t exceed 3 times a day. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. According to clinical observation, most Chinese people are used to defecating early in the morning. Because people will have a standing reflex after getting up in the morning, and the stomach and colon reflex is the strongest after breakfast, which will stimulate the colon to move and form a bowel reflex. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. At this time, the toilet can evacuate the “waste” generated by the metabolism throughout the night, which helps prevent anorectal diseases. “We recommend that patients go to the bathroom for a while after getting up to cultivate the habit of going to the toilet early in the morning, but this is not a mandatory requirement,” the expert said. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. It is ideal to defecate once or twice a day, generally no more than 3 times a day, but this is not the only indicator of gastrointestinal health. The shape and color of the stool, as well as people’s own feelings are also very important. When defecating, pay attention to the following three colors. Experts say that if the stool shows three colors, black, red, and white, you must be vigilant. 1 When the amount of bleeding in the intestine is small and the speed is slow, the blood stays in the intestine for a long time, and the stool discharged is mostly black. 2 If there is a lot of bleeding, the blood stays in the intestine for a short time, and the excrement is red. 3 “White” refers to the clay color, which may be a obstruction of the biliary tract caused by hepatobiliary and pancreatic diseases, causing poor secretion of bile, resulting in pale and pale stools. Occasionally, abnormal stool color does not need to be too worrying. You can recall whether there are special conditions in the near future, such as eating certain foods or drugs, such as iron supplements, oral activated carbon, excessive intake of vegetables, or receiving antibiotic treatment, may cause stool color. The change. Two troublesome bowel movements: constipation, diarrhea, and studies also found that those who defecate many times a day have a higher risk of developing colorectal cancer within the next 5 years. Clinically, the most common bowel problems in the Chinese are diarrhea and constipation. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. Long-term constipation will increase the risk of colorectal cancer and other diseases. When you defecate hard, the blood pressure of patients with cardiovascular disease will increase, which may easily lead to accidents such as cerebral hemorrhage. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. Persistent diarrhea may cause electrolyte imbalance, malnutrition, anemia, etc. Chronic diarrhea may be caused by infectious diseases, metabolic diseases, autoimmune diseases, tumors, etc. It is recommended to go to the hospital to check the cause. If the regularity of bowel movements is suddenly disrupted, you do n’t have to be too alarmed. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. First, you can think about whether your mood and behavior habits have changed recently, such as business trips, stress, and reduced food intake. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. Second, check whether there is blood in the stool. If this is the case, it is best to go to the hospital for 1-2 stool routine + occult blood tests to check for organic lesions. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. Third, people with long-term constipation suddenly have a smooth bowel movement or people with long-term diarrhea have sudden constipation. They should go to the hospital as soon as possible to be alert to the risk of cancer. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. In addition, people over the age of 40 go to the hospital for at least one colonoscopy, and determine the frequency and means of future reexamination through the specific conditions of the intestine.

Abdominal pain and diarrhea turned out to be the reason

Under the influence of life habits, eating habits and work pressure, many people’s intestines become more and more sensitive. There are more and more patients with diarrhea and abdominal pain in the outpatient department, and they are more common in young and middle-aged people. If you have frequent diarrhea and abdominal pain, 3-5 times a day, or even more, and the symptoms worsen after getting cold, after getting up, or in a state of mental stress, this symptom is called “irritable bowel syndrome.” There is no good treatment for this kind of functional bowel disease in Western medicine. You can use probiotics to adjust the intestinal flora, but it is also an adjunct therapy. On the contrary, traditional Chinese medicine has great advantages in functional diseases. For this symptom, most people can take the classic prescription of traditional Chinese medicine-Tongxie Yaofang. The composition of the prescription is very simple. It can be adjusted to add or subtract other Chinese medicines according to its own situation. However, the best medicine of the human body is still its own immunity. By increasing exercise, recuperating the body, and having a daily life, many functional diseases can heal themselves or no longer occur.