“I, 23, my mother told me to go for a hair transplant.”

What was the most arrogant sentence he said when he was young? A: “tony, help me thin my hair, thank you!” Q: What is the most “tragic” thing that contemporary young people encounter? A: I am bald in my twenties. My name is Lin Jionghui and I am a Xiamen boy. When you look for a job after graduation, you can always see “People with good image and good temperament are preferred” on recruitment requirements. When I first came out of the ivory tower, I was still a little bit angry. I depended on my strength, not my face! After a few rounds of interviews, I felt “shame”. I interviewed 5 times, and the interviewer asked me 4 times, are you really 23 years old? The photo is a bit different from your own. In order to make the resume look beautiful and make a good impression, I p hair black and dense on the registration photo. After all, the fake is fake, and will be exposed during the interview. Seeing that my classmates have found a good job, I am also very anxious. I started to lower my standards and no longer specialize in delivering large companies. As long as my professional counterparts, I have submitted resumes. Sure enough, I soon received an offer. Facing the cruel reality, I can only sharpen myself in a small company first, but those students who envy me in my heart clearly know that we are quite capable, but I failed. With limited positions and countless people, the interviewer will still give people with strong ability and good image. In the year after graduation, I had many unwillingness in my heart. What’s more sad is that it’s also very bad in love, and it’s over before it starts. The taste of being rejected is really uncomfortable. One night, I was standing on the balcony drinking booze, and my mother came over and said to me: “I understand it, now the hair transplant is quite safe, and the son of Aunt Wang in the community has also planted hair. Now the hair is very good, I can’t see it. Cheng Mediterranean, son, you can too, we can’t wait for others to change you. “It happened that the next morning I went to work and happened to meet Aunt Wang’s son. I stared at his hair for a long time, and the more I looked envy. So, at the age of 23, I planted hair! The following is the whole process of recovery after my hair transplant: Hair transplant, this is the most correct decision I made! Now I have got the offer of the company I have long loved! Found a girlfriend! I hope my story will encourage you. If you have any questions, please leave me a message in the background!