Why do you need to raise your legs after training

Questions and answers of the sixth period of teaching:    1. Why do you need straight leg raising training after lumbar spine surgery?    Answer: Straight leg raising training can alleviate the adhesion of the dura mater and move the position of the sciatic nerve in the spinal canal by 2~8mm to prevent local sciatic nerve root congestion , Edema, improve blood circulation, ease dural adhesions, and prevent low back pain. 2. What is the difference between intervertebral foramenoscope and other minimally invasive treatment techniques? A: Compared with ozone, laser and other minimally invasive techniques for the treatment of lumbar disc herniation, intervertebral foramen surgery can not only decompress the intervertebral disc, but also Prolapse, prolapse and even free nucleus pulposus tissue in the spinal canal were removed. 3. What should patients pay attention to when they are discharged?    Answer: You must fully communicate with your doctor about discharge:    1. Do you need to take medicine, discharge records, diagnosis, etc. to avoid trouble afterwards.    2. Take care of yourself and unclear problems Find out to avoid confusion or anxiety after returning home to affect your recovery.    3. Clarify the precautions after discharge and the time and place of the review at the hospital.    4. Join the group of patients (WeChat or QQ) of the attending doctor, which is convenient for solving doubts at any time. Learning and appointment registration.