Does laser treatment cause skin sensitivity?

Does laser treatment cause skin sensitivity? General laser treatment has high selectivity, can accurately treat lesions without harming the skin, and has little or only a very slight effect on normal skin, so it will not cause skin sensitivity. The exfoliative fractional laser may cause temporary skin sensitivity due to partial exfoliation of the epidermis (the incidence is about 10%), but it can be repaired soon. However, laser treatment should not be performed frequently because the probability of skin sensitivity caused by laser is very low, because it is true that the skin function of some patients will be affected to a certain extent. How often should it be done? First of all, our skin has a normal metabolism time, which is generally about 28 days, which is actually the replacement time of the epidermis. It is recommended that if laser treatment is used, the interval should not be shorter than one month. In fact, the interval between many laser treatments is one month, some exfoliative laser treatments such as acne depressed scars have an interval of up to three months, and some diseases such as Ota’s nevus treatment have an interval of up to 3 to 6 months. The treatment of chloasma with large light spot and low energy can shorten the treatment interval, but because of the low energy used, skin sensitivity will generally not occur. Sensitive skin can be treated with laser: A large number of clinical studies have proved that low-energy photons or lasers can effectively treat facial flushing and telangiectasia of sensitive skin. And because the energy of the treatment is very low, it will not cause special discomfort during the treatment process, which is a very gentle method. The treatment principle is attributed to the effect of light modulation: light regulates the immune function of the skin, which can reduce the sensitivity of the skin and enhance the barrier function of the skin.

Can the genital warts be cured at one time?

  Condyloma acuminatum is the best treatment opportunity in the early stage. The patient should go to the regular hospital for diagnosis and treatment as early as possible. The correct diagnosis is made. With the appropriate and appropriate treatment plan and treatment method, the active and cooperative treatment can be completely cured. The main methods of initial treatment of genital warts are as follows:    1. Cryotherapy: the use of liquid nitrogen at a low temperature of -196 ℃, the use of cryotherapy to treat genital warts, promote the necrosis of wart tissue, easy to operate, efficient, and easy to tolerate patients. This method is suitable for genital warts with a small number and a small area. It can be treated 1 to 2 times, and the interval is one week. 2. Laser treatment: CO2 laser is usually used to treat condyloma acuminatum by cauterization. It is feasible to treat single or a small number of multiple warts at one time, and 2 to 3 treatments for multiple or large warts. The interval is generally one week. . 3. Chinese medicine treatment: At present, as long as the patient does not have immune system diseases, such as: AIDS, systemic lupus erythematosus, and kidney disease and other immune system diseases, it can be completely cured by the Chinese medicine team through the invention patent No. 2011101665723. The State Intellectual Property Office You can check the details of the patent.

Will eating immediately after exercise cause indigestion?

Rumor: Eating immediately after exercise will cause indigestion. The truth: no. Identification points: Eating immediately after exercise will not cause functional dyspepsia. But after exercise, especially after strenuous exercise, blood redistribution, gastrointestinal motility may be different from usual, at this time eating is more likely to feel a little uncomfortable. Therefore, after exercising, you can drink some sports drinks to add water and sugar. As for the rice, buns, vegetables, meat, etc. to be digested, it is best to take a break before eating. The exact length of rest is completely different from person to person and does not require a standard. For people with regular exercise intensity and habits, it is easy to sum up the rules of how long they are more suitable for rest, just follow it. A similar situation occurs when eating during exercise. The more you eat, the shorter the interval, and the greater the intensity of exercise, the more likely this gastrointestinal discomfort is. If you eat enough and expect that the intensity of exercise will not be too small, then the interval between eating and exercising must be lengthened. Generally, a moderate amount of meals, followed by low-medium-intensity aerobic exercise such as walking and cycling, an hour after a meal is enough.

Can “Youjiale, Letisi” be taken with food and other medicines? (Thyroid disease)

Utramethrin or Retiz, also known as levothyroxine sodium tablets, are thyroid hormone drugs and are synthetic levothyroxine (L-T4). Its function: It is mainly used for the replacement therapy of children and adults with hypothyroidism and the treatment of non-toxic goiter, as well as the postoperative inhibitory treatment of differentiated thyroid cancer (prevention of tumor recurrence), and can also be used for the adjuvant treatment of patients with hyperthyroidism . The oral administration of “Ugara and Retez” seems to be simple, but in fact it is more particular. You only need to take it orally once a day. It is best to take it on an empty stomach 1 hour before breakfast in the morning. How to take “Ugaret, Letisi” correctly? Can it be taken with food and other medicines? The correct use of Ucaride and Retez disturb many patients. The method of taking Ucaret on the Internet is really varied, and even inconsistent, causing many patients to be worried and upset. Dr. Lin is here to talk about oral Ucaride or Retiz, can I take it with food and other medicines, what should I pay attention to? First, studies have shown that eating together with food Urugat or Retiz may affect the absorption of the drug. The absorption rate of the same service is only about 64%, while oral Urothal can reach 80% under fasting conditions. Therefore, it is recommended to take the medicine on an empty stomach. Secondly, do not take “Ucara, Latius” with other medicines. 1 hour away from hypertension drugs, vitamins, nutrients, 1-2 hours away from milk, legumes, 2 hours away from medicines and foods containing calcium, iron, aluminum, etc., 4 minutes away from proton pump inhibitors for treating stomach diseases Hours (because proton pump inhibitors such as omeprazole inhibit gastric acid and affect the digestion and absorption of drugs), 4-5 intervals away from cholestyramine (treatment of hyperlipidemia) or lipid-lowering resin (coleenamide, coletepoise) hour. (Remarks: Drugs containing calcium, iron, and aluminum: such as calcium tablets, gastric mucosal protector sucralfate, aluminum hydride, etc .; legumes include soybeans, black beans, and soy products such as soy milk, tofu, bean dregs, etc.). & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. Therefore, Xiao Maruko, the university asks, don’t despise “Youjiale”, study hard, make up for the lack of understanding, correctly master the method of taking L-T4, and avoid poor disease control. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp.

“Constipation” is not a trivial matter, it will cause big problems if you don’t pay attention

Constipation is a type of condition characterized by difficulty in defecation. Difficulty in defecation includes laborious defecation, incomplete bowel movements, time-consuming defecation, prolonged defecation interval, and the need for manual defecation. constipation is not a trivial matter, the constipation may involve departments: urology, gastroenterology, psychologist, acupuncture, nutrition, physiotherapy, anorectal, etc., these are related to it, so you think how complicated it is. Once symptoms appear, most people think of this thing-“laxative”, but experts tell us that laxatives may instead cause a series of problems such as constipation. & nbsp. First, constipation is divided into three types: 1. & nbsp. The most common constipation (yin deficiency): long interval between toilets, dry stool, dry mouth and tongue 2. & nbsp. The easiest way to find constipation in the elderly ( Qi Deficiency): Weakness in bowel movements, weakness 3. The most easily overlooked constipation (qi secret): abdominal pain, abdominal discomfort, uncomfortable mood & nbsp. First explain to everyone, “can I use laxatives” during constipation? We do not recommend these methods. Long-term use will cause some side effects and bring many harms. For the treatment of constipation, the common practice of most patients is to take laxatives including various slimming teas and laxative teas. However, long-term or large-scale use of stimulant laxatives will not only cause abdominal pain, but also depend on laxatives. When you do not eat, you will still have constipation, and the symptoms will not be cured. In addition, the large intestine mucosa will appear pigmented large intestine melanosis under the stimulation of these drugs. Observed from the colonoscope, the entire large intestine becomes black. It may also damage the nerves and muscle tissue of the intestinal wall, resulting in the appearance of polyps. Become a risk factor for colorectal cancer. Therefore, it is recommended to take laxatives properly, preferably under the guidance of a physician. The types of laxatives should not be single, nor should they rely on laxatives for bowel movements for a long time.

Frequently asked questions about Remag, please read this article for ReMag

1 Does Hot Maggie Pain? Anesthesia will be applied before treatment. With the superposition of treatments, there will be some pain in the back, and some people will feel no pain. There will be hot pain in the mandibular cheekbones, which can basically be tolerated. The energy level can also be reduced according to the situation. Within a certain range, the higher the energy, the better the effect, but it is based on everyone’s ability to bear. 2 How long can the heat treatment effect last for one time? The younger the skin, the stronger the ability to stimulate new life. It is generally maintained for 3 to 5 years. Depending on the age, the maintenance situation will be different. It is not necessary to do it without hot Maggie. It is not once and for all. Maintenance, don’t relax. 3 When is the effect generally? After the treatment, the collagen shrinks, and immediately after treatment, you can see the effect of tightening and lifting the skin. Collagen regeneration takes 3 to 6 months, and the effect is generally more obvious after 3 months of treatment. & nbsp.4What are the side effects of Heat Maggie Treatment? The normal operation of the regular equipment generally has no side effects. Local erythema, edema, blisters, etc. may appear locally and return to normal after about 1 week. 5 Is Hot Maggie suitable for people over 35? no. It is not based on age to determine whether it is suitable for treatment, but on the indications of the skin. If the skin has started to loosen at the age of 25, it is very suitable for doing. And the younger the skin regeneration ability is stronger, prevention is greater than treatment, start your anti-aging earlier, you will be younger than your peers. 6 How often is the treatment interval? According to each person’s skin condition, the interval is at least half a year, generally 1-2 years. It’s no problem to do it after 5 years of maintenance. 7 Is there anything you should pay attention to before making Hot Maggie? Hyaluronic acid is injected, and it is recommended to perform hot maggie treatment after 3-6. Fat filling is recommended after three to six months for hot Maggie. Perform water light acupuncture, and heat maggie treatment can be performed after two weeks. After two weeks of photon treatment, heat maggie was performed. 8Is there anything I need to pay attention to after finishing Hot Maggie? 1. It is normal for temporary redness to occur after treatment. Do not go to high-temperature sauna, yoga and other high-temperature environment within 1 week after the operation, and exposure is not recommended. 2. Keep the skin and hair parts clean and hygienic before the operation. Make-up cannot be done on the day of the operation. The traces of the previous makeup should be removed as much as possible. 3. Surgery will also communicate fully with your attending physician before the operation. 4. Please do not wash your face with hot water within three days. It is recommended to apply the mask at least 3 times a week. 5. Avoid washing your face with hot water for one week after treatment, avoiding hot springs, saunas, etc., to strengthen moisturizing, and to strengthen sun protection when going out. 6. Don’t drink alcohol and eat spicy and exciting things. 9 Is it better to not do this project first? It is just the opposite. Acne is very sensitive to heat. Remaje can accelerate acne treatment. If there are still large pores, Hot Maggie has a good effect on shallow pores and concave scars. 10Is the use of Remag’s treatment head once useless? Yes, the treatment head of Remag is one-off, who can not do the Remag project in single treatment: 1. Pregnant women can not do such items; 2. If you do Re Mag before In the past six months, the face has been injected with micro plastic surgery. This point must be informed to the doctor in advance to determine whether he is suitable for hot Margie firming; 3. A person with a pacemaker or other similar electronic device implanted in the body; 4. There is an internal filling Objects, such as those with gold wire implants on the face; 5. patients with severe heart disease, diabetes, and hyperthyroidism; 6. those who have not healed the surgical wound; 7. Of course, it is not allowed to wear any metal decoration when doing hot Maggie. The beauty must also ensure that the face is clean before making hot Maggie. & nbsp.11 Is it possible to do Hot Maggie at the stage of orthodontics? We need to look at this problem in two parts: the first category is steel teeth girl. It is not impossible to do it, but it is recommended to put gauze on the position of the steel teeth and try to avoid it near the gums. The second category is the sister paper of the Yinshimei correction. Remove the braces when doing it, then there is no taboo! Can people with myopia surgery in 12 femtosecond / half femtosecond surgery do eye hot maggie? Yes. But it takes 6 months. Because after myopia surgery, the eyeball will be more sensitive. 13Can I prepare hot Maggie during pregnancy and lactation? As long as you do not confirm pregnancy, you can do hot Maggie. It’s not that Remaji itself has damage to the fetus, but that the pain caused by Remaji during the operation may cause contractions.

Application of magnetoencephalogram in the seizure period to locate epileptic foci

At present, there is very limited research on the application of episodic magnetoencephalography (MEG). Recently, researchers have investigated the application and reliability of MEG in the location of epileptic foci during seizures. This study is a retrospective and prospective analysis of medical records and a referral evaluation for epilepsy surgery. A total of 44 patients participated. The preoperative examination, inter-seizure and MEG data of the participants were reviewed, and the visual recognition at the time of onset was analyzed. Narrowband extended source positioning value. The average age of patients was 19.3 years, 57% were males, and the average recording time was 51.2 minutes. Three patients had seizures caused by known triggers, and the rest were spontaneous. Twenty-five patients had one seizure (57%), 6 (14%) had 2 seizures, and 13 (30%) had more than 3 seizures. Magnetoencephalogram single equivalent current dipole analysis was effective for 29 patients (66%), but 8 patients had no obvious interphase seizure discharge. Of the remaining 21 patients, 18 patients (86%) had seizure and interseizure There is underleaf dipole coordination. Three patients (7%) showed a clear MEG pattern during seizures, but no EEG changes. The MEG dipole during seizures was associated with lobe seizures, and the correlation was verified by intracranial EEG (88%). Reasons for failure to identify dipoles during seizures include diffuse or poor dipolar seizure patterns, no MEG changes, and additional patient movements. Continuously suppress the seizure after MEG narrow band excision. The study found that the detection of magnetoencephalogram during the seizure period is an effective method to locate epilepsy surgery.

Is there a cap on the cost of hair transplant? Is there a minimum consumer price?

No capping-some commercial companies are recruiting salesmen, and they often shout out the words that you can get as high a salary as you have, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of millions, anyway. Capped price-The buffet price in some restaurants is the capped price. You can eat as much money as you like, and never exceed the upper limit price. Based on this realistic reference, some friends will ask: Does hair transplant have a cap? Including the cap price? As a hair doctor, let me answer it. As far as hair transplantation is concerned, hair transplantation is billed as a unit of hair follicles. If you grow more, you will be charged more, so there is no cap price for a single hair transplant? Not necessarily. Because the planting volume of a single hair transplant is not infinite, but a large range, for example, the largest hair follicle planting volume in a single hair transplant in China is more than 5,000 units, and 6000 units or more are unheard of. Certain intervals are capped, and charges are accordingly capped. But then again, the price of hair transplants is not only based on the amount of hair follicles, but also includes the brand of the hospital, the level of the doctor and the team of the doctor, different brand of hair transplant hospitals, different teams of experts, the price of the same transplant may have two Three times the gap. At first glance, the cost of hair transplantation seems to have no cap due to the amount of transplantation, hospital brand and expert brand, but in fact there is a range of capping prices. Seeing that there is no capping, in fact, there are interval capping, which just illustrates the truth: it is meaningless to talk about the capping price of hair transplants. It ’s like eating alone. He has a large amount of food, and two or three bowls are not enough. Then eat five or six bowls, but his belly volume is limited, and he ca n’t exceed ten bowls at most. Nonsense “. Let’s explain with numbers. As far as the current domestic hair transplant market is concerned, you have a general degree of hair loss, and the hair transplant will be 20,000 or 30,000 yuan. If you have severe hair loss, you will need 40,000 or 50,000 yuan. This is the ordinary interval price. In addition, some hair transplant hospitals have VIP-like high-end hair transplants. One hair transplant will cost 70,000 yuan or even 100,000. Of course, this is set for those who have strong economic ability and want to enjoy high-end services. It is not recommended for ordinary hair friends to try . Let ’s talk about foreign countries again. Rooney was planted in 2011 at 30,000 pounds, which was about 300,000 yuan according to the exchange rate at that time. Prince Harry had planned to have a hair transplant in the second half of 2018. His estimated cost was 450,000 yuan, but he did not have a hair transplant in the end. Different hair friends and different countries have a broad range of hair transplant costs. There is no cap and no cap. Now we turn to another topic: Is there a minimum consumption for hair transplantation? Some friends asked Yonghe editor on Weibo, saying that he had knocked a little bit on his head and planted seven or eighty hair follicle units for scars the size of fingernails. Well, a unit of FUE is 10 yuan, so it is calculated to be seven or eight hundred yuan, and the maximum is not more than 1,000 yuan? No, there is a set-up fee here, which is the minimum consumer price. No matter how small the amount of hair transplanting is, it also requires stalls, and the same as the stalls with large hair transplants, both have space and personnel expenses, so there is a starting price. Similar to when you take a taxi, the starting price is 10 yuan, you get 10 yuan for 3000 meters, and 10 yuan for 300 meters. So, what is the opening fee or minimum consumption price of domestic hair transplant hospitals? Different starting prices for different hospitals are 5,000 yuan, 6,000 yuan, 7,000 yuan and 8,000 yuan. If the cap price of the hair transplant is false or real, then the starting price of the hair transplant must be real. Let’s put aside the price and numbers, and simply say “capped” literally. A person, where is the top? Of course, you say it is the head. The head is the highest end of a person. In fact, the hair is higher than the head. In this way, the hair is the “capped image” of a person. If your hair is good, the “capped image” is good. If you have hair loss, the “capped image” is not good. Now please seat yourself, is your “capped image” okay? If not, quickly plant hair and grow hair, and after a period of time, restore the handsome “capped image”! The house needs to be capped in order to withstand the wind and rain, people must have “Capped image”, so that is confident in the world!