Elderly people who have injured hips should pay attention to fracture

Granny in her 80s, has Alzheimer’s disease, usually not in good health, and lives in a nursing home. When I woke up this time, I accidentally fell and put my hips on the ground, then I couldn’t get up and could not walk. Called 120 to be sent to the hospital, and a film was made to suggest a fracture of the left femur. This situation is very tangled. Surgery, old age, poor health, high risk of surgery Do not operate, stay in bed for a long time, can’t walk, and many complications will follow, such as falling pneumonia, decubitus ulcers, and thrombosis of the lower extremities. Intertrochanteric fractures are common in the elderly. Due to the rich blood flow in the trochanter, few fractures do not heal, but hip varus is prone to occur. Older patients have more complications caused by long-term bed rest. The focus of this disease is on patient care, including pre- and post-operative care, attention to reasonable nutrition, and early functional exercise. Functional exercise is an important part of the treatment of fractures, which can quickly restore the affected limb to normal function. Functional exercise must be done step by step according to certain methods, otherwise it will cause undesirable consequences.