Shi Nu really exists

   Shinv, also known as Shixinzi, is generally used by folks to refer to women who are inherently unable to have sex. Stone women are generally divided into two types, the so-called “real stone (inner stone)” and “fake stone (outer stone)”. True stone females belong to congenital vaginal absence or vaginal atresia, which refers to the dysplasia or absence of the vagina or vagina and uterus in the reproductive organs. Fake stone females belong to hymen atresia (or hypertrophy) or vaginal diaphragm, which refers to the vagina and other reproductive organs. Well-developed, the penis cannot enter only because of abnormal conditions of the vagina or hymen. In addition, some stones that look like women are also called stone women.   menstruation does not come, so girls who do not have menstruation at a certain age ask their parents to take their children to the hospital for examination in time. Stone girls, and some fake stone girls, can lead a normal life through surgery and can have children. Stone girls are actually better. No matter how they are real women, some intersex people may not be understood by everyone. There are many types of intersex people. For example, the chromosome of girls is XX, boys are XY, and some intersex people People are XXY. They are intersex people caused by chromosomal abnormalities. They look like males and females. They are confusing. It is not that they deliberately want to do this, but is caused by innate factors. Everyone becomes what he is now. All congenital and acquired factors are caused, so please don’t be surprised, and attack some people personally. In fact, they are sometimes very painful, physically and mentally painful.   Generally speaking, human sex is determined by having sex chromosome XY. People with XX chromosomes develop into females, and those with XY chromosomes develop into males. Androgynous people generally have both sex chromosomes at the chromosomal level.   People with double sex chromosomes (take XXY as an example) may have both male and female secondary sexual characteristics during development, and may even have both male and female genitalia (represented by testes and ovaries). Hermaphrodites with complete male and female genitals can be surgically removed from the genitals of one sex, thereby turning into a normal person at the gland level. But in fact, due to chromosomal abnormalities, the risk of having sex chromosomal diseases is higher than that of normal people. Regarding the incidence of hermaphroditism, the highest estimate is that 1% of live births have some degree of gender ambiguity, and between 0.1% and 0.2% of live births will cause medical attention due to gender ambiguity, including those who have been surgically eliminated. . Others estimate that the incidence of true hermaphroditism is much lower, about 0.018%.   During the development of a normal human embryo, the SRY gene causes the gonads to develop into testes. Without the SRY gene, the gonads develop into ovaries. After that, the development of the internal and external genitalia is determined by the hormones secreted by certain embryonic gonads.   The embryonic gonads a few weeks after conception are basically female, with a pair of “urogenital folds” with a small bump in the middle and a urethra behind the bump. If the gonads develop into testicles, and the testicles secrete testosterone, and the cells also respond to testosterone, the lateral folds will swell and the midline will fuse to form the scrotum. The bumps will grow and straighten to form a penis, the inner side of the fold will wrap the penis, and the midline will fuse to form the penile urethra. The testicles fall into the scrotum after birth. If the gonads develop into ovaries, another set of processes will form the female internal and external genitalia. Special changes in the above general process will result in different degrees of hermaphroditism. There are dozens of named medical conditions that can cause hermaphroditism. Fertility is not necessarily.