Why do partnerships get stuck?

& Nbsp & nbsp Author: Liu Yingya [this time around I have some loss of feeling the heart mad. A few days ago, I had trouble with my husband because of some things. Life seldom intersects, so far I have had some “Xian Yun Ye He”, I comfort myself this is also very good, save the nanny to be home. But this time there will often appear to be unable to calm down, emotionally unable to calm down, and will feel panic and anxious. I don’t know if I have depression. What now? 】 The above is a case. & nbsp. Was it because of the trouble, then there was no intersection, and then panic, anxiety? Relationship problems and dilemmas The problems and dilemmas that appear in each relationship seem to be what you are going to solve, and you are going to break away. In essence, from a deeper level, these dilemmas and problems are just to help You improve the relationship. People in the relationship must be able to face and experience this dilemma and problems in order to enhance the relationship. In this process, people need their own growth. Because of trouble, because there is no intersection, there is panic and anxiety. If this process is truly established, it is in accordance with the causal logic. That means you have panic and anxiety because you have no intersection. When there is no intersection or interruption in a stable intimate relationship, people in it will experience panic and anxiety. If it is a normal relationship or a person with normal social function, panic and anxiety will be just a feeling and feeling. This kind of feeling just reminds you of the need for relationship and the need for intimacy, but it will not become panic, anxiety, and the mood cannot be calm, and the mood cannot be calm. The normal relationship here is, for example, a relationship that can be effectively contacted and communicated. People with normal social functions such as a competent clerk or competent partner. The fear and anxiety in the dependency relationship is beyond calm and calm, which means that you have a very large proportion of dependence on this relationship, and you are not capable or aware that you can take the initiative to deal with the relationship. When people are very dependent on relationships, and even become their fulcrums, this will greatly affect your own experience of relationships and your attitudes, feelings, and ideas about relationships. Why are you so dependent? The most fundamental reason is that you have failed to meet your own needs, making it difficult for you to take responsibility and take care of yourself. & nbsp. Self-responsibility How to carry out self-responsibility and self-care? There are two main aspects. & nbsp. One is self-responsibility for survival needs, both material and spiritual. The need for survival on the material level is obvious. You can guarantee your own survival, or furthermore, you can have a certain quality of your life. Spiritual survival needs such as a sense of security, self-worth, etc., that requires you to first be able to protect your life, and have a certain self-identity, such as professional or career-level self-identity. The second is to have your own social support system, that is, a supportive relationship. More important support relationships, in addition to partner relationships, a good native family relationship is an important support system for a person, and there are other relatively benign and high-quality relationships. These support systems can help you ease, provide companionship and support when you have emotional needs-even at the psychological level, social relationships are also a channel for a person to connect, interact and communicate with the outside world. Ability to take care of yourself and help yourself in these two areas, you will be more at ease and more secure, so that you can establish an effective relationship with people, to establish a truly intersecting relationship, and also to deal with it more effectively The problem of relationship. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. Are there any gains after reading? Follow me and teach you to analyze the phenomenon and confusion of marriage and love with psychology to help you understand love and marriage. & nbsp. Liu Yingya: Master of Psychology, National Class Two Psychological Counselor, Marriage and Bisexual Emotional Family Researcher, Personal Physical and Mental Growth Researcher, Lily Marriage and Love Emotion Tutor, Enterprise Staff Growth Consultant for more than ten years of psychological work, focusing on family Marriage and affection, personal physical and spiritual growth. Public number: psychological consultant Liu Yingya WeChat: psyajfz Weibo: https://weibo.com/u/1380513270/&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.