Why can’t the treatment of vitiligo be interrupted?

Vitiligo is a kind of melanocyte depigmenting skin disease. Because this skin disease is relatively difficult to treat, many patients are confident to treat it at the early stage of the disease, but after a period of time, they give up if they see no improvement. Or the idea of ​​changing the prescription. In fact, it is not advisable to interrupt the treatment of vitiligo at this time. If the treatment is interrupted, the impact will be greater. So, why can’t the treatment of vitiligo be interrupted?    One. Exacerbation of the disease The treatment of vitiligo is a long-term process. If the treatment is interrupted casually, the melanocytes that have not been fully recovered will be further damaged. If you accidentally contact the pathogenic factors, it is easy to cause the disease. Exacerbated, the white spots continue to spread and even appear in other parts of the body.  Second, relapse  If the treatment of vitiligo is interrupted, it will aggravate the condition of vitiligo. After treatment, patients with vitiligo have stabilized their condition, but the metabolism of melanocytes in the skin has not returned to normal, and the factors that induced the patient’s disease have not been eliminated. After the treatment is interrupted, as the medicine fades, the white spots will come back again, even more More serious before treatment. Third, the increase in costs sees the spread of leukoplakia again, many patients will choose another treatment, because of the deterioration of the disease, the disease needs to be re-examined and planned, the cost will be relatively high, and the changes in the disease will also need to be long Time control means that patients need to invest more time and energy.   Warm reminder: Many patients with vitiligo will choose to interrupt the treatment of vitiligo in winter, and feel that the development of the disease during this period is relatively slow. In fact, if the treatment can be adhered to in winter, the effect will be better.

What harm does interrupting treatment of vitiligo cause to patients?

   Vitiligo is a stubborn skin disease caused by a decrease in skin melanin. Due to the long treatment cycle, patients need to spend a long time, and must be patient during the treatment process. Some patients will suspend themselves after a period of treatment because of unsatisfactory results. So, what harm does the interruption of vitiligo treatment cause to the patient?   The treatment of vitiligo that causes the disease to run out of control is a long-term process, which usually lasts for two or three months. See the degree of recovery of white spots. If you give up due to unsatisfactory treatment in a short period of time, it is easy to make the condition fall into an uncontrollable state, causing the white spot area to continue to spread, and even spread to other parts of the body to form a large area of ​​white spots.  Causes repeated illnesses  Some patients have stabilized after a period of targeted treatment, but at this time the skin’s melanocyte metabolic function has not returned to normal, so the factors of the patient’s disease have not been eliminated. Therefore, after stopping treatment at this time, leukoplakia may recur on a large scale, even worse than before treatment.  Multiple treatment costs   Many patients stopped treating white spots after treatment, but after seeing white spots spread again, patients would choose another treatment. And because the condition deteriorates again, treatment is more difficult, treatment time is getting longer and longer, and the treatment method needs to be changed, so the time and energy spent will be relatively higher.   Unauthorized interruption of treatment is very harmful to patients, so remind patients with vitiligo to keep in mind. Although vitiligo is a stubborn skin disease that is not easy to treat, it is not impossible to cure, which requires patients to actively go to the hospital for treatment, strictly implement the doctor’s treatment plan and do daily care to recover soon!

The disadvantages of interrupting treatment of psoriasis are these, do you know

Psoriasis is a stubborn skin disease. Pieces of skin lesions not only hinder beauty, but also cause psychological harm to patients with psoriasis. For many patients with psoriasis, psoriasis is a nightmare. Many patients still cannot heal after a long period of treatment, so treatment is interrupted. Some patients with psoriasis discontinued treatment because of factors such as life, study, and work. This is actually a wrong approach. As a stubborn skin disease, psoriasis has a long recovery time, and due to the complicated etiology of psoriasis, it is difficult to cure in a short time. Increasing the cost and difficulty of treatment is one of the issues that patients are most concerned about. For arbitrary interruption or replacement of other treatment drugs will definitely affect the efficacy, and will also increase the treatment cost and difficulty of treatment. Psoriasis treatment cannot be interrupted at will, and patients must have sufficient patience and confidence in the treatment process. Aggravating the psoriasis condition In the treatment of psoriasis, if the treatment of psoriasis is interrupted, the psoriasis condition will be aggravated. Psoriasis is a common chronic skin disease, and the treatment process is long. If the patient interrupts the treatment at will, the toxins in the body are not removed. , So stopping treatment may lead to a relapse of the condition, leading to more serious consequences. A large number of medical materials have confirmed that interrupting the treatment of psoriasis can induce a variety of diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and other diseases. It is not easy to control the treatment of psoriasis. If the patient randomly interrupts the treatment, it is not conducive to the control of psoriasis. Because the treatment of psoriasis is a long process, in the treatment of psoriasis, generally speaking, it takes at least 2 to 3 weeks to show up. However, due to the eagerness of treatment, many patients interrupt treatment arbitrarily when the treatment process is not completed. Trying another treatment method is very risky and can easily cause adverse effects. Do not interrupt treatment! If you have psoriasis, you must perform scientific conditioning and correct treatment. You must not let it go and let it develop.