Yang Mingming

The vision of Yang Jin’s discipline and cultural integration The “balanced assessment and precise medication” therapy passed down by Yang Shiming’s family of medicine is itself a product of the integration of Chinese and Western medicine, and its “lantern umbrella” spirit is also deeply influenced by the traditional culture of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. influences. It is precisely based on the philosophy of understanding Chinese medicine that Dr. Yang Jin has extensive contact with other medical disciplines, and finally embarked on the road of cultivating and learning from each other. Compared with other occupations, the relationship between general medicine and Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism is closer. Dr. Yang Jin, full of awe of cause and effect and compassion, has always practiced the concept of “practice at work, accomplish self in great love” in the practice of medicine, and over time, “balanced evaluation and accurate medication” of family history With a deeper understanding of the therapy, the diagnosis and treatment of certain strange diseases are very helpful. Through studying the Confucian culture, Yang Jin understands more that to truly do things, he must love the party, patriotism, the people, respect leaders, and care for scholars. Only in this way can he be a good doctor with a true benevolence. Confucianism pays attention to self-cultivation and self-cultivation, the Qi family governs the country and the world, and pays attention to benevolence and moderation. Just like the balance of yin and yang and the general outline of yin and yang in Chinese medicine, the understanding of everything in the world is connected. In order to better explore the truth and communicate with more traditional medicine disciplines, Dr. Yang Jin has traveled throughout North America, Europe and Southeast Asia in recent years. He has been fruitful along the way and has won many honors. He feels that medicine does not distinguish between country, race, Chinese and Western, and ancient and modern. Medicine is a discipline that cures and saves people. Those who are too attached to themselves and reject others are not enough. Regarding the attitude of everyone and genres of ancient and modern Chinese medicine, Yang Jin advocated that “the strength of the general public and the shortcomings of self-improvement, all the schools of the sages have their own beauty, absorb the nutrition of the ancient sages, strengthen their own blood, and bias the family, All are flaws, practice medical methods, do not divide, and Ming medicine combines ancient and modern things as one.” In his decades of practicing medicine, he thought so and practiced bit by bit. Based on the exploration and understanding of Confucianism, Buddhism, Chinese medicine culture, modern medicine, and other traditional medicine categories abroad, Yang Jin believes that medicine must return to the origin of self-denial and truth-seeking, healing and saving people, and take the “selflessness, unboundedness, integration” route. The medicine of the 21st century needs to gather “the ancient and modern things”, abandon the view of the portal, and use today’s scientific and technological means to integrate and dissolve into one, to cure the disease and save people.