Thirty years old, how much anxiety do you have?

“Thirty Only” became popular as soon as it was aired (pictures are from the Internet). It seems that the bell of the fate of people from the age of one to thirty has sounded to remind the older leftover women to get old if they don’t get married. After giving birth, the child has to put first… Thousands of words converge into one sentence “Don’t struggle, you are thirty, accept your fate!” “You are thirty years old”&nbsp. “Thirty only “The female identity in “shows us the problems that each of us is about to face at the age of 30. As a full-time wife, Gu Jia, as a full-time wife, is involved in the wife’s circle for her husband’s fireworks factory while worrying about the children’s education and education (Source (On the Internet) 30-year-old Zhong Xiaoqin’s unexpected pregnancy disrupted her original plan. She wanted to keep the children but in exchange for her husband’s mockery of “You don’t even understand how to be a mother” (picture from the Internet), the representative of Shanghai Piao Wang Manni refused when facing a blind date arranged at home. This so-called million-year-old financial man insisted on finding his own MrRight, which was considered unrealistic by parents and met with a blind date. Life reflects the different life troubles after 30 years old. What are you worrying about at 30 years old? At the age of 30, will you continue to float in the big city? At 30, dare to start a new business from scratch? 30 years old, are you ready for the arrival of the child? 30 years old, how is it different from before? Are these keywords appearing in your life at the age of thirty? Regarding emotions: returning to the origin, lack of companionship, quarreling, breaking up… Regarding career: competition, stress, occupational diseases, layoffs and salary cuts, career bottlenecks. ….. Regarding children: education issues, inconsistent concepts about mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, and time to accompany… each of us seems to be experiencing various difficulties and ups and downs at the stage of “thirties”, but some people are not. Live according to the social clock. As long as you want, every day after the age of 30, you can live like the days before. Still inconclusive, still open and full of possibilities. But ah, we are only 30! &nbsp.&nbsp.The 30-year-old Wang Manni can muster up the courage to say her truest thoughts and say goodbye to the wrong person (picture from the Internet). She is determined to devote herself to work and career is her biggest trump card in Shanghai ( The picture comes from the Internet) 30-year-old Gu Jia is no longer just the woman behind her husband. She enters the mall to fight. She is more calm and calm than others. (The picture comes from the Internet) 30-year-old Zhong Xiaoqin started her amateur creative life. Her endless materials and nourishment (pictures come from the Internet) are only 30 years old, and there is still a long way to go. What are you afraid of? At the age of 30, I gradually learned to redefine some people and things in the process of gathering and separation. At the age of thirty, I slowly understood the deep meaning of love and marriage in love and hatred. Thirty years old, constantly reading different answers in major propositions such as life and life in the ups and downs. Thirty years old, not early, but not too late! !

What problems do patients with scoliosis have when seeking medical treatment online?

Many of my patients cannot come to my hospital and choose to consult online, so what should I pay attention to? In fact, the combination of online consultation and medical treatment is the most effective. Consultation on the Internet before going to a doctor is conducive to doctor-patient communication to a certain extent, but there are also cases of deviations in “online diagnosis”. If it is a complicated spinal deformity, the network diagnosis is not clear, and treatment may be delayed. Therefore, it is best to combine medical treatment with online consultation. 1. When seeking medical treatment online, be careful not to talk about what disease you have. First, talk about your personal illness, process, and treatment. Describe clearly the most important and prominent symptoms and accompanying symptoms, and indicate the time when the symptoms appeared, such as “lower back pain with weakness of the left lower limb for half a year”. 2. Online medical treatment is best conducted on a large, well-known professional website whose health knowledge is relatively authoritative. 3. Indicate the course of treatment, especially the medications and surgery. 4. Stick the image inspection data that has been done on the window flatly with tape, take a clear picture and upload it with the report. Online medical treatment has brought many conveniences to patients. However, most patients do not understand medicine and often cannot clearly express their condition on the Internet, so that it is difficult for online doctors to quickly give diagnosis and advice. Although you can learn a lot of common medical knowledge through the Internet, if you are sick, you must not just follow the instructions on the Internet, nor can you one-sidedly speculate and judge your physical condition based on experience and buy some medicine randomly. This is a very imprecise attitude towards one’s health, and it is also very dangerous.

What should I do if my child is addicted to the Internet?

According to data released by the China Youth Network Association, 14% of young people have internet addiction, and tens of millions of young people have internet addiction. Behind the internet addiction is obvious academic, professional and social damage. Addiction has become a health problem of common concern for the whole society. //Internet addiction is a “disease”! The official name of Internet addiction is Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD), which was first proposed by the American psychiatrist Ivan Goldberg in 1994. On May 25, the World Health Assembly reviewed and approved the Eleventh Revision of the International Classification of Diseases, which included “gaming disorder (Gaming Disorder)” as a new disease and included it in the disease unit “disorders caused by addictive behaviors”. Internet addiction is Kind of “sickness”! (Image source: Disease Prevention and Control Bureau of the National Health Commission) How should we improve young people’s Internet addiction? We need to start from the source and analyze the factors that induce adolescents’ Internet addiction: -01 Study pressure: various tutoring classes, exams and study, there is less and less space for themselves. Many adolescents try to enrich their amateur lives through online activities , To experience the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction after self-realization, over time, the network becomes one’s spiritual sustenance. -02 Realistic Social Disorder: Some addicted children did not contact the Internet because they liked it very much, but the result of difficulties in dealing with real interpersonal communication. In order to alleviate the complex interpersonal relationships in real life, they often choose to use online interpersonal instead of real interpersonal to cope with social fear, but long-term addiction to the Internet will make them detached from the real society and increase the degree of social fear. Such a vicious circle causes Internet addiction. -03 Family social changes: such as parents divorced, passed away, or the family environment suddenly changed, etc. Young people are immature in their minds. If their inner pain cannot be relieved in time, they are likely to rely on the virtual environment of the Internet to help them escape from the cruel reality and achieve happiness and satisfaction on the Internet. -04 Inappropriate educational methods: Inappropriate educational methods such as harsh, beating, indulgent, and doting, have also become important factors affecting Internet addiction. For children’s Internet addiction, parents should not forcefully use violence to try to correct their children’s behavior, or even send their children to so-called institutions as problem teenagers. That may backfire and even lead to irreparable tragedies. Adolescent Internet addiction often involves more complicated mental and psychological problems, such as relationship problems with parents, academic problems, attention deficit disorder, anxiety or depression. To treat Internet addiction, we need to find out the cause and “prescribe the right medicine.” If you have a mental disorder due to internet addiction, you must go to a psychiatric specialist as soon as possible! References [1] Ji Wenbo, Tao Ran. Current status and impact of Internet addiction in children and adolescents[J].Chinese Journal of Practical Pediatrics,2014,29(07):501-505.[2]Ning Li,Gao Wenbin,Liu Caiyi,Li Huan,Tao Ran.The relationship between the inferiority complex of adolescents with Internet addiction and their social support and mental health[J].Chinese Journal of Drug Dependence,2011,20(05):375-380.[3]Lu Xianling,Zhang Hongyan.Internet Development The type characteristics of family intimacy and adaptability of addicts and their correlation with coping style[J].Journal of Psychiatry,2013,26(04):257-260.

Can be reborn in the game, I want to give it a try, children are addicted to games, parents need to understand these 5 principles

Brother and sister addicted to the game were misled and jumped off the building: “Can be reborn in the game, I want to give it a try!” This is 11-year-old Shen Da after the wake up told reporters! On the day of March 22, 11-year-old Shen Dala took 9-year-old sister Shen Na from the terrace on the fourth floor, just because he found that people can be reborn in the game during the game, he wanted to try test. The tragedy happened like this. Although the two brothers and sisters were awake from the coma and the operation was very successful, they are still unable to take care of themselves. Even if they go to the toilet 2 meters away from the bed, they need two people to stand, and there may be sequelae of disability in the future. As a street vendor’s parents, they do not understand how the obedient and obedient child would make such a move. Children have not had the opportunity to indulge in games before. It was only recently that the Internet class gave the children mobile phones. Who knew that something like this had happened. Teacher Shen Da’s evaluation of him is smart, a little introverted, he doesn’t like group activities very much, and he didn’t score in the top five in the class. At their home, the reporter also saw many awards from the two brothers and sisters, but these two children jumped off the building because of playing games! This situation generally occurs. Many people start to stand in line. Some people say that the game company should be responsible. If they have poor supervision, how can they let minors play games? Some people say that parents should be responsible. Parents give their children less companionship, and education is not enough. But when we live in such a big environment, can the game company cancel? Or can parents stay with their children at home without caring about life? Maybe we can only find it hard to see if there is a third way to go. Is it addictive game? Or behavioral imitation? In general, we always think of addiction to games, but addiction is difficult to judge. In the case of a mental illness classification, but there is no organic disease, we can hardly say how many times this child plays every day. Hours of gaming are addictive. Even if you put him on the hat of addiction, there is no special effect medicine to get him out of mobile games. Instead, game addiction will be an excuse for his continued indulgence: anyway, you all said so, then I have to work harder! & nbsp. & nbsp. Game addiction can also be an excuse for parents not to do their due diligence: there is no way for doctors, what can I do? As a result, parents either give up or lose their temper. Often many parents will gradually transition from anger, intimidation, and assault to child abandonment. So when dealing with this situation, I rather agree with the psychoanalysis master Zeng Qifeng’s remarks: Too much internet is a problem of growth and relationship. Don’t attribute the problem to computers, games and the Internet. Now looking back at the brothers and sisters in the case, the two children did n’t like playing games much before. The reason why they would play is more because the students around them are playing. Other things. In this case, it is better to say that the children are imitating the behavior they see than they are addicted. The American psychologist Bandura has a very famous experiment—Bobo doll experiment. They divided a group of children into groups A and B: Group A: Experimenter A1 walked into the room, slapped, beaten, and beat the Bobo doll in front of the child, and then walked away. Group B: Experimenter B1 walked into the room, happily played toys with the children without any violent movements, and then left. Subsequently, all the children in group A appeared to imitate A1’s violent beating of Bobo dolls in different degrees; in group B, there was almost no violent behavior. Finally Bandura concluded that children learn to attack by observing and imitating violent movements, and when they get along with their peers in the future, they are more likely to have aggressive behaviors; children who do not have a source of violent imitation rarely have aggressive behaviors. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid watching violent movies or playing violent games for children. Adults also play games, why are there more problems for children? Some netizens said in the comments that they also played similar games, but did not expect the game to make children react like this. Children have no ability to distinguish and analyze. When the child was very young, he thought he was the Almighty God and there was nothing he could do. The younger the age, the lower the child’s ability to discern fantasy and reality. Just like the kindergarten children would really tell their teachers and parents what they imagined, it was not that they deliberately lied, but that the children confused the imagination and reality. along with

Dean’s Diary What does it mean for public hospitals to open “Internet hospitals”?

During the New Crown Epidemic, patients and hospitals lost contact, and online consultations on the Internet played a very good role. Government departments also realized the importance of further promoting Internet medical treatment. Therefore, it has recently promulgated relevant policies to vigorously promote the construction of “Internet hospitals”, especially public hospitals. The original policy is cautious about “Internet hospitals”, and the new policy is vigorously promoted and supported. Not only does it give a green light on the speed and number of approvals for “Internet hospitals”, it also encourages hospitals to complete all the processes of diagnosis and treatment online, form a closed loop, and can also pay for medical insurance, and can also see the first patient. Recently, Shanghai has approved the “Internet Hospitals” of 13 public hospitals at one time. It is estimated that more public “Internet Hospitals” will be born next. All the top three public hospitals in Shanghai will be online. “Internet Hospitals” are just around the corner. For the entire industry, is this a good thing or a bad thing? What impact will it have on the entire industry? 01 The impact of the New Deal on Internet medical platforms This new deal is a good thing for the industry, not necessarily a good thing for Internet medical platform companies. Most of the licenses of Internet hospitals approved in the past were given to Internet medical platform companies. Public hospitals have no incentive to do “Internet hospitals” because, for public hospitals, “Internet hospitals” are a thankless task. Therefore, doctors, Wei doctors, Ping An Hao doctors, Dr. Chun Yu, and Dr. Lilac are all actively pursuing and promoting “Internet hospitals”. However, the doctors on these platforms are from public hospitals across the country. Once the directors of public hospitals are aware of the importance of “Internet hospitals”, coupled with the strong promotion and policy support of government departments, everyone Opened an “Internet hospital”, will the directors allow their doctors to go to these third-party platforms to provide medical services? (Photo source: According to the principle of ass commanding the head, the directors of public hospitals will definitely ask their doctors to return to their hospital platforms for Internet diagnosis and treatment. If there are fewer and fewer doctors in public hospitals on the third-party Internet diagnosis and treatment platform, and the platform does not have its own full-time doctors, can the Internet + business model continue? The new policy is definitely a good thing for the entire large industry, but for those Internet medical platform companies, it is not necessarily a good thing. It is not easy to do Internet medical care. Internet medical care is not simply to move offline medical services online. It is not so easy for public hospitals to become “Internet hospitals”. The online business model is not the same as the offline business model; the online scene is completely different; the connection, communication and diagnosis and treatment methods between doctors and patients are completely different. The correct approach The correct approach is to dismantle the needs and capabilities of the supply and demand parties in detail, to sort out all the processes of online medical services from the beginning, and to reconstruct the online medical services in accordance with the online service’s own business model and characteristics. By far, the most important thing for Internet medical treatment is to solve the problem of the efficiency of the “supply and demand connection”, at least to ensure the “non-disconnection” before, during and after the diagnosis, and the loss of contact between patients and hospital doctors during the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. The state makes the patient very worried and dissatisfied. Reconstructing and rebuilding online diagnosis and treatment according to the Internet + business model is not only a technical task, it also requires a change in the perception of the Internet business model, and a change in the mentality of public hospitals. Fang mentality. Everything should be centered on the patient, and we must continue to build and improve Internet medical treatment with the improvement of medical experience and efficiency as the center. Most public hospitals lack a correct understanding of the Internet business model. It is difficult to change the mentality of Party A that has been cultivated for so many years. If you want to be an “Internet hospital”, you need continuous efforts and exploration. 02 Internet + medical, or medical + Internet? Should we adopt the “Internet + Medical” or “Medical + Internet” model for medical Internet services? The third-party Internet medical platform is more of the “Internet + medical” model. Public hospitals are usually the “medical + Internet” model, there is no good or bad, but in the end will be the same. In other words, the Internet will become an infrastructure. Online and offline will not replace each other, but will complement each other. Online and offline will be integrated, no longer O2O (OnlinetoOf