What does the “senior face” look like in the eyes of a doctor?

What does the “senior face” look like in the eyes of a doctor? Probably since last year, there has been a popular word on the Internet called advanced face, but what does advanced face look like? What are the characteristics of advanced faces? First of all, advanced faces are very recognizable. Unlike Internet celebrities, advanced faces win with temperament. The senior face is neither the stunning first-sighted beauty, nor the sweetness and cuteness of the sister next door. But there is a breath of fireworks that strangers should not eat. Senior face is not blindly pursuing or imitating, but has its own characteristics and customs. What are the characteristics of advanced faces? Why is it so recognizable? As ordinary people, how can we make ourselves more advanced? Many people analyze the characteristics of advanced faces, such as obvious cheekbones and mandibular angles, wide eye distance, long eyes, moderate whiteness on the upper face, and thicker lips on the lower part. But do you really have an advanced face if you have these? We think that there is a high-level face, it is undeniable that they have some common characteristics, but more of them all have their own characteristics. Do you think that the once-popular Internet celebrities are not beautiful? In fact, it is beautiful, but why has “net celebrity” gradually become a derogatory term after it is all the rage? Internet celebrities are indeed beautiful. If everyone on the street becomes an Internet celebrity, then everyone will have aesthetic fatigue. Is the influencer must be unsightly? Not necessarily. Some of the earliest Internet celebrities are still beautiful now, but later criticized are those who ignore their own characteristics and blindly imitate. So the advanced face is advanced because it has its own characteristics. Regardless of whether it is original or acquired cosmetic surgery, we should keep our own characteristics and magnify the beauty, instead of blindly pursuing fashion or fashion. Beauty is not defined, but it is composed of common elements. The reason why the advanced face is highly regarded now is because compared to the net red face, the advanced face retains its own characteristics and personality, and is coordinated and combined by various aesthetic elements.