Can medical beauty really “change faces”? Do you need medical beauty?

Today, I want to talk to you about the current changes in people’s concept of medical beauty, and help you see if you need to do medical beauty! What needs to be done? 01 The concept of medical beauty is changing. With the development of the times, minimally invasive technology is becoming more and more mature. Medical beauty has “flyed into the homes of ordinary people”. People are willing to experience medical beauty projects such as “fashionable beauty and anti-aging” in order to make I am “more beautiful, more temperamental, and more confident”. From “difficult to speak” to “face calmly” to “willing to share”, this kind of change was caught off guard in just a few years. Nowadays, there are many Internet celebrities and up owners sharing their medical beauty experience on social platforms. Some netizens joked: It seems that overnight, the beauty bloggers I follow have become medical beauty bloggers. People continue to use their real experience in life to interpret the importance of “face value”. In the society of “look at the face”, medical beauty gives a person not only beauty, but also people’s happiness in the family, leadership in work, and influence in life. Although beauty cannot represent everything, she The added value of it really cannot be ignored. Younger groups have more and more recognition and sharing of plastic surgery. Self-deprecating after 80s and 90s is gradually getting old, and those born in 50s and 60s still want to stay young. The age distribution of medical aesthetics audiences is expanding, and people’s acceptance of medical aesthetics The situation is getting higher and higher, and there are more and more cases of “parents coming with their children and children with their mothers”. Secretly tell everyone, now the group of male customers coming to the hospital is also growing. People are becoming more and more eager to be young and beautiful. It can be seen everywhere in life, and people around me are beginning to accept such a high-quality lifestyle. 02Does medical beauty really have such a magical effect? If you are a beauty lover, then you must have seen some medical beauty advertisements. Responsibly speaking, to a certain extent, medical beauty is indeed so magical. Compared with daily smearing on the face, the effect of medical beauty is better, and the effect is faster, especially for the problems that cannot be solved by daily skin care such as large pores, acne scars, severe stains, and fine lines. Medical beauty can help you. Mitigation and change. For example, a protracted battle like whitening that requires long-term persistence can be done in a short time, saving time, effort and worry. Everyone knows that Inno’s small brown bottle reduces the secretion of melanin from the source, reverses the formed chloasma, sunburn, inflammatory stains, pregnancy spots, etc., whitening gray spots is often effective! 03How to choose a medical beauty project that suits you The biggest obstacle that most people encounter before doing medical beauty is that they don’t understand. For example, if you want to go to acne pits, I heard that microneedles are good, look at the grass planting videos on the Internet and see that the effect of the dot matrix laser is also good, and my friend Amway may say that fruit acid rejuvenation is also symptomatic… etc. . How can there be so many treatments for the same disease? Is there a difference between them? Or does it all work? So which one should I choose? In the hospital, I will also see clients whose skin is damaged due to the wrong choice of medical beauty items. Without knowing their skin in advance, they listened to Internet celebrities and advertisements and chose the wrong medical beauty project, leaving regrets. Furthermore, due to lack of relevant knowledge, they were deceived by fake, parallel imports, and undocumented institutions. There are many such cases. From a doctor’s point of view, I want to remind everyone who asks for beauty: Instead of trusting various Internet celebrities or advertisements, it is better to go to the hospital and listen to what the doctor says-this is the most responsible approach to yourself. If you want to know more about “medical beauty”, you can ask me questions.