A middle-aged man who doesn’t drink or smoke, died of lung cancer, the doctor: One thing that is addictive, don’t do it again

32-year-old Xiao Wang loves to play games and often plays games all night in Internet cafes. Three months ago, he went to the hospital for a checkup due to coughing and chest pain. He was found to be lung cancer. Unfortunately, he died after respiratory failure. Xiao Zhang usually doesn’t drink alcohol, so how could he get lung cancer? The doctor’s analysis was related to his love of playing games in Internet cafes. Why is this? Why do I get lung cancer when I play games in Internet cafes? (1) Second-hand smoke is harmful. Second-hand smoke actually contains more harmful substances than direct smoking, especially in confined spaces. According to statistics, in poorly ventilated places, non-smokers and smokers stay together for more than 15 minutes, and the amount of smoking is equivalent to that of smokers. And 75% of lung cancer patients are related to smoking. The National Cancer Research Center of Japan conducted a meta-analysis of a number of research papers on passive smoking among non-smokers in 2016 and concluded that among non-smokers, the risk of lung cancer in passive smokers is 1.3 times that of non-passive smokers. Women are at higher risk than men. Therefore, although Xiao Wang does not have the habit of smoking, the air in the Internet cafes is not clear. Many netizens who smoke make Xiao Wang passively smoke unknowingly. (2) Staying up late, hurting the body, staying up late will also reduce the body’s immunity. People who indulge in online games often live irregularly. Most of them order takeaways. Too tired will make the body more susceptible to various pathogens, resulting in recurrent chronic attacks. infection. If you don’t pay attention to it and adjust it in time, it is easy to cause cancer. Chronic lung diseases, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and tuberculosis, are all related to lung cancer. How to avoid gaming to harm the body and induce cancer? Many people in modern society love to play games. If you want to stay healthy while playing games, and avoid playing games to cause illness, you need to do the following: (1) Open more windows and try to play games in your own home instead of choosing Go to Internet cafes where the flow of people is relatively messy, and often open windows for ventilation to maintain air circulation and environmental hygiene. (2) Control the game time well. The game time must be controlled well. On the one hand, control the total game time and do not indulge in the game. On the other hand, every time you play for a while, take proper rest, go for a walk, and don’t sit for a long time. (3) Regular work and rest, reasonable diet, do not affect normal work and rest due to games, ensure adequate rest and sleep time, and do not stay up late. Pay attention to sitting and eye rest when playing games. Concluding Remarks Playing games is a way for many people in modern times to relax, but you can’t play too much. It’s not worth the gain at the expense of good health. Don’t waste your life by playing games too much. (Some of the pictures in the article originate from the network and the copyright belongs to the original author. I would like to express my gratitude to the author of the picture. If you find any infringement of your copyright, please contact me and I will delete it.)