What should I do if my child is addicted to the Internet?

According to data released by the China Youth Network Association, 14% of young people have internet addiction, and tens of millions of young people have internet addiction. Behind the internet addiction is obvious academic, professional and social damage. Addiction has become a health problem of common concern for the whole society. //Internet addiction is a “disease”! The official name of Internet addiction is Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD), which was first proposed by the American psychiatrist Ivan Goldberg in 1994. On May 25, the World Health Assembly reviewed and approved the Eleventh Revision of the International Classification of Diseases, which included “gaming disorder (Gaming Disorder)” as a new disease and included it in the disease unit “disorders caused by addictive behaviors”. Internet addiction is Kind of “sickness”! (Image source: Disease Prevention and Control Bureau of the National Health Commission) How should we improve young people’s Internet addiction? We need to start from the source and analyze the factors that induce adolescents’ Internet addiction: -01 Study pressure: various tutoring classes, exams and study, there is less and less space for themselves. Many adolescents try to enrich their amateur lives through online activities , To experience the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction after self-realization, over time, the network becomes one’s spiritual sustenance. -02 Realistic Social Disorder: Some addicted children did not contact the Internet because they liked it very much, but the result of difficulties in dealing with real interpersonal communication. In order to alleviate the complex interpersonal relationships in real life, they often choose to use online interpersonal instead of real interpersonal to cope with social fear, but long-term addiction to the Internet will make them detached from the real society and increase the degree of social fear. Such a vicious circle causes Internet addiction. -03 Family social changes: such as parents divorced, passed away, or the family environment suddenly changed, etc. Young people are immature in their minds. If their inner pain cannot be relieved in time, they are likely to rely on the virtual environment of the Internet to help them escape from the cruel reality and achieve happiness and satisfaction on the Internet. -04 Inappropriate educational methods: Inappropriate educational methods such as harsh, beating, indulgent, and doting, have also become important factors affecting Internet addiction. For children’s Internet addiction, parents should not forcefully use violence to try to correct their children’s behavior, or even send their children to so-called institutions as problem teenagers. That may backfire and even lead to irreparable tragedies. Adolescent Internet addiction often involves more complicated mental and psychological problems, such as relationship problems with parents, academic problems, attention deficit disorder, anxiety or depression. To treat Internet addiction, we need to find out the cause and “prescribe the right medicine.” If you have a mental disorder due to internet addiction, you must go to a psychiatric specialist as soon as possible! References [1] Ji Wenbo, Tao Ran. Current status and impact of Internet addiction in children and adolescents[J].Chinese Journal of Practical Pediatrics,2014,29(07):501-505.[2]Ning Li,Gao Wenbin,Liu Caiyi,Li Huan,Tao Ran.The relationship between the inferiority complex of adolescents with Internet addiction and their social support and mental health[J].Chinese Journal of Drug Dependence,2011,20(05):375-380.[3]Lu Xianling,Zhang Hongyan.Internet Development The type characteristics of family intimacy and adaptability of addicts and their correlation with coping style[J].Journal of Psychiatry,2013,26(04):257-260.