Shi Shurong: In the summer, health supplements blood first, MDS patients can eat more black food

Article source: WeChat public account [Shurong Studio] Summer is coming, many people will think that eating cold dishes can relieve the heat, but whenever you meet with friends, a lot of food is in front of you, can you control your mouth? Myelodysplastic syndrome belongs to the category of “failure” in Chinese medicine. There are four main types of deficiency of qi and blood, internal resistance of blood stasis, deficiency of liver and kidney, heat and flaming, but they have not yet reached unity. We believe that this disease is mostly due to insufficiency of congenital inspection, acquired disorders, chronic illness, physical weakness, overworked internal injuries, chronic deficiency, etc., leading to loss of organs, qi and blood loss, the so-called deficiency will be stasis, chronic illness will enter the network The reason is that the blood stasis and ecchymosis of the skin, and the dark purple tongue and other blood stasis performances. The blood stasis is not gone, and the new blood is difficult to produce. , The disease is mainly in the spleen and kidney, and the basic pathogenesis is qi and blood deficiency, blood stasis internal resistance, and the disease is the original standard. 1. Mulberry can nourish liver and kidney, nourish yin and nourish blood, have special effects on Wufa, relax wind, clear liver and eyesight, hangover, improve sleep and improve human immunity. Mulberry powder is rich in protein, a variety of essential amino acids, fructose easily absorbed by the body and various vitamins and mineral elements such as iron, calcium, zinc, trace elements such as selenium, carotene, cellulose and so on. 2. Auricularia auricula has a flat, sweet taste, and can be used in the stomach and kidney channels to benefit qi, tonic, strengthen and nourish, and promote blood circulation and relieve pain. Auricularia auricula has higher iron content and calcium content, which is many times higher than other clinical ingredients. If you have osteoporosis or joint pain, you can eat black fungus daily. Black fungus can be eaten cold or fried. 3. & nbsp. Sesame Sesame, as one of our common foods, is a food that has the effects of nourishing liver and kidney, benefiting essence and blood, and moistening intestinal dryness. It is mainly used to treat our body. This kind of body is weak, dizzy and tinnitus Symptoms such as blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, and coughing. The consumption of sesame seeds can promote the functions of kidney blood production, liver storage blood and splenic blood. Therefore, during treatment, patients with myelodysplastic syndrome can eat more black food in the diet, because black food has the effect of nourishing blood and entering the kidney, which helps the kidney to store sperm. The theory stems from “complementing shape with shape, complementing color with color”.