Can “beer belly” improve liposuction?

What is inside the beer belly? The essence of “beer belly” is actually the accumulation of visceral fat. Many people think that “beer belly” is caused by frequent drinking. In fact, the so-called “beer belly” is a metaphor. The real reason is that unreasonable eating habits and lifestyles cause excessive fat to adhere to the organs and form abundant visceral fat. Visceral fat exceeding the normal range will seriously affect organ functions and affect health. “Beer belly” generally appears more in men, but rarely in women. But this does not mean that women will not experience excessive visceral fat. Can beer belly be solved by liposuction? No, we already know that “beer belly” is mainly visceral fat, which surrounds and adheres to the organs. This situation cannot be improved by liposuction. Liposuction is mainly aimed at local subcutaneous fat accumulation. For those with relatively normal weight but obvious local subcutaneous fat accumulation, liposuction surgery can effectively solve the problem and improve body shape. Therefore, if you want to improve the “beer belly” problem, you need to shut your mouth, open your legs, and solve the problem by changing unreasonable eating habits and lifestyles. For those who have obvious accumulation of subcutaneous fat, liposuction surgery can be used to suck the excess fat out of the body and perform local shaping. Will there be a rebound after liposuction? In theory, liposuction is to suck out excess fat from a certain part of the body through surgical instruments to reduce the number of fat cells. The fat cells of adults are constant. The volume of fat cells changes, so fat cells will not rebound in number, but it does not mean that the remaining fat cells will not “eat” to get fatter. Therefore, after choosing liposuction surgery, you should also pay attention to maintaining your figure, not overeating, and proper exercise. When choosing liposuction surgery, you must go to a regular hospital to find a professional doctor for the operation. Professional and experienced doctors will formulate the most suitable surgical plan according to the specific situation of the beauty seeker, so as to ensure the safety of our operation and achieve the desired surgical effect.

Visceral fat and subcutaneous fat, what makes you “fat”? Which is easier to reduce?

In daily life, some people always feel that they have to gain weight by drinking water, and some people don’t seem to be fat and do not weigh much. However, due to their protruding belly, they are divided into the ranks of fat people. This phenomenon is also increasing. The more common, obesity of different causes, the degree of difficulty that can be reduced is different. &nbsp. Fat is mainly divided into subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. Generally speaking, the thickness of subcutaneous fat accumulation can show a person’s fatness and thinness, and what we generally call weight loss is subcutaneous fat. For example, women may not exercise for a long time, sitting posture, high calorie intake in diet, etc. Although their weight is not heavy, there will still be layers of “swimming rings” in the abdomen. This is due to the accumulation of subcutaneous fat. Caused. Obesity caused by visceral fat, the more common “beer belly” seen in men is due to the accumulation of visceral fat, and visceral fat is mainly hidden around the organs, generally in the abdominal cavity, but it needs Note that once there is more visceral fat, it is easier to cause a variety of diseases, such as hyperlipidemia, hypertension, diabetes, fatty liver and so on. Regardless of whether it is the layered “swimming ring” or the “beer belly” that is not only unsightly but may also be harmful to health, it needs to be reduced, but the female “swimming ring” is easier to reduce. This is because it is caused by subcutaneous fat. Not only can it be controlled by usual diet, but fitness exercise can also achieve the goal of slimming through liposuction and shaping surgery. This little girl often sits in the office and loves to eat high-calorie foods, which causes fat to accumulate in her abdomen, forming a small belly, which makes the shape and lines of the waist and abdomen not beautiful. In summer, she dared not wear clothes with a higher waist. &nbsp.This is the effect after liposuction. The belly is obviously reduced and the lines of the waist and abdomen have also come out. The waist and abdomen have achieved a shaping effect through liposuction. Now you can wear any kind of clothes. For most of the “beer belly” caused by visceral fat factors, there is no way to improve it through liposuction. For such factors, it can only be improved through long-term exercise, so it will be relatively difficult to reduce. I don’t know if you still remember that the father and son became popular on the Internet for fitness, especially the father’s “beer belly” before fitness. The son urged his father to lose his “beer belly” and exercise together for health. Finally, through the exercise of the father and son, they successfully lost the “beer belly” and the whole person’s mental outlook has also undergone a substantial change. &nbsp.(via: Jessie Ono) (via: Jessie Ono) Many people will have questions, so how should I judge whether my belly is caused by that factor? One is to go to the hospital for instrumental testing and confirm. In addition, if you want to self-test first, we can measure the waist circumference. According to our country’s standards: generally male waist circumference ≥ 85cm, female waist circumference ≥ 80cm, we must be careful of excessive visceral fat. &nbsp.Secondly, the waist-to-hip ratio can be measured, that is, the ratio of waist circumference to hip circumference. Generally, the waist-to-hip ratio for men is ≥0.9, and the waist-to-hip ratio for women is ≥0.8, which means people with excess visceral fat. Finally, you can try to pinch the fat around the belly button. If you can easily pinch about 2 cm, it means that the accumulation of subcutaneous fat is. If it is difficult or cannot be pinched, it means that the fat is accumulated in the internal organs. You can also judge your own BMI value through the following BMI value table to detect your own fatness and health. &nbsp.(Female BMI Index Table)&nbsp.(Male BMI Index Table)▶▶Finally, I need to remind everyone that no matter what method you use to lose weight, you must pay attention to the choice of methods according to your own situation, and do not follow blindly. If you have any questions about fat plastic surgery, you can leave a comment or private message with pictures for consultation. Uncle will answer you in detail. &nbsp.&nbsp.

Zhongjiao likes warmth and aversion to cold. The ups and downs of stomach function are the key to health preservation

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. The human body is divided into upper, middle and lower upper Jiao, the middle Jiao is the spleen and stomach. “&Nbsp. Huangdi Neijing&nbsp.” says: “The stomach governs acceptance” and “spleen governs transport and transformation”. The digestion and absorption of the human body are jointly completed by the &nbsp.spleen and stomach&nbsp.. If the function of the spleen and stomach is not good, then the nutrients cannot be smoothly delivered to the internal organs and the body. If the body is not nourished, it will inevitably cause some external diseases. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. But modern people overeating, causing spleen and stomach injuries. Many people even cherish the delicacies of mountains and seas all day long, making their limited stomach bear an unbearable burden. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Let us understand better than an example. If the spleen and stomach is a small four-wheeled vehicle carrying three tons, you can pull five or six tons of goods for it, it will be difficult to start and run slowly. At this time, the accelerator was stepped on to the end, and the black smoke burst out and the car couldn’t run. Instead, it damages the parts. If it is a person’s spleen and stomach, it must be damaged. Symptoms such as indigestion, anorexia, bloating, abdominal pain, and hiccups appear. Long-term prolonged periods can lead to general weakness, insufficient Yang Qi and other diseases. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Excessive thinking and low mood directly affect the transportation of Zhongjiao. “Lingshu·Xieke” said: “The heart is the master of the internal organs, and the spiritual home.” Excessive thinking and fatigue can lead to mental fatigue, restlessness, palpitations, forgetfulness, insomnia, and dreams. , And even abnormal emotions and decreased appetite and other symptoms. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. At present, the competition is so fierce, most people are suffering from how to develop their careers, how to make profits, how to develop and grow, and interpersonal relationships. All of this consumes a lot of energy in the human body, which leads to a decline in body health over time. A series of symptoms such as cold stomach, anorexia, acid reflux, bloating, hiccups, diarrhea, etc. appear. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. This is also the main reason for the current high incidence of sub-healthy population. Therefore, it is necessary to start health maintenance from the spleen and stomach, and it is also the correct health maintenance method.

Classic Moments-The Tibetan-Dr. Haishu Rereads Internal Classic 0731

[Original]   Uncle Qi said: The internal organs, the home of evil, please explain why. Those with five internal organs are small, less sick, sorrowful, and troublesome (don’t worry about this); those with big internal organs, slow things down, difficult to disturb (don’t worry about this). Those who are all high in the five internal organs are good to move high; those who are all down in the five internal organs are good for others. Those with all five internal organs are free from disease; those with all five internal organs are not free from disease. Those who have the five internal organs are righteous, and gain the hearts of the people; those who have all the five internal organs are biased, the evil intentions are good at stealing, and cannot be equal to others, and repeated speeches. [Translation] Uncle Qi replied: Human internal organs are the place where evil spirits invade. Please allow me to talk about the truth about this question. The five internal organs are small in size, and diseases are less likely to occur due to the invasion of external evils, but they tend to be anxious and sentimental; the five internal organs are all large in size, doing things calmly and slowly, which rarely makes him sad. The five internal organs are all on the high side, and their behaviors and actions are so high; the five internal organs are all on the low side, and they are weak-willed and willing to be inferior. The five internal organs are solid, and disease does not occur; the five internal organs are fragile, and disease always occurs. The five internal organs are all in an upright position, the temperament is gentle, the person is fair, and the work is well-received; the five internal organs are all skewed, have evil thoughts and are good at stealing, can’t do things fairly with people, and are inconsistent with people’s words and are not trustworthy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Haishu Press: Personality is closely related to body shape. The viscera itself is abnormal, in addition to clinical symptoms, there are also emotional changes [玫瑰][玫瑰][玫瑰]Good morning

How to judge the excessive visceral fat?

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. How much visceral fat is difficult to measure accurately. Without measuring and calculating with professional equipment, it is difficult to infer how much visceral fat a person has in the body, but if you find yourself With the following characteristics, then you are likely to be a member of the visceral and obese group. Characteristics of visceral obese persons: ➤ Large waist: male waist> 90 cm, female waist> 85 cm; ➤ Uneven body shape: raised belly (this is the simplest method of judgment). Clinical experience shows that more than 90% of the “big belly” are visceral and obese. ➤ Frequent constipation: excessive accumulation of visceral fat can not leave the body naturally, seriously affecting digestive function, and constipation will follow. ➤Higher body mass index.

What is visceral fat?

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Centripetal obesity is mainly one of the manifestations of increased abdominal fat and visceral fat. It is also the basis of many metabolic diseases. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Visceral fat is a type of human fat. It is different from subcutaneous fat (usually “fat”). It surrounds human organs and mainly exists in the abdominal cavity. For our health crucial. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. A certain amount of visceral fat is necessary for the human body, which plays a role in supporting, stabilizing and protecting human viscera, but excessive visceral fat will bring various health hazards, such as metabolic disorders, Infertility, heart disease, difficulty breathing, cancer and even Alzheimer’s disease and so on. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. The main causes of visceral obesity include: unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, excessive stress, and easy to be ignored, etc.

Classic moments-Dr. Haishu rereading Huangdi’s internal classics-reversal fat thin 0617

Classical moment-Dr. Haishu re-reading Huangdi’s internal scriptures-reversing fatness and thinness 0617 [Original] Huangdi said: Shaoyin’s veins go down alone, why?   Qi Bo said: otherwise. For those who have pulsed their veins, the sea of ​​the five internal organs and the six internal organs is also intact. The upper one, seeing the yang, permeating the Zhuyang and pouring the essence. The next one, note the large network of Shao Yin, out of Qi Street, follow the inner femur of the Yin femur into the popliteal body, lie in the umbilical bone, and down to the medial malleolus. The lower part, and in the Shao Yin Meridian, infiltrating Sanyin; the former, prone to tarsal genus, under the tarsus into the big toe, infiltrating the complexes and warm muscles. Therefore, the entanglement is not moving, the moving is moving, and the moving is cold.  Yellow Emperor said: Why is it so clear?   Qi Bo said: guide it with words, and try it out, it is not necessary to move, and then you can still act clearly.   Huang Di said: embarrassed! The saints do the same. Tomorrow in the sun and the moon, slightly less than a centimeter, its non-fuzi, who can do the same. [Translation] Huang Di said: Zusanyin are all up to the abdomen, why is it that the only foot is less and the yin is going down?   Qibo said: Not like you said, it is not the Shao Yin Meridian but the pulse. The Chongmai is the place where the five internal organs and the six internal organs converge. The five internal organs and the six internal organs are all fed by the main body of the internal organs. The ascending part of the pulse is out of the body surface near the posterior nasal canal above the pharynx, and then infiltrates into the Yang Meridian to infuse it with essence gas. The lower part of the pulse is injected into the large meridian of the foot-shaoyin kidney meridian. From the surface of Qijie (Qichong acupoint), it descends along the inner side of the thigh, enters the knee popliteal fossa, lays in the tibia, and then It descends to the upper edge of the calcaneus after the medial malleolus and is divided into two branches: the downward branch, which is parallel to the foot Shaoyin Meridian, and at the same time injects Jingqi into the Sanyin Meridian; its anterior branch emerges from the deep part behind the medial malleolus At the upper edge of the calcaneal tuberosity, down the instep of the foot into the big toe of the foot, injecting essence into the veins to warm the muscles. Therefore, when the descending branch veins of the Chongmai are not congested, the pulsation of the Chongyang on the back of the foot will disappear. The disappearance of the pulsation of the Chongyang will cause the Weiqi to become unreliable, and the lower limbs will feel cold when there is a reflex.   Huang Di said: How to find out the meridian of qi and blood in meridians?  Qi Bo said: When examining patients, we must first ask for symptoms with words, and then check the pulse according to the pulse. If the pulsation is normal, it is not meridian Qi reversal, so that the situation of meridian Qi blood circulation reversal can be clarified.   Huang Di said: These questions are really difficult to answer! The truths summarized by the saints are really important. These truths are brighter than the brilliance of the sun and the moon, and are more subtle than the smallest things. If it is not a sir, who can clarify these truths? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Haishu Press: When the descending branch of the pulse is blocked, the pulsation of Chongyang on the back of the foot will disappear, and the pulsation of Chongyang will disappear. It will cause the qi to fail to become a traitor, and if you feel a traitor, you will feel cold in the lower limbs. Many people have cold feet and cold buttocks. This is the case, which has a certain negative impact on the reproductive function of men and women. Timely treatment. And this kind of cold often makes others “shudder”, a kind of cold that spreads outward, and people will feel cold when they get close. Good morning [rose]

How to treat lung cancer coughing up blood!

Coughing up blood is a common symptom of lung cancer. Lungs mainly breathe. Although cough is in the lungs, it is not specific to the lungs. “Inner Canon” says “all internal organs are coughing, not only lungs”, the lungs are the most powerful, the highest position, equivalent to the “Qinghai-Tibet Plateau” by the Baimaiyichaohui, cough is a lung disease, and the evils of internal organs can be uploaded Due to the lungs, it causes coughing and hemoptysis. Under normal physiological conditions, the water that people drink into it, through the vaporization of the kidney, the water rises and nourishes the lungs. Lung qi is moist, lung qi drops, and the heart fire moves down to the kidneys. When a tumor develops in the lungs, the mass compresses the trachea, and in addition, the lungs close the lungs, so that the lungs cannot fall down and go upside down. After the vaporized water in the kidneys enters the lungs, it will become phlegm and fire when it is heated. If the lung qi does not fall, the kidney water does not rise, the monarch fire moves up, and the fire is ectopic, so it increases the occurrence of hemoptysis. Therefore, lung cancer is often associated with hemoptysis. According to Yu Zhi’s experience, lung cancer coughing up blood is treated by cold and heat: heat syndrome, bright red blood color, dry mouth and dry throat, yellow sputum stickiness, shortness of breath, red tongue and thin yellow fur, pulse slippery count, this is mostly virtual heat, to For those with Yin deficiency, Zhigancao decoction can be cured. For cold syndrome, take Huangtu Decoction to treat bloody stool to treat hemoptysis of lung cold. In clinical practice, I often add Siweizhixuesan on the basis of syndrome differentiation, namely Baiji, Ejiao, Xiaoji charcoal, and lotus root charcoal, which have a good hemostatic effect. # 健康 科普

Is skin disease related to other diseases of the body?

The answer is yes, of course. The skin is the largest organ of the human body, and it is also the first line of defense for human immunity. The human body has three lines of defense against attacks by pathogens. The first line of defense is formed by skin and mucous membranes and their secretions. The bactericidal substances in body fluids (such as lysozyme) and phagocytic cells form the second line of defense, which is mainly composed of immune organs and immune cells. In addition, the body is an organic whole. If there are any problems on the skin, it is a reflection for the internal organs. Many visceral diseases have skin manifestations. For example, systemic lupus erythematosus, butterfly-like erythema, rheumatic fever, gout nodules, etc. will all have skin lesions. There are also some skin diseases combined with internal organ damage. Common urticaria can have gastrointestinal symptoms and damage. For example, vomiting and nausea can occur. If urticaria spreads to the throat, it can also cause suffocation and shock death. Nodular erythema can be combined with kidney damage. Many infectious diseases enter the body through the skin and cause serious lesions and damage. The skin of normal people can reflect the state of the body. The skin of young people is white and red. The old ladies of seventy to eighty years are full of wrinkles, but despite this, people will not easily be related to the diseases of internal organs. contact. However, more and more studies now show that skin diseases do not happen by accident, generally after internal organ problems occur, and also show many internal organ diseases, its severity is positively correlated with the severity of skin diseases . Therefore, many medical diseases are called primary diseases, and they are diagnosed only when they are symptomatic. In fact, many can be found at an early stage. By checking the urine of patients with skin diseases, we can find patients with early nephritis, which can better control the nephritis. Further development. So do n’t take it lightly. After you have a skin problem, you should carefully review the reasons for the recent fatigue in your life and whether you have low resistance. Then you are warned that some internal organs may be unknown. The change.

Shi Shurong: Expectant mothers have low platelets during pregnancy, how to make up the body?

Shi Shurong’s studio WeChat xyk261 during pregnancy, the blood circulation of the mother and fetus is connected, and food is exchanged between the two through the placenta. The nutrients for fetal growth depend on the maternal blood supply. Therefore, the food hygiene of pregnant women is very important during pregnancy. During this period, the platelets of pregnant women are too low, usually due to physiological factors during pregnancy. The number of thrombocytopenia is not very large, and generally does not cause serious consequences. Therefore, in the case of low platelets in pregnant women, the doctor will infusion of platelets in time to supplement the platelets in the body, which is the fastest method. In daily life, pregnant women need to pay attention to rest, reduce activity time, and ensure adequate sleep. In terms of diet, the following points need to be noted: 1. Unheated milk, cheese and juice raw milk and unheated cheese and juice may contain a series of harmful bacteria, such as Listeria, Salmonella, E. coli And Campylobacter. These bacteria can grow naturally and may be contaminated during collection and storage. Pasteurization is the most effective way to kill bacteria without destroying the nutritional value of the product itself. Therefore, in order to reduce the risk of infection, pregnant women should only eat pasteurized milk, cheese and juice. 2. Uncooked meat or raw meat and marinated food Uncooked meat or raw meat will increase the risk of bacterial infections, such as Toxoplasma gondii, E. coli. These bacteria may threaten the health of unborn babies and may cause premature delivery or severe neurological diseases such as mental retardation, blindness, or epilepsy. 3. Animal viscera Animal viscera is indeed a good source of nutrients, including iron, vitamin B12, vitamin A, copper, etc., which has great benefits for the mother and baby’s abdomen. However, during pregnancy, excessive intake of vitamin A through the animal’s internal organs is not recommended, because it may cause vitamin A poisoning, too much copper will cause abnormalities, and eventually may lead to production defects and liver toxicity. Therefore, it is best not to take the animal offal more than once a week. 4. Easy-to-digest nutritious foods Eat high-protein, high-vitamin and easy-to-digest soft foods or pasty foods. Avoid eating too hard or too rough foods, so as not to scratch the digestive mucosa after the food enters the digestive tract, causing bleeding. In daily care, closely observe the pregnant woman’s skin, mucous membranes for bleeding points, petechiae, ecchymosis, gum bleeding during brushing, nose bleeding, hemoptysis, hematemesis, blood in the stool, and urinary system. If there is significant bleeding, you should rest in bed. Early detection and early treatment before delivery, timely increase platelets, reduce the predisposing factors of bleeding, so that mother and child are safe. Special statement: The content of this site is for reference only, not as a basis for diagnosis and medical treatment.