What to do with eye bags that cannot be covered by cosmetics

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. The eyes are not big enough to cover with double eyelid stickers, eyeliners, etc. But what if the eye bags are there? , Which has greatly affected people’s overall spirit.   The appearance of eye bags is the main feature of facial aging, giving people a sense of haggardness, and with the passage of time, the eye bags will become more obvious, and it is necessary to promptly treat the bags under the eyes. So, what are the ways to remove eye bags?    1. Surgical eye bags (internal method)   Internal method to remove eye bags is the use of fine microscopic equipment, according to the skin relaxation of the beautician, make an incision in the hidden part of the eye to remove excess fat Lead out of the body, and remove excess loose skin, so as to quickly remove the bags under the eyes. 2. Surgical removal of eye bags (external approach)    External approach to remove eye bags refers to making an incision from the skin of the lower eyelid through surgery, releasing the appropriate amount of orbital septal fat and orbicularis oculi muscle, and removing the excess lower eyelid skin according to the specific situation , So as to achieve the overall effect of removing eye bags.