Keep sweating palms? The treatment is actually very simple!

   Whether it is winter or summer, wet hands can cause great inconvenience. Especially in places where you have to use your hands, it will look very embarrassing, such as when you meet and shake hands with customers or leaders, or when you need to be in touch with everyone in a group game, you often feel very embarrassed. Ordinary people have dry hands most of the time. It’s just that if the weather is hot or if you hold something in your hand for a long time, you may sweat a little, but people with hand sweat syndrome are not so lucky. Their hands are often It’s wet all year round. Hand sweat syndrome belongs to a kind of hyperhidrosis. Below, let’s first understand hand sweat syndrome. There are two types of hand sweat syndrome, secondary and primary. Secondary hand sweat syndrome is caused by other diseases in the human body, such as hyperthyroidism, tuberculosis, medical diseases, mental diseases or endocrine disorders caused by female menopause. Increasingly, this type of hand sweat is one of the clinical symptoms caused by other basic diseases. Therefore, to treat him, he must start with the disease itself, and the treatment method also varies from person to person. Primary hand sweat syndrome is relatively common in our current lives and is caused by sympathetic nerve excitement, which is what we are discussing now. Although the symptoms of hand sweat syndrome are not easy to harm their physical and mental health, many patients with hand sweat syndrome are in a situation of “fear” every day. They should wear handkerchiefs and toilet paper whenever and wherever possible, and pay attention to scrubbing their own wet sweat anytime and anywhere. With both hands, they are afraid of shaking hands with others, and even afraid of lifting objects, which has caused huge troubles in their lives, work and social life, and reduced their confidence. This kind of patient has the eagerness to heal hand sweat syndrome.   The general treatment of hand sweat syndrome is divided into medical treatment and surgical treatment. Medical treatment is treatment in the form of drugs, but there are certain side effects. Surgical treatment is performed by surgical methods. The current minimally invasive surgery takes about 20 minutes. The surgical site is a small hole of about 3 mm at 8-10 cm under the armpits on both sides. After the sympathetic nerve is adjusted, the sweating of the hands will return to normal, there will be no scars after the operation, and the recovery will be quick.

My hands sweat all year round, what’s wrong with this?

Has anyone had a lot of hand sweat since going to school, paddling a board when writing, and dared not write with the whole hand against the notebook, and did not dare to participate in any activities in the class, because they dared not physically Contact, especially holding hands like this, is afraid of jokes. They are not a weird group, just that they have a disease called hand sweat. This disease not only affects their reading assignments, but also affects their interpersonal communication, which brings a lot of trouble to their lives.   This disease is actually quite common in our lives, especially in the southeastern provinces of my country. The incidence is very high. The symptom of hand sweat patients is a lot of sweating in both hands throughout the year. Most of their illnesses have been growing up since childhood, and they will be more serious when they reach puberty. Especially when they go to school, the distress caused by hand sweats can be described as miserable.  Hand sweating refers to a disease that controls the sympathetic nerve excitement of the sweat glands of the hand abnormally, so that both hands begin to sweat abnormally. The abnormal secretion of sweat glands in the hand is a series of syndromes. Stress or anxiety or hot weather can increase sweating in your hands. And this sweating may be accompanied by sweating under the arms or soles. Together, these symptoms can be called hyperhidrosis.  Current treatment methods for hand sweat are mainly divided into medical treatment and surgical treatment. Medical treatments include: oral medications (anticholinergics, etc.), direct current and iontophoresis, topical topical medications, botulinum toxin injections, etc. Medical treatments are relatively simple and easy to operate, but they do not have very good results, especially It is for the more severe hand sweating, and long-term use of drugs will bring great side effects to the body, and repeated illness will hurt the confidence of treatment, and it is not suitable for long-term treatment.  The root cause of hand sweating is sympathetic nerves, and only by treating the sympathetic nerves can it be cured. The surgical method is to use TSN sympathetic nerve positioning adjustment treatment, in the full visual state, accurately locate the abnormal sympathetic nerve, through fine adjustment, reduce the sensitivity of the nerve, so that the sweating of both hands returns to normal. This method has the advantages of small trauma, fast recovery, and high success rate of surgery. With the continuous improvement of surgical methods, the incidence of various postoperative complications continues to decline, and it is more and more accepted by patients.