What are the symptoms of sudden body “weight loss”?

What are the symptoms of sudden body “weight loss”? 1. Weight loss is a precursor of organ damage: Deficiency is a generalization of the comprehensive disease of loss of essence, weak vitality, and low visceral function. The causes are nothing more than congenital deficiency, poor endowment of the five internal organs or old and weak sickness, internal injury of qi and blood, or acquired loss of nourishment, loss of yin and yang, or excessive use of body and mind, damage to the five internal organs, etc., and it is always the loss of the spleen and kidney for two days. At stake. In short, whether it is too late or too much loss, it is characterized by insufficient glory and blood, and the whole body is lost. The degree of wastage is marked by the degree of weight loss, ranging from only the face to the face, and to the worst, the big bones are withered and the big flesh is sunken. For example, “Suwen·Jade Machine Zhen Zang Theory” says: “Big bones are withered, big flesh Sinking…broken? Destroyed flesh, sunken eyes, really hidden to see, not seeing people in sight, and immediate death.” It shows that weight loss is a testimony of form loss and an important sign of futility. 2. Weight loss is a symptom of yin deficiency and internal heat: fire refers to the deficiency of fire in the viscera, which is the inevitable development of yin deficiency, and also includes the fire caused by evil qi or stagnation of qi, mainly due to the phase of kidney yin deficiency, hyperactivity of fire and uncomfortable liver qi Stomach fires with dark flames and insufficient spleen yin are internalized, or are known to have internal heat, accumulates and dissipates fire, etc., due to the dissipation of internal fire and the dissipation of glory and blood, so weight loss is an important signal of internal fire. Modern medicine believes that weight loss is often the main sign of endocrine diseases, such as hyperthyroidism with hypermetabolism, hyperconsumption, hypo-endocrine, hypometabolic adrenal hypofunction, hypopituitary disorders, such as Addison’s disease, Sheehan’s syndrome, etc., are all marked by obvious progressive wasting. The weight loss caused by internal fire diminishing burn and the weak and weak emaciation have their own characteristics. Those caused by the internal fire diminishing burn are usually accompanied by hot flashes and night sweats, five upsets, heat, dizziness and irritability, while the weak and emaciated complexion is accompanied by yellowish complexion or black and plump complexion, fatigue and wilting. , Chills, cold limbs and abdominal distension, loose stools. The former is mostly caused by the deficiency of liver and kidney yin, while the latter is caused by the spleen and kidney yang failure. However, the symptoms of gradual weight loss and muscle loss are the precursor symptoms. In short, the main reason for the weakening of the virtual fire is the elimination of burning by the virtual fire, the increased dissipation of the glory blood, that is, the excessively strong dissimilation effect, and the main reason for the weakening of the virtual fire is due to the exhaustion of the source of energy, the lack of source of energy, and the low assimilation effect. 3. Weight loss is the signal that cancer is hidden in turbid toxins: due to visceral dysfunction, loss of transport and chemistry, resulting in clear turbidity, weight loss is mainly due to turbid toxins, anorexia and gradual exhaustion of chemical sources. Among them, guange (such as uremia), jaundice (such as liver cirrhosis, acidosis), diabetic (such as ketosis) and other diseases have obvious weight loss in the later stage. In addition, some diseases, such as labor, rock, syphilis, leprosy, etc., cause weight loss due to the absorption of toxins and accelerated consumption. Therefore, weight loss is often a sign of turbid toxin internal dryness and poisonous evil. Malignant tumors often progress latently, and early symptoms are difficult to detect, but when cachexia causes weight loss, it is already a late-stage omen. As for the weight loss (including anorexia nervosa) caused by depression, it can easily lead to a vicious circle, metabolic disorders and rapid weight loss, so it cannot be underestimated.