These bad habits are quietly “eroding” your kidneys

There are as many as 120 million people with chronic kidney disease in my country, which means that one in every 10 adults is a chronic kidney disease patient. Because there are no signs in the early stage of kidney disease, it is often easily overlooked by people. Therefore, people call kidney disease a “silent killer”. It can be seen how powerful its lethality is, it can harm your health invisible. Among them, in the early stage of kidney disease, as long as you observe it, you can also find its traces. For example, loss of appetite, fatigue and fatigue, swelling of the eyelids in the morning, foam in the urine, etc., these signal lights are reminding you that your “kidney” is already experiencing problems and should be checked and treated in time. Many people want to know, how to prevent kidney disease in life? How to kill kidney disease in the budding period? Next, let’s take a look at what factors can cause kidney disease. 1. In terms of size, bacteria and viruses are “forty to two pounds” for the human body, which will cause people to catch a cold and affect their work efficiency. Bacteria and viruses acting on the kidney unit can be described as “half a catty to eight two”. The result after the PK is not just that the kidney “worker” has a cold, it may be permanently lost “work ability” after being destroyed, which will affect the future work efficiency of the entire kidney “factory”. 2. The living standard of food is constantly improving, disrupting our original diet structure, more chicken, duck and fish meat on the table, less and less grains. Did you know that while our mouth is enjoying delicious food, our kidneys are experiencing the “catastrophe” of overwork? When the content of sugar, fat, and protein in the blood increases, the kidneys must bear a greater workload, and the kidney “workers” also have fatigue limits. No one knows when it will be the last to “break down” the kidneys. A bite of “gourmet food”, so for your own health, you should properly give the kidney a holiday. The toxicity of food additives to kidney “workers” has also been common in recent years. Most of these toxic substances will cause kidney “workers” to permanently lose their ability to work, causing irreversible damage to the kidneys and “uremia”. Pesticide residues in vegetables are relatively easy to remove if soaked for a long time, which is another benefit of eating vegetables. 3. Most of the medicines are detoxified by the liver first and then excreted by the kidneys. Therefore, the kidneys, like the liver, are susceptible to organ poisoning and are susceptible to damage. Commonly used drugs that can cause kidney damage are antibiotics and other chemotherapeutic drugs, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory analgesics, antiepileptic drugs, tumor chemotherapy drugs, various angiographic agents, metals and their adhesives. Therefore, be careful of kidney “workers” poisoning when treating diseases. The most headache for doctors in treating diseases is patients with liver and kidney problems. 4. Allergic elements and radioactive substances will also affect the kidney function. Starting from the theory of Chinese medicine, the causes of kidney disease are nothing more than internal and external factors. There are three internal causes: one is the imbalance of yin, yang, qi and blood of the kidney, which leads to abnormal kidney function. The other is “long-term disease and kidney”, and other diseases of the internal organs involve the kidney. , “Fear of injuring the kidney”, fear of qi, kidney qi solid photography dysfunction. External cause intrusion must be based on internal cause imbalance, that is, the “Inner Canon” says “the place of evil, its qi must be weak”, which means that since external evil can invade, it must be that the body’s righteousness is already insufficient, and the lack of righteousness is right Qi deficiency. For this reason, internal disorders must be the main cause of kidney disease. 5. Insufficient drinking water. Many people find this unbelievable. But you know that water is the source of life, and the human body is actually a body of water. Traditional Chinese medicine says “Kidney is water dirty”, so the kidney often suffers from kidney deficiency due to insufficient drinking water. The famous assertion of the Ziyin School says that “yin is often insufficient and yang is more than normal”. Often in the early stages of kidney disease, symptoms of yin deficiency and yang are caused by lack of water in the body. For this reason, the induction of kidney disease should not be ignored. It can be seen from this that the kidney is very fragile, and you must pay more attention to protecting your kidney in life. In order to avoid unnecessary disasters to the kidney, we need to know the various manifestations of the kidney when it is abnormal, and only in this way can we avoid greater harm. When the following symptoms appear in your body, you must be vigilant. 1. The most basic success of a weak child’s kidney is to produce urine, and to expel certain wastes and poisons metabolized in the body from the body wind. If there is a problem, it is difficult for waste to be excreted from urine