Have a look before the appointment

Dear friends who are going to see you: hello! I am a plastic surgeon Yu Yan. Before the face-to-face consultation, in order to facilitate everyone to have a basic and systematic understanding of eye bag surgery, and to save face-to-face consultation time and reduce the waiting time of patients in the queue, I will give you a general scientific explanation. 1. Inner eye bag + orbital septal fat release to fill the tear groove. Whether it is a traditional simple internal eye bag or internal eye bag + orbital septal fat release to fill the tear groove, the incision is on the conjunctival surface, and the appearance is not To the edge. The traditional simple internal way of the eye bag is to remove the fat that is bulging in the eye bag area and throw it away. However, it has been clinically found that this cannot solve the problem of the tear groove. Some people have the tear groove deepened after the operation. The surgical procedure was modified, that is, the orbital septal fat was released to fill the tear groove. The principle is to reuse the fat waste that was originally to be thrown away. There are more bulges in the eye bag area and less depression in the tear groove area. Instead of throwing away more, it is better to even out the less, and the more area and the less area It is next to each other, so the operation of transferring the pedicle can be realized. That is to say, the fat is not taken out of the body. It is mashed out of the body and put in a syringe before being injected. If it is taken out and then injected, the fat It is ex vivo and belongs to free fat transplantation. Free fat does not carry blood supply, so the survival rate is poor. The orbital septal fat is released with a pedicle, and the upper part is not broken. It is called a “fat flap” in medicine. There are blood vessels to nourish it, so its survival rate is relatively high. The fat is pulled below the tear groove and spread on its surface to cover the tear groove. It needs to be fixed early after spreading. The fixed position is outside the upper part of the nose, and the suture is removed 4 days after the operation. The spread fat will grow together with the surrounding tissues. There will be some hardening in the early stage, and it may bulge slightly when it becomes hard. Don’t worry about this, it will gradually soften in the later stage, but in fact, more patients like to recover. It feels hard and slightly drummed, because the Mac looks fuller during this period, and the middle face also has improved vision. Regarding the effect of orbital septal fat filling the tear groove, it needs to be emphasized that the tear groove cannot be completely disappeared after surgery. This has to talk about the anatomical basis. People’s tear grooves are basically located near the orbital rim, and there are ligaments attached to this position. Everyone has a light or heavy tear groove, and the edge of the eye socket is not on the other side of the bone, and the spread fat is soft It is impossible to cover up a layer of soft fat on a particularly uneven surface. This is a deep factor. There are also differences in the superficial layers of our skin. The tear groove is the boundary. The upper part is dark and the lower part is white; the upper part is the texture of the eye skin, and the lower part is the facial skin; the thickness is thin at the top and thick at the bottom, while our skin The difference in color, texture and thickness of the skin will not be changed due to the operation. It is impossible to remove the skin after the operation, and the dark circle operation cannot be changed. Therefore, the comprehensive factors of the deep and shallow layers determine that the tear groove can only be improved, and it cannot be done without. In fact, no one has no tear ditch at all. The purpose of surgery is to make it shallow and sometimes prevent it from deepening. After the operation, there will be swelling and bruising. It takes about 1-2 weeks to reduce the swelling. Most of the fat hardens and softens within 3 months. 2. External eye bags + orbital septal fat release to fill the tear groove. The lower eyelid area with obvious skin sagging requires external eye bags. The orbital septal fat releases to fill the tear groove at the same time as the external eye bag surgery. It is recommended to combine. The incision of the outer eye bag is close to the root of the eyelashes. The main purpose of this procedure is to remove part of the loose skin. The principle of orbital septal fat release to fill the tear sulcus is to reuse the fatty waste that bulged in the eye bag area, and transfer the pedicle to the surface of the tear sulcus to make the tear sulcus shallow. The same reason as the previous internal eye bag + orbital septal fat release to fill the tear groove, the tear groove can only be improved or prevented from deepening, and the tear groove cannot be completely disappeared. After the orbital septal fat pedicle is transferred flat on the surface of the tear groove, it also needs to be fixed. The fixation of fat during external eye bag surgery with orbital septal fat release is different from that of internal eye bag surgery with orbital septal fat release at the same time. It can be simply summarized as internal fixation for the external road and external fixation for the internal road. This is because, in order to remove loose skin in external eye bag surgery, the incision originally needs to be opened relatively long, the surgical area is fully exposed, and it can be seen directly