What is the experience of removing eye bags? Do you understand all this?

What is the experience of removing eye bags? Do you understand all this? Contents: 1. How to remove eye bags, what are the surgical methods for removing eye bags, and which method is more appropriate for different people. 2. How to care for eye bags after surgery. 3. Case sharing 1. How to remove eye bags? Eye bags are a relatively common type of cosmetic surgery. Generally speaking, it occurs after 30-40 years old. Some women over middle age, and of course some young people also have eye bags. For example, when they are only 20 years old, they feel that eye bags are very obvious. In general, most of them may be congenital or hereditary. Such patients have obvious bags under the eyes of their parents. They are hereditary, such as young people. However, most eye bags still appear in middle-aged people after the age of 40. Of course, there are many surgical methods for eye bags. The most common are two surgical methods, one is external resection and the other is internal resection. Excision method: Make a surgical incision from the lower eyelid, and then remove the excess fat and excess skin from the lower eyelid. This is the external incision method when the entrance is exposed. Intracision method: It is inward entry. The incision is not visible on the outside. It is made in the conjunctiva of the lower eyelid, which is to make a small incision in the conjunctiva of the eye, and then release the excess fat inside. take out. These two surgical methods have their own advantages and disadvantages: Excision eye bags Advantages: It can remove fat and excess skin, but there are also some disadvantages. The disadvantage is that the surgical trauma is relatively large, and then the recovery is slower and swollen. The internal incision is an incision in the conjunctiva. The advantage is that the trauma is very small. The incision is not visible from the outside. It is relatively hidden and has no scars, but it cannot remove the skin. This surgical method is only suitable for younger skin and no loose skin. There is no sagging, just because there is more fat, this kind of people can get in. 2. Nursing care for eye bag removal surgery: After the eye bag removal surgery, the following care is needed to make the eyes recover faster or the edema disappears faster: 1. Generally, there will be a pressure bandaging process after the eye bag surgery, which may generally be 1 From days to 2 days, the movement of the eyelids may cause bleeding or edema to be aggravated. At this time, you can apply a little pressure; 2. Ice compress, apply ice to the eyes within 48 hours. During the ice compress, everyone Be careful not to put ice directly on the gauze or on the eyelids. This may contaminate the wound. Generally, the ice is wrapped in a plastic bag and a small towel is wrapped outside to prevent the wound from getting wet. Important reason. The best way is to use ice cubes. You can buy milk or soy milk packed in plastic bags in the supermarket to match the curvature of the eyes, so that the ice pack will have a better effect. Three, case show