The “pain” of trigeminal neuralgia is not understood by normal people

The “pain” of trigeminal neuralgia is beyond the understanding of normal people. Some patients with trigeminal neuralgia often feel acupuncture or tears on their faces, as well as burning and electric shock-like pains. Of the patients wanted to hit the wall with their heads when they were in pain. Trigeminal neuralgia does not have any warning at the time of onset, and the onset of pain has a general rule, that is, the duration of each pain attack can last from a few seconds to one or two minutes, and then suddenly stop. The initial incidence is relatively small and the intermittent period is relatively long, ranging from several minutes to several hours. However, with the development of the disease, the patient may have attacks in the later stage of the disease, which is more frequent, the intermittent period is gradually shortened, and the pain is Coming violently. The number of seizures at night is relatively small, and some people may even talk, eat, wash their teeth, and be blown by the wind. It may cause trigeminal neuralgia and relapse, so some patients with trigeminal neuralgia I dare not wash my face or brush my teeth in daily life. Patients may suddenly stop talking or suddenly stop eating when the disease occurs. When the face is painful, there may be spasms or frowns, teeth, open mouth, eyes and hands rubbing the face hard, so that the skin is rough, the eyebrows fall off, and the conjunctiva is congested.