Vitiligo treatment method introduction: TCM directed penetration medicine treatment

Traditional Chinese medicine plays a very important role in the treatment of diseases. The role of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of vitiligo is also very important. In addition to the commonly used methods of phototherapy when patients are treated in hospitals, traditional Chinese medicine cannot be ignored. Today, I will introduce you to the traditional Chinese medicine directed penetration treatment system. Project Introduction The TCM Directed Drug Penetration Therapy System is a combination of medium frequency drug directed introduction technology, medium frequency bionic massage technology, and thermal and magnetic treatment technology. The modulated medium frequency current can promote the reduction of skin resistance, dilate small arteries and capillaries, and improve local blood. Circulates, accelerates metabolism, increases the activity of cell membranes, and improves melanocyte regeneration. It is like opening a “door” on the protective outer membrane of living cells, allowing drugs and other therapeutic molecules to directly enter the inside of the cell, and through the warming effect, massage effect, and magnetization, the drug can accelerate the effect At the site of the lesion, the cell tissue strongly absorbs the drug, effectively promoting the recovery of melanocyte function and promoting the normal secretion of melanin.  Project advantages:   Purified drugs are directly administered to the affected area, and the absorbed drug concentration in the affected area is higher and the effect is better.  Rebuilds the microcirculation, activates T cells, and inhibits the excessiveization and proliferation of epidermal cells.  Enhance immunity, activate tyrosinase activity, restore melanocyte regeneration ability, and have an effective anti-relapse effect.   is safe and reliable, has no side effects, only removes white spots, and does not harm healthy skin tissue.  Contraindications:   Patients with heart disease, the use of electrodes near the chest increases the risk of heart fibrillation.   Pregnant women.  Patients with abnormal blood pressure.  Patients who feel abnormal when receiving treatment.