Perianal condyloma acuminatum laser treatment twice relapses and interleukin still relapses how can it not relapse

The patient reported that he found warts around the anus in January, went to the top three in late March to confirm the condyloma acuminatum, laser on April 2, laser on relapse on April 19, laser on relapse on May 14, and now it has been 8 days since the last laser After the first laser, the interleukin has been blocked twice a week for more than a month. The doctor said that the interferon has too much side effects to change the interleukin to block, but it still relapses. Now that there is no love, how can it not relapse? Expert analysis Expert analysis: Laser treatment targets skin neoplasms, that is, warts. At the time of treatment, the neoplasms can be removed, but the HPV virus in the spinal layer and basal layer of the epidermal cells cannot be completely removed. However, interleukin is mainly used to enhance immunity and can be used for the adjuvant treatment of condyloma acuminatum. If interleukin alone is used to treat condyloma acuminatum, it will not be able to achieve the therapeutic effect. . In addition to the above treatments, there are other clinical treatments with similar defects, such as freezing, microwave or surgical resection, etc. Therefore, patients with new onset or relapse should understand from all aspects, choose a method that can cure both the symptoms and the warts and the virus, to avoid falling into treatment mistakes and repeated attacks. If you only focus on the treatment of warts, and ignore the treatment of subclinical infections and virus-carrying states, it is easier to cause relapse. The residual wart body has not been completely removed, or there has been a subclinical infection around the original wart body, which cannot be discerned by the naked eye and failed to be discovered in time. After a period of time, a new wart body develops. Nanjing Youjia Viral Wart Medical Research Institute treats condyloma acuminatum with pure Chinese medicine patent formula (Patent No. 2011101665723), taking internal medicine plus external washing, treating both the symptoms and the symptoms. , Can stimulate the body to produce immune globulin, thereby improving self-immune function, so that the wart body will automatically shrink and fall off, no pain, and will not leave scars!