Why do the teeth grow bigger and bigger?

   is not just about losing teeth. It seems that as the age increases, all kinds of problems should appear in the teeth. Even the gap between the teeth becomes bigger. So what is the cause of the enlarged tooth gap? What are the hazards and how to solve it?   Gum atrophy Between the teeth and teeth except for the crown, the neck and root of the tooth wrapped by the gum are not Together, the gums fill the gaps between the teeth.  When the gums shrink, the gap will be exposed, and the teeth will appear to have gaps. These two reasons can cause gum atrophy:   Incorrect brushing method  Long-term use of toothbrushes with excessive bristles, brushing your teeth vigorously will not only damage the enamel but also affect the gums. Excessively strong bristles themselves will stimulate the gums, coupled with brute force brushing, the damage to the gums can be imagined.   Poor oral hygiene environment and severe dental calculus. Another cause of gingival degradation is poor oral hygiene and severe dental calculus. Too much calculus wraps the neck of the tooth and continuously presses and erodes the gums, gradually causing the gums to degenerate. This is also the reason why people who do not wash their teeth for a long time and who have serious dental calculus feel the gap between teeth after washing.  Solutions  Select a toothbrush with moderately soft bristles and brush your teeth gently with the correct brushing method to maintain clean oral hygiene and brush your teeth as much as possible. The missing sanitary corners went to the hospital to help doctors clean up, wash the teeth once a year, remove the calculus.  Proximal caries  proximal caries is a type of tooth decay, which refers to the occurrence of caries between two teeth, mostly caused by food residues not being cleaned.   “My grandmother has never brushed her teeth, and her teeth are still good.” I heard from many young people that this excuse for laziness, there is no reason, generally these old people’s teeth will have problems.   There is severe adjacent caries. Almost all teeth have caries, and the teeth look black, sparse and unhealthy.  Solutions  Brush your teeth! Brush your teeth seriously! This is really a “lazy disease”. Most of the people who say that it is not necessary to brush their teeth are too lazy to brush their teeth. Even if they brush it, it is a hassle. The food residue in the teeth is still there.   The correct way is to cooperate with auxiliary tools such as dental floss and dental floss to clean the teeth in all directions.   In short, the key to avoiding dental cracks is to love dental care, dental floss and other cleaning tools, and regularly check the teeth.