What are the dangers of penis curvature?

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. The phenomenon of penis curvature is common to many men, and there is a common phenomenon of penis curvature in male friends, and the degree of curvature is also different. Severe curvature requires surgery, because penile curvature is also harmful. Now let’s take a look at the harms of penis curvature to men.  The hazards of penile curvature:   Hazard 1: Inability to have sex.    No matter what kind of penile deformity, it will make it difficult for sexual intercourse to proceed normally and seriously affect the relationship between both parties. Hazard 2: There is a danger. Take common penile curvature as an example. If the degree of curvature is not serious, if you reluctantly have sexual intercourse with penile curvature, there is a possibility that the penis will break during intercourse, and the man’s private parts will be persecuted again in vain .   Hazard 3: Lead to impotence and other diseases    Middle-aged people often develop Peyronie’s disease, which is easy to develop into invisible plaques of penile fibrous cavernitis. Once erection is not only painful but also bends and deforms, it not only affects normal sexual life, but may also cause impotence.   Hazard 4: Influencing urination    The performance of penile torsion is that the head of the penis deviates from the midline, which will cause men to be unable to stand and urinate normally.   Hazard 5: Difficulty in giving birth    At the end of sexual life, a deformed penis often cannot smoothly ingest semen into the depths of the woman’s vagina, and thus cannot make her pregnant. If you suffer from penile malformations in childhood, failure to treat them will affect their normal development and normal sexual function in the future.  Experts remind: As long as the erection of the penis does not affect sexual intercourse and urination, it is normal penis development. If a man has high demands on himself, he can also receive penile correction surgery. If it affects your life, you must come to the hospital for treatment.  Can penile curvature be treated?   Penile curvature is not too serious and has no effect on sex life, so you can skip treatment. As long as you pay proper attention during sex, don’t move too vigorously to avoid bumping, causing pain or penis breaks.   Warm reminder: The above is the introduction of the article “What are the hazards of penis bending?” I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Penis curvature is a pathological form of the penis. Men generally ignore or even neglect the care and maintenance of “curved penis” which is a common symptom in men in daily life. Therefore, men must pay attention to this problem. [My Clinic] Learn more &gt.&gt. web link

Is the physical examination normal but not pregnant for two years is infertility?

Recently, a patient left a message saying that it is normal to have been married for more than two years without contraception but not pregnant. It is normal for the body to be checked. Is this considered as infertility? Does it need to be treated with IVF or artificial insemination? The physical examination is normal but is not pregnant for two years, is it infertility?      Under normal circumstances, it can be judged as infertility without contraception for more than one year, and the specific reason needs to be known by physical examination. For couples of childbearing age who have not found the cause of infertility after examination, but actually have two years of infertility, they can try to help them with pregnancy through ovulation induction or artificial insemination.  Because the physical examinations of the couples of childbearing age are normal, it is not an indication for IVF, but more suitable for assisting pregnancy through artificial insemination and guidance of intercourse. Of course, during treatment, patients and friends should also pay attention to adjusting their own mentality and condition, because psychological factors are also a factor that prevents couples of childbearing age from getting pregnant.   If you are not pregnant after multiple cycles of treatment through artificial insemination or guided intercourse, then IVF technology is recommended to help you get pregnant.

World Contraception Day | Love, don’t hurt! Those things that have sex after childbirth!

Every September 26th is World Contraception Day. World Contraceptive Day is an international anniversary. It aims to raise young people’s contraceptive awareness, promote young people to make responsible choices about their sexual behavior and reproductive health, increase the rate of safe contraception, and improve the level of reproductive health education. Promote the reproductive and sexual health of young people. &nbsp. After a difficult 10 months of abstinence, mothers must also be eager to get in touch with their husbands. &nbsp.When is the right time to have sex after delivery? &nbsp. In fact, this is related to the way the mothers give birth and their physical recovery. Under normal circumstances, the appropriate intercourse time is 2 months after delivery. The reason for the need to wait for such a period of time is that it takes about 8 weeks for the female reproductive organs to return to normal. The vaginal mucosa that is enlarged during childbirth becomes very thin and vulnerable to injury, and it takes a while to recover. &nbsp.Do you need contraception after giving birth? &nbsp. Some women think it is not contraceptive to have sex after childbirth because they will not get pregnant. If you think so, you are wrong. Although the fertility of postpartum women is lower, it does not mean that they are infertile. Therefore, having sex after childbirth will lead to pregnancy. It is recommended to take contraceptive measures. &nbsp.Postpartum sex life taboo:&nbsp.1, pay attention to the time of postpartum intercourse&nbsp.It is best not to have sex during the confinement period, because during this period, Bao’s mother’s body has not fully recovered. And at this stage of confinement, there will definitely be lochia that is not drained, which can easily cause some inflammation. &nbsp. It is recommended that you have sex after 42 days, and there will be a review after 42 days. If the doctor says that the recovery is good, you can have sex. After all, for the sake of health, I believe that Dad can also understand that confinement is very important. You need contraception in the same room to avoid getting pregnant again. It is easier to get pregnant if you have a menstrual period just after birth. Mommy must pay more attention. &nbsp.2. The time of intercourse should not be too long.&nbsp. When having intercourse for the first time after childbirth, the movements should be as gentle as possible, and the time of intercourse should not be too long, so as not to affect the wife’s rest and consume too much energy, more caressing should be done, otherwise It is easy to hurt the private parts that are recovering, and bring pain and psychological shadow to Bao Ma. Bao Dad should know that the best time for sex is 20-30 minutes each time. Too long intercourse time will cause great harm to Bao Mom’s body that has not recovered well. Dad Bao shouldn’t use too much force, and his movements should be gentle. &nbsp.3. Contraception is needed for sex after childbirth&nbsp. Many new fathers and new mothers, after the baby is born, there is no menstruation, and they think they will not get pregnant, so they can do whatever they want, do whatever they want, and live happily. There is no need to think about contraception when married. In fact, many new mothers fail to take contraceptive measures and become pregnant when they lead a married life after childbirth, which is very harmful to women. Therefore, to live a married life after childbirth, contraception must be considered. Love, no risk! Scientific contraception! Have a healthier, harmonious and free relationship between the sexes! Article: From the Internet

What should be treated if ovulation disorders cause not being pregnant?

As we all know, there are many causes of infertility, and there are many causes of female infertility. Ovulation disorders belong to one of them. What should I do if I can’t get pregnant because of ovulation disorders? Ovulation disorders cause pregnancy. How should I treat it if I don’t go? Let’s take a closer look.    Ovulation disorder, also known as anovulation, is one of the main causes of female infertility. In addition to causing infertility, it can also cause menstrual disorders, amenorrhea, hirsutism, obesity and other symptoms.   In addition, if there is no ovulation for a long time, sex hormone metabolism disorder, endometrial hyperplasia without periodic progesterone resistance, endometrial cancer and breast cancer are prone to occur.   The treatment of ovulation disorders should usually be based on the physical conditions of both spouses. If it is only a simple ovulation disorder that affects conception, then you can try to guide the same room or artificial insemination after ovulation to assist pregnancy.   If you have failed to get pregnant after repeated treatments with guidance or artificial insemination, and the woman has other reproductive diseases that affect conception, you can try IVF technology to help conception.

What causes the weakness of ejaculation

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.Recently, many patients are consulting “What is the problem of weak ejaculation”. Today, Brother Bo will give you a detailed explanation.  What is weak ejaculation?   Weak ejaculation refers to the phenomenon that men’s sexual desire reaches the peak during intercourse, but the ejaculation does not have enough power to eject semen into women’s vagina. From a physiological point of view, the stronger the ejaculation, the stronger the sexual pleasure, on the contrary, the weaker the ejaculation and the sexual pleasure will be inferior, resulting in a decrease in the quality of sexual intercourse, and there are many reasons for the weak ejaculation, let us look at it together. The main reasons for weak ejaculation 1. Excessive sexual intercourse:    Excessive sexual intercourse will cause the central nervous system related to ejaculation to be overloaded, and the ejaculation command cannot be issued well, so the phenomenon of weak ejaculation occurs.    2. Quality of intercourse Poor:   The quality of sexual life is not high, the man lacks strong sexual excitement, or under the action of certain psychological factors, it can also lead to the appearance of ejaculation weakness.   3. Psychological effects:    There are also many people who are clinically caused by psychological effects. Some people have no information about themselves because of what a girl says. In fact, sometimes there is nothing at all.  4. Low semen volume:    Anything that can cause low semen volume can also lead to weak ejaculation, such as excessive ejaculation and prostatitis.   5. Urethral injury:    such as urethral stricture, condyloma acuminata in the urethra, incomplete bladder closure, etc. can also lead to the appearance of male ejaculation weakness.   6 Frequent ejaculation:     When stimulated during sex, they will frequently ejaculate. First of all, consider the male overwork, excessive stress, mental stress and other factors. It is necessary to make adjustments in time, otherwise it is considered to be caused by chronic prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, orchitis, long-term excessive masturbation, etc.  7. Prostatic hyperplasia:&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. When the prostate is found to be affected, it will also affect the ejaculation function, resulting in weak ejaculation.  Experts remind: Men who have symptoms of weak ejaculation in life, it is recommended to go to a regular hospital for examination in time, find out the cause of the disease in time, and treat it accordingly, so as to control the disease and keep oneself away from the disease.   Warm reminder: The above is the introduction of the article “What causes the weak ejaculation”, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. If you have any related questions or other questions, you can consult online or call our hospital’s 24-hour hotline: 028-85004633. &nbsp.[My Clinic] Learn more&gt.&gt.Web link

Couples live too much, does it affect the body? Chinese medicine thinks so

In our lives, many newly married couples are always a little bit unable to control themselves. Does too much action affect the health of the kidney? What is the best number of intercourse? What are the things to pay attention to when acting? Let’s learn about these three issues with everyone. Will doing too much hurt the kidneys? First of all, we have to understand to what extent the body is considered excessive-that is, the next day, the whole person feels very tired, sore back and weak legs. When this happens, it means you are overdoing it. So if this happens, will it cause kidney health damage? From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, it is, because overdoing will cause excessive kidney essence consumption. If this is the case for a long time, it will lead to kidney deficiency, backache and soft knees. Waiting symptom appeared. So how often is it appropriate to have intercourse? This problem varies from person to person. The number of intercourse between young people and old people is definitely different. After a healthy sexual intercourse, I should feel that the whole person is very relaxed and satisfied, and the next day I also feel refreshed, and did not feel excessive fatigue, then this is a healthy sexual experience. You don’t have to go for too many times, what suits you is the best. What are the precautions when having intercourse? 1. The time of intercourse should be appropriate. If the woman is in menstruation, it is absolutely not allowed to act. When women are in menstruation, the cervix is ​​open. At this time, it is very difficult to have intercourse. It is easy to cause the invasion of germs and cause a series of gynecological diseases in women. 2. Sexual intercourse is not recommended for physical overwork. Sexual intercourse is a very physical exercise. If you force yourself when you are tired, you will not only not get the ideal sex effect, but also bring adverse effects to your body. . 3. Both men and women should pay attention to cleaning. Many men think that cleaning the private parts is something women only need to do. In fact, men are equally important. There are also many bacteria in male key organs. If they are not cleaned in time, smegma will be produced, which will cause inflammation in the long run. If you don’t clean it before acting, it is easy to bring these bacteria into women’s body, cause infections, and cause women to suffer from gynecological inflammation. 4. Intercourse is not allowed when drunk because alcohol will affect the quality of male sperm. If conception is successful in this case, it will cause the rate of fetal malformations to rise greatly.

Are the small meat particles not growing up and spreading is condyloma acuminata?

  Many people start to panic when they find some small bumps are growing in their private parts. They search for information everywhere, suspecting that they are infected with dermatological condyloma acuminata. In the early stage of condyloma, most of them are small red papules, which will gradually increase with the development of the disease, forming typical cauliflower, chicken coronal or papillary neoplasms. However, some people have small meat particles or small bumps, which have not changed for a long time. Can these conditions be condyloma acuminata?   Some people may have early pimples with condyloma acuminatum due to their low levels of infection virus and good autoimmunity. However, there is no proliferation after several months of observation, and they are always relatively small. When I went to a regular hospital for a pathological examination, I found that this small lump was indeed condyloma acuminatum. This situation does exist, but it is relatively rare overall. Generally, most patients infected with condyloma acuminatum will have obvious hyperplasia and typical skin lesion symptoms within 1 to 3 months.   Therefore, we cannot judge condyloma acuminatum based on the growth of small bumps or meat particles, and whether it has spread or not. It is forbidden to observe the changes in the same room for a period of time, or go directly to a regular hospital for a dermatological examination to confirm the diagnosis. Don’t have sex before you are diagnosed, avoid cross-infection between your partners, and don’t use drugs privately to avoid adverse consequences. Reprint please indicate: Nanjing Institute of gifted Ka medical wart virus Lixing Chun, otherwise declined to reprint.

After sex, do you know what “sage time” is?

Many women have this kind of doubt: every time he “applauds” with a male vote, he always keeps silent and would rather smoke a cigarette than ignore me. Doesn’t he love me at all? I have to explain this to the misunderstood man It’s not that they don’t love you~ but they have entered the “sage time” that is often heard, and the whole person shows a state of “no desire and no demand”. What is the “sage time” as the saying goes? Like many foreign objects, the sage time is also an “exotic”, in Japanese it is called “wise person タイム/KenjaTime”, professionally called “depression after sex” or “Sexual refractory period.” It generally refers to a period of time after a man has sex. The whole person will become very silent and enter a state similar to a sage. In this state, the male will behave like all four, and even think through the sage time. The problems of high, big, and above, realize the great enlightenment of life. How long will the sage time last? To be honest, there is no way to answer. Because everyone is different, it may be a few minutes or a few days. This is not true, because there are too many factors that can affect it, such as age, frequency of sex, whether the person has any training, etc. . For example, adolescent boys cannot be compared with men who have entered middle age, and actors in small movies cannot be compared with ordinary men. Do only boys have sage time? In fact, after sex, both men and women may have corresponding depression after intercourse. In 2015, a study based on more than 200 young women in Australia showed that nearly 30% of women had experienced depression after intercourse, and nearly 10% of women’s sex lives have been shrouded in the shadow of depression after intercourse. under. However, due to the physiological differences between men and women, men’s refractory period after intercourse will be more obvious and common. How to face the sage time? Many men are prone to extreme behaviors once they enter the sage time, but usually they regret it after their sage time has passed. Therefore, after entering the time of the sage, in addition to not being forced to do it again against the will of the body, it is also important to note that you should not make any decisions during this period of time, such as breaking up, resigning, etc., otherwise this period After time has passed, it’s too late to regret it! Girls can take a break, take a shower, put on a mask, watch two episodes of TV, play some music to soothe their mood, or if they are so tired just now, it’s better to order a takeaway to supplement Energy? It’s a good choice to eat some fruit to supplement vitamin C, or even pick up a mobile phone to play a game of Glory of Kings~

totally unexpected! The most fertile is not on ovulation day!

Normal women usually ovulate only one egg per month, while in normal men, there are as little as 15-20 million sperm in 1ml of semen, and as many as hundreds of millions of sperm. There are still many conditions for sperm and that precious egg to meet and form a new life. It requires “time, place, and harmony”. &nbsp.01When is the most likely to get pregnant when having sex? Since there is such a precious egg every month, is it the easiest to get pregnant when having sex on the day of ovulation? &nbsp.No, listen to what the experts say? &nbsp.When is the most likely to get pregnant when having sex? &nbsp. That’s right! The answer is: intercourse 1-2 days before ovulation, let the sperm wait for the egg! &nbsp.On the day of ovulation: 25%, not the highest. 1 day after ovulation: The conception rate is 0. There is no doubt that the probability of conception is highest 1-2 days before ovulation! In fact, 80% of conceptions are indeed the result of having sex 24 hours before ovulation! &nbsp. Why is this? &nbsp.02The life span of sperm is longer than that of eggs! The reason is that the egg will die about 24 hours after being discharged, and the best fertilization time is within 14-18 hours; the sperm can survive 48-72 hours after being discharged, but the strongest fertilization time is 1-2 days. &nbsp.So if you have sex 1-2 days before ovulation, you can firmly grasp the 24-hour golden period, let the sperm brother sit and wait, and it will be easier to guard the egg sister. If the intercourse is too early, wait three or four days, the little brother sperm has already left with hatred; if the intercourse is too late, before the little brother sperm comes, the little sister ovum has already disappeared. It’s like falling in love. It is always easier for a boy to take the initiative to succeed! &nbsp.&nbsp.03How to monitor ovulation and which method is the most reliable? Hormone levels, follicle size, body temperature, and endometrium are all changing during the female menstrual cycle. Pituitary hormones regulate the growth and ovulation of follicles on the ovaries and the secretion of estrogen and progesterone, and estrogen and progesterone affect the periodic growth of the endometrium and menstrual cramps . These changes can be used to detect ovulation! &nbsp.Easiest: The first 5 days and the last 4 days of the ovulation date are called the ovulation period, and the ovulation period is only a prediction. It is normal that there is a gap between the actual and the prediction. You can’t applaud for love every day! Therefore, this method is not particularly accurate, but simple. &nbsp.If it doesn’t work once, it’s twice. If it doesn’t work twice, it’s many times! &nbsp. Suitable for the crowd: all girls with normal menstruation. The most effective: LH test paper LH is a hormone secreted by the pituitary gland, which rises to the highest level the day before ovulation, ovulates 24 hours after the peak of LH, and drops after ovulation. Therefore, a strong positive in the LH test strip indicates that ovulation is about to come. Okay, those who are preparing for pregnancy should have sex quickly and seize the opportunity. &nbsp. Suitable crowd: everyone (except patients with polycystic ovary syndrome, premature ovarian failure, and HMG ovulation induction, because they have high LH even if they do not ovulate) The most intuitive: cervical mucus observation is the highest level of estrogen before ovulation, this At that time, the amount of leucorrhea is large, the drawing degree can reach 10-12cm, and the waterfall-like leucorrhea can be seen in the cervix in the gynecological examination. If you feel that your secretions are increased, egg white-like, and wire-like, then you will have ovulation in about 24 hours, so the chance of pregnancy in the same room is here again! &nbsp.Suitable for the crowd: all the attentive girls are the most laborious: B-ultrasound monitors that the follicles are in the growth phase before ovulation, from small to large, and gradually develop, still according to the 28-day cycle, the dominant follicle is about 12mm in the menstrual cycle about 10 days, and then It develops at a rate of 2-3mm per day. When it grows to more than 18mm, it is mature and ready to be queued. If the B-ultrasound is detected, he will go home and exercise with two people! Suitable for the crowd: girls who have been infertile for a long time and who have promoted ovulation are slightly tasteless: basal body temperature measurement before ovulation, body temperature is low, body temperature rises after ovulation, lasts until before menstruation, and then drops; this is because the secretion of progesterone increases after ovulation, Stimulate the body temperature center, increase the body temperature by 0.3-0.5℃, increase the body temperature 24 hours after ovulation and maintain it for 12-13 days. If the body temperature drops after 13 days of infertility that month, menstrual cramps; if the high temperature maintains more than 18 days of future menstruation, congratulations, nine out of ten pregnant women! But this is more difficult to grasp, the body temperature has been rising before ovulation, and it is difficult to know which day is 1-2 days before ovulation. &nbsp. This method is generally used to judge

Cheng Yahui said: Having sex during menstruation, beware of immune infertility!

Sexual intercourse during the menstrual period of women will bring a lot of invisible damage. During menstruation, the physiological barrier function of the reproductive tract will be weakened. During this period, the sexual life can easily damage the reproductive tract and cause bacterial infections, induce cervicitis, pelvic inflammation, etc. Gynecological diseases can even cause infertility! High menstrual blood volume and prolonged menstrual period During the same intercourse, because both parties are in a state of excitement, male penis insertion will cause female genital congestion, resulting in increased menstrual volume and prolonged menstrual period. Infected endometrium during menstrual intercourse, male genitals may bring bacteria into the vagina, and menstrual blood is just a good medium for bacteria and other microorganisms, bacteria are easy to breed, along with many tiny wounds and small ruptures in the endometrium The blood vessels spread, infect the endometrium, and even involve the fallopian tubes and pelvic organs, causing unnecessary trouble for the woman. Endometriosis infertility In addition, due to the uterine contraction during the same room impulse, the endometrial fragments can also be squeezed into the pelvic cavity, causing endometriosis, leading to the occurrence of infertility. Sperm antibodies are produced, leading to immune infertility. Sperm encounters overflowing blood cells in the damaged part of the endometrium, and even enters the blood, which can induce the production of anti-sperm antibodies, which leads to immune infertility and infertility. When a woman is in menstruation, due to the damage of the genital tract mucosa, if you have sex at this time, the sperm and its antigens will enter the blood, and the contact between the sperm and immune cells will open the door to facilitate the production of ASAb (anti-sperm antibodies) in the female body. . Once this kind of antibody is produced in a woman’s body, the sperm injected into the body will agglutinate during sex, lose vitality, and become unable to conceive. This situation is called immune infertility. Men should take good care of their women. Some young men feel that when their wives come on an official holiday, it will last for nearly a week. Such a long period of time cannot be tolerated at all. Women usually cannot refuse their husbands’ requests during sex. Men are advised to exercise self-discipline as much as possible during women’s menstruation. Because having sex during menstruation will not only cause gynecological diseases, but also immune infertility, which will affect your family life in the future, so don’t be greedy for a short time and cause lifelong regrets! In addition, women lose a lot of blood during menstruation and their physique is relatively weak. It is difficult to achieve mutual happiness. They can only barely cooperate, and they will also bring a lot of discomfort to the body afterwards. Reminder: Be careful of immune infertility when you have sex during menstruation! For the health and fertility of both parties, intercourse during menstrual periods should be prohibited under any circumstances!

Will men in the female incubation period infect condyloma acuminata?

   When the susceptible area of ​​the human body is invaded by the HPV virus, it will not show lesions immediately, and most will experience an incubation period of 2 weeks to 8 months, with an average of 3 months. During the incubation period, there are no visible warts, and some patients may go to the hospital for review after a while, but there is no virus infection. This situation does exist, because the infection virus content is low, and the self-immunity is relatively strong, and it clears itself. So, after a woman is infected with the HPV virus, will it be contagious when she shares a condom with a man during the incubation period?   The incubation period refers to the period from the time of infection to the appearance of skin lesions. Although there is no clinical manifestation during the incubation period, HPV virus infection is contagious. At this time, it is necessary to strictly prohibit the same room, otherwise it is easy to cross-infect and spread to the partner. Even if you wear a condom, there is still a chance of infection. For example, the quality of condoms is not good, the skin and mucous membranes that are not covered during the intercourse slip or break, or are not covered.   To sum up, even if the infection is in the incubation period, it is not allowed to have sex. Wearing a condom is also not allowed, otherwise there is a chance of infection. In order to ensure the health of your partner, it is recommended to bring your partner to the hospital for examination as soon as possible to avoid missed diagnosis. During the treatment, please follow the doctor’s advice, pay attention to your diet, rest and care of the affected area, and strive for a speedy recovery. Reprint please indicate: Nanjing Institute of gifted Ka medical wart virus Lixing Chun, otherwise declined to reprint.

22-year-old girl lying down to make money, picking up 7 or 8 customers a day, what gynecological diseases will she get?

“Teacher Guo, let me tell you something. I found out that the girl who rented my house turned out to do that. At first I asked her and she didn’t admit it. Then I told her that if she didn’t admit it, I would not The renter was given to her, but she said yes.” Aunt Meng told me quietly one day. “Wow, why are you so good, you can even see what other people do?” “I found that she doesn’t go out of the house every day, and she still uses a lot of water. When she enters her room, the floor is covered with paper. And she also bought a lot of large bags of tissues online, which were delivered by express delivery. Condoms were bought in several large boxes and several large boxes.” “Haha, you can see the occupation by looking at the paper and water bills, so experienced. , Admire! Is she beautiful?” My curiosity ignited my gossip desire. “It’s beautiful, it’s really beautiful. I also watched the surveillance. Every day there are men coming in and out of her room, 7 or 8 in a day. Do you say that if you do so much, will you get sick?” Yes. Hey, I’m only 22 years old and still so beautiful. It’s a shame to do this! But I guess it’s not beautiful and business won’t be so good, right? Hahahaha~” In the concept of traditional Chinese medicine, the human body is considered healthy. Closely related to sex life. “Things in the house can give birth to people, and can kill people. For example, fire and water, those who know how to use it, can maintain health; those who cannot use it can stand up to the dead.” In daily life, different people will also have sex. There are different worries. Some people worry that too little sex will affect their ovarian function and make women more likely to age; while some people worry that too much sex will lead to gynecological diseases and even refuse to have sex with their husbands. As the saying goes, “the full man does not know that the hungry man is hungry”, “the death of drought due to drought, and the death of flood due to waterlogging”. Hahahaha~ If you have more sex, what diseases will you get? &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.vaginitis: Guo The teacher once said that women’s vaginas are weakly acidic, with a pH of about 3.8-4.4, while men’s semen is weakly alkaline, mostly around 7.2-7.8. If you have sex without contraceptive measures, the semen It will destroy the PH value in the female vagina, easily cause flora imbalance and cause vaginitis. Seeing this, some friends may say: “Who would not wear condoms when looking for a woman with a special career? Isn’t that looking for death?” In fact, the same is true when wearing condoms. Teacher Guo once said The content of the condom, what is the difference between a 100-dollar “sleeve” and a 1 dollar “sleeve”? Lubricants are used on the condoms, which will also destroy the PH value and bacteria in the female vagina Group, frequent sex can easily cause vaginal inflammation. Under normal circumstances, these external factors affect the pH value and flora in the vagina, our body will self-regulate, and it will return to normal in a few hours. However, if the sex life is too frequent and the self-regulation is not good, it is repeatedly damaged again, which can easily cause vaginal inflammation. Vulvitis: Many people may think that sex is a very happy thing. It’s a great job to be able to enjoy and make money like this. In fact, this is just like what some people say, when you take your interest as your work, it will not let you do your work better, it will only make you lose an interest. Just like sausages no matter how delicious they are, if you keep stuffing sausages for you every day, one day you will feel sick when you see them. Too frequent sex, especially in this situation for the purpose of making money, it is difficult for women to produce sufficient secretions. When the genitals are dry, repeated friction will cause small damage to the vulva. This situation not only causes pain, but also causes bacterial colonization and inflammation of the vulva. Especially in the case of vaginitis, repeated intercourse will cause vulvar discomfort. Lower abdomen pain: During sex, women’s pelvic congestion can cause backache, lower abdomen pain and other discomforts. This is why some women always feel uncomfortable in their stomachs after having sex. But this kind of pelvic congestion, after rest

When “Viagra” meets the psychological “Sheep’s Tail”, the magic medicine is sometimes not so magical!

In clinical practice, it is often seen that some patients cannot get an erection just because of psychological problems. Normally, as long as they are given a certain amount of psychological counseling and combined with “Viagra” drugs, most men will regain their confidence and have sex successfully. However, there are a small number of people, because of one problem or another, that is, after taking the maximum dose of the drug, they still feel helpless. so, what happened? After analysis, there are 5 common possible causes: 1. Stigma is too severe. Many people have a strong sense of shame and intentionally or unintentionally conceal key content when visiting a doctor, sometimes misleading doctors to make wrong judgments. 2. Operation anxiety. This situation is the most reluctant issue for most people to tell a third party, including doctors, but which is most closely related to the condition. 3. The will is not strong. Many people lack confidence in their own situation and are always nervous and fearful at critical moments, so it’s most common to cringe or even retreat. 4. Suspected drug effect. Affected by some bad information, some people always think that western medicine has side effects, eating too much will hurt the body, and there is dependence, so the details of taking it cannot be fully followed by the doctor. 5. Fear of bad performance. Some patients, even after taking “Viagra”, can have normal erections, but they are afraid that their performance in bed will disappoint the other person, and they will not be able to have intercourse successfully if they have too many doubts. So, what should be done to improve the problem when psychological “sheep’s tail” appears? 1. Strive for the support and cooperation of your partner. Although the partners are the “victims” of men when they have “sheep tail”, their active cooperation during the treatment process will greatly help eliminate the psychological shadow in a short time. 2. Training according to intensive training therapy. For details, please refer to the article on December 28, 2019 http://https://https://weibo.com/ttarticle/p/show?id=2310474454502525698293. It should be noted that in the process, do not be impatient, do not rush to ask to make!

How to determine the cure of genital warts

   There are many clinical treatment methods for condyloma acuminata, and the general recurrence rate is high. The main reason is that there is no root removal. A large amount of HPV virus remains in the spinous layer and basal layer of epidermal cells. It is easy to cause repeated attacks, which can not be cured for a long time. So, how can we be sure that this disease is cured?   At present, the clinically more unified view is that after six months of treatment, the warts no longer appear, and it can be judged that the condyloma acuminatum has been cured clinically. However, our hospital uses continuous observation for one year without recurrence as the cure standard. The reason for observing for a full year is because the incubation period of HPV virus that causes genital warts is 2 weeks to 8 months, an average of 3 months. In other words, the incubation period is longer than half a year. Therefore, it is safer to observe for a full year.  Some patients may have just removed the wart body, and have not relapsed for 1 to 2 months, mistakenly thought that they were cured, and began to return to intercourse behavior. As a result, the infection was transmitted to the partner and caused more pain. During the period of diagnosis and treatment, it is necessary to prohibit intercourse. If there is no recurrence after observation for more than 3 months after treatment, you can wear a condom, but you need to be restrained and not frequent. At the same time, continue to observe until one year to be considered cured. Reprint please indicate: Nanjing Institute of gifted Ka medical wart virus Lixing Chun, otherwise declined to reprint.

Why does adenomyosis hurt during the monthly ovulation period? It is caused by these 2 reasons!

Patient asks: I am a patient with adenomyosis, and my menstrual period is very painful, but I also have pain during the ovulation period every month, and the pain is quite severe. I dare not have sex with one another, and it hurts even more. How can I get pregnant in this situation? &nbsp. There are two reasons for pain during ovulation: First, pain can also occur during ovulation in normal women. Because during the ovulation period, the ovary needs to break a small opening and the egg has to come out. When a blood vessel is encountered around the broken opening, the blood vessel will be broken. After the broken opening, there will be a little blood, but it is not much, it may be a few. Milliliters, the blood will flow out into the pelvic cavity, and some people will experience discomfort and pain during ovulation. Second, elevated estrogen causes edema of the lesion. There are patients with adenomyosis, besides the first reason, the pain during her ovulation period is related to adenomyosis. The estrogen in a woman during ovulation period will be significantly increased. The high is very high, then this estrogen is Stimulating the focus of adenomyosis will make the focus edema and the patient will feel pain. But generally the pain of this ovulation period is tolerable. There are not many people who experience severe pain during ovulation. &nbsp.How to get pregnant if the ovulation period is so painful that you cannot have sex? First, avoid the most painful day and have intercourse before and after the most painful day. If the patient’s menstruation is regular and can accurately grasp the ovulation period, she can have sex the night before the ovulation period is more painful, one day in advance, under normal circumstances, in our human body, male sperm can survive For 48 hours, that is, 2 days, a woman’s eggs can survive for 24 hours, so if you have sex the day before ovulation, the sperm is still alive and there is still the possibility of pregnancy. A patient asked, how do I know what time was the previous day? Generally, patients will have a premonition of pain during ovulation. It is a gradually worsening pain, and some will suddenly become severe. If you feel less painful, you can have sex. In addition, depending on the length of the pain during ovulation, some people will experience severe pain on the day of ovulation, and it will ease afterwards. What should I do? You can have the same sex one day before ovulation, and have a different room on the day of severe pain, and have the same sex the day after. At this time there is still the possibility of pregnancy. This is a way to avoid the most painful day and have intercourse before and after the most painful day. &nbsp.Second, you can do artificial insemination. After the man took the sperm, the doctor injected the sperm into the woman’s vagina with a syringe. This method is very simple. It is not the same as test tube baby, it has two concepts. This artificial insemination does not require sex. You can go home after lying down for two hours in the hospital. If you really can’t stand the pain, you can use this method. The key to this method is to find the ovulation period. &nbsp.&nbsp.

The harm of genital warts to women

   Condyloma acuminata is a kind of skin and venereal disease that is more harmful and highly contagious. It is more serious for both men and women, and it is also more harmful to the human body. So, what are the main harms to women? Let’s get to know it together today.  1. Affect the life of the couple.    One partner who has condyloma acuminata must receive treatment. In order to avoid cross-infection, it is forbidden to have sex. If the illness is caused by the misbehavior of one party, the illness will inevitably cause the other party to suspicion and quarrel, leading to conflicts in the married life. Of course, the disease is not necessarily sexually transmitted, it may be indirectly infected.  2, ulceration, rupture and bleeding    The wart body of condyloma acuminatum is moist and soft, with keratinized edges, and easy to bleed when touched. If improper care or bleeding, ulceration, rupture, bleeding, etc., these are one of the pains that the infected person will bear.  3. Cancer may occur.    Because the disease has a high recurrence rate and strong concealment, if the treatment is not properly treated, it can not be cured for a long time, or if the treatment is delayed, there is the possibility of malignant lesions and cancer. Therefore, you must seek medical attention as soon as possible after the diagnosis. Warm reminder: After a woman is ill, she should have her partner go to the hospital for examination, because the disease has an incubation period, and it is also contagious during the incubation period. If a partner who has a normal roommate is very easy to infect each other, so go to the hospital together to avoid Missed diagnosis. Reprint please indicate: Nanjing Institute of gifted Ka medical wart virus Lixing Chun, otherwise declined to reprint.

Irregular flow of people is most likely to lead to habitual abortion

 Abortion is a remedy after unwanted pregnancy, but it must not be used as a method of contraception. Because the harm of artificial abortion is great.   Painless abortion is easy to cause habitual abortion. Each miscarriage mostly occurs in the same pregnancy month, and its passing is the same as that of a general miscarriage. The causes of initial miscarriage are often corpus luteum function deficiency, hypothyroidism, and embryonic chromosomal abnormalities. The most common causes of late miscarriage are cervix laxity, uterine malformations, and uterine fibroids. After pregnancy, patients with lax internal cervix often in the second trimester, the fetus grows up, amniotic fluid increases, gravity is added to the uterine cavity, the fetal sac protrudes toward the internal cervix, and the cervix gradually shrinks and expands.   Most patients have no symptoms, premature rupture of membranes, and the fetus can be discharged with it. If the bleeding time is too long and there is tissue remaining in the uterine cavity, it may cause intrauterine infection. In severe cases, the infection can spread to the pelvis, abdominal cavity and even the whole body, complicated by pelvic inflammatory disease, peritonitis, sepsis and septic shock, etc., called abortion infection .   Clinically, three or more spontaneous abortions are called habitual abortions. Habitual abortion is very harmful to the body. In life, we must pay attention to the prevention of habitual abortion. How to prevent habitual abortion? The prevention methods are as follows:   1. Regular life: You should keep at least 8 hours of sleep a day or more, and develop the habit of regular bowel movements every day to ensure smooth bowel movements.  2. Pay attention to personal hygiene: Change clothes and bath frequently. Especially pay attention to menstrual hygiene to avoid any infection.   3. Choose the right diet: Food should be easy to digest. In particular, choose foods rich in various vitamins and traces of helplessness, and be cautious in taking cold-flavored foods.  4. Keep a happy mood:&nbsp. Be sure to keep a happy mood and avoid all kinds of stimulation. Use a variety of methods to eliminate tension, boredom, and fear in order to reconcile emotions.  5. Be cautious about sexual intercourse: Within three months of pregnancy, sexual intercourse should be avoided after seven months of pregnancy, and intercourse should be strictly prohibited during this period for habitual abortions.  6. ​​Regular prenatal check-ups: Regular prenatal check-ups should be started in the second trimester of pregnancy, so that doctors can find and deal with abnormal conditions in time, and can guide health care during pregnancy.

Men who have pain during sex should be careful of these diseases

   Sexual intercourse pain seldom associate these four words with men, but in real life there are cases of male intercourse pain. Even some men are very repulsive when they hear about sex, and only after seeing the doctor in the hospital that they are the culprits. Let’s take a look at the specific reasons with Xiaobo. Common causes of male pain during intercourse:    1. Inflammation: Clinically, some patients with pain during sexual intercourse are caused by inflammation, such as balanitis, epididymitis, urethritis and other diseases. At this time, men need to observe whether the glans has increased secretions. A big red situation.  2, partner secretions: male sexual intercourse pain and female secretions also affect, such as the woman’s excessive vaginal discharge, vaginal trichomoniasis, etc., which lead to irritation of the skin of the male penis and cause pain during sexual intercourse.  3. Phimosis and foreskin is too long: Clinically, many men have phimosis and foreskin that are too long and do not clean it every day, which causes dirt to stimulate the glans and inflammation of the penis and pain. At the same time, the foreskin mouth is narrow and the penis cannot be exposed and pain during sexual intercourse.  4. Prostate disease: Men who have prostate disease can also cause pain during sexual intercourse, because the seminal vesicles are similar to the prostate, which affects the seminal vesicles during ejaculation and makes prostate pain worse.  5. Genitourinary infection: Male sexual intercourse pain is mainly related to infection and inflammation of the genital tract, such as prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, etc. Stone obstruction and congenital obstruction of the ejaculatory duct can also cause ejaculation pain.  6. ​​Reasons for contraception: male sexual intercourse pain is also inseparable from some external causes, such as contraceptive factors, which cause the skin of the penis to be allergic to condom gums or allergies, resulting in penile allergic dermatitis, and friction during sexual intercourse will cause pain. &nbsp.&nbsp.Experts remind: sex is a lubricant for men and women to adjust their life feelings, but the occurrence of intercourse pain can lead to dissatisfaction with their sexual life and affect the relationship between husband and wife. Therefore, if there is pain in sexual life for a long time, you should go to a regular hospital for examination in time. Because there are many causes of dyspareunia, a clear diagnosis must be made before standard treatment can be carried out for specific reasons.   Warm reminder: The above is the introduction of the article “Men have pain during sex, be careful of these diseases”, I hope it will help you. If you have male urinary related issues, you can consult online or call our hospital’s 24-hour hotline: 028-85004633. [My Clinic] Learn more &gt.&gt. web link

[Healthy Genders] These 6 situations are not suitable for married couples, and must be collected!

Sex is an eternal topic. Milan Kundera wrote in “The Unbearable Lightness of Life” that in the love poems of the past, women always desire to bear the weight of a man’s body. This view may not be entirely correct, but at least for people who are happy with each other, there is nothing wrong with it. Sex is a booster for feelings. A more complete and high-quality sex experience can heat up feelings and make them warmer. Under what circumstances are they unsuitable for the contract room? 1. Overworked people have high physical fitness requirements and are satisfied with the same room. The energy consumed for sex life is approximately equivalent to the sum of 3000m long-distance running plus 800m sprint. Once the human body is overworked, many men will show powerlessness, and they will directly strike. Or they can barely complete, ejaculation will occur too quickly. This is because the body has a set of self-protection mechanisms activated. This protection mechanism is protective inhibition, that is, the body’s health is affected, and certain physiological functions will be temporarily inhibited, such as erectile difficulties or premature ejaculation. 2. Colds are a common problem in daily life, and it is not recommended to have sex with colds. First of all, it may increase the risk of a cold with sexual partners. If a cold is accompanied by a fever, it is high metabolism, which has a great impact on physical fitness. If a cold is accompanied by a headache, people with high blood pressure are not recommended to have intercourse. Intercourse will increase the excitement of the body. The continuous “work” on the upper stage will inevitably further increase the pressure of the blood vessels, and the possibility of “blood vessel” may appear. In this state, the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular is increased. If the two loves last for a long time, how can they be happy for a while, the long flowing water is the kingly way. 3. Drunkenness The latter is quite popular in China’s wine culture. The influence of drinking on sexual function is related to the desires, occasions and alcohol intake of the drinkers. Alcoholic people often use “alcohol” to add to their excitement. As everyone knows, the effect of alcohol on the nervous system is to excite first and then inhibit. If you drink a small amount of alcohol, you may become “sexually vigorous.” If things go on like this, psychological alcohol dependence will appear. Excessive drinking, alcohol can inhibit the central nervous system, interfere with the nerve reflex pathways stimulated by sexual impulses, and inhibit male penile erection. Shakespeare described this situation as “alcohol can arouse people’s desires, but often also make actions go to nothing.” Men who drink excessively often only release their original desires during sex, so that they ignore the feelings of their sexual partners during sex, and even cause harm to women (without contraception, the woman is pregnant or infected), and ultimately affects the quality of sex . 4. The soreness of the waist and knees is the same sign as the weakness of the waist and knees, which is a common language in Chinese ridicule. Kidney deficiency is often manifested as soreness of the waist and knees, but the soreness of the waist and knees does not necessarily mean kidney deficiency. If symptoms such as backache, weakness of the lower limbs, and inattention are present, it indicates that there is an abnormality in the body, and it is necessary to go to the hospital for treatment in time. Intercourse is a taboo. 5. Reproductive system infections are common male diseases, including urethritis, especially acute urethritis. Acute urethritis is manifested as red and swollen urethra, itching, painful urination, frequent urination, and urgency. Having sex at this time is very easy to increase the risk of cross infection. We recommend that men try not to have sex after experiencing urethral discomfort or unprotected unclean sex, and go to a regular hospital for treatment in time to avoid aggravation of the disease and even potential cross-infection. 6. People who are full or hungry say that they think about lust after drinking and eating. After being full, a large amount of blood flows into the digestive system such as the stomach and intestines to ensure the normal work of the digestive system. If you have sex at this time, the blood in the digestive system will flow to the pelvis to ensure the need for sex, and the lack of blood supply in the digestive system will cause the weakening of gastrointestinal function. At the same time, because the same room requires the participation of the whole body, it will affect the secretion function of the digestive system to a certain extent, and affect the digestion and absorption of food. It is recommended to have the same room one hour after meals. For those who are too hungry, it is also not recommended to have intercourse. Cooperative energy consumes a lot of energy, and intercourse with hypoglycemia tends to be erect but not firm, sexual desire decreases, and overall intercourse quality decreases.

How long is genital warts not contagious?

   Condyloma acuminata is a kind of sexually transmitted disease that is harmful and easily contagious. Clinically, it is usually the case that the couple suffers from the disease at the same time. Because the disease is mainly spread through intercourse behavior, especially between partners who have normal husband and wife lives, they are particularly prone to cross infection, causing both parties to get sick. So, how long does it take for people with genital warts to be treated before they are not infectious?   Strictly speaking, condyloma acuminatum has been treated correctly, and after the wart has been removed, it has been observed for more than one year without recurrence, which is the standard for cure. If it has been cured, it is no longer contagious. The reason for observing for one year is that the incubation period of human papillomavirus (HPV) that causes genital warts is as short as 2 weeks, as long as eight months, or even one year. Therefore, it is more appropriate to observe for a year without recurrence to determine the cure.   Usually during the treatment of condyloma acuminatum, it is required to prohibit intercourse to avoid mutual infection. At the same time, pay attention to the separate use of patients’ personal daily necessities to prevent personal items from being contaminated with HPV virus, and then being used by family members, leading to indirect contact infection. In addition, the minimum time limit for couples’ lives is 3 months. In other words, if you continue to observe for more than 3 months without recurrence after treatment, you can wear a condom in the same room sparingly. Of course, this time is not absolutely safe, and it is safer to continue abstinence.