These 3 things are very exhausting for girls, especially the second one, which many people don’t know, and still clenched their teeth.

Women are like flowers, and how beautiful the flowers are, so beautiful women are. Friends who have experience in growing flowers know that if the flowers lose their nutrients, even if they can barely bloom, the flowers that bloom will be relatively small, and the color will be dim. When it was in full bloom, it withered and withered in advance. The same is true for women. If a woman lacks energy and blood, it is like a flower lacking nutrients. The skin is rough and yellow, and the hair is yellow and it is easy to lose hair, and the whole person looks obviously older than the same age. It looks ruddy and shiny, as beautiful as a blooming flower. This is why little girls in their 10s may have different looks when they are together, but there is no difference in age. If a group of women in their 40s, the difference in age will be more obvious. The cause of qi and blood is that qi and blood are very important to women. Insufficient qi and blood, then women are also likely to get old early. There are three things that hurt girls the most in daily life, especially the second one. Many people clenched their teeth. 1. Staying up often. It seems that staying up late has become a “pronoun” for young people. It seems that if you don’t stay up late, you are not like a young man. Some people may be busy at work and need to stay up late to work overtime, but most people may be Staying up late because of playing mobile phones, watching TV series or playing games. Sleep is a time for our body to repair itself. A good night’s sleep is very helpful to relieve the fatigue of the day. If we deprive our body of rest time for a long time and stay up late for a long time, it is easy to damage our blood. 2. Excessive exercise girls hate people saying that they are fat, so they think about various ways to keep in shape every day. Exercise is a good way to keep in shape, but excessive exercise is also a very consuming matter. I saw some people shouting: “I would rather be skinned than flesh”. This is completely consuming one’s own energy and blood, and at the same time, they have not been replenished in time. Exercise should be moderate, and gradually increase the amount of exercise according to your physical condition. Exercise can keep the body in shape without harming the body. 3. Unhealthy diet Now the conditions are better and you can buy everything you want to eat, so the current eating habits are either unbalanced, excessive, or blindly dieting to lose weight, which directly leads to malnutrition, and people nowadays I also prefer to eat some raw, cold and greasy foods. This adds to the burden on our bodies. If we go on for a long time, we will naturally lose blood. Qi and blood will indeed gradually decrease with age. This is the natural law of the human body. Although this is irreversible, it can also be delayed, especially the three things mentioned above. You need to review whether you have done this before. If so, stop quickly. So how to treat the lack of Qi and blood? If we can say that as long as we don’t stay up late, exercise scientifically, and eat healthy, we can keep our qi and blood from being wasted in vain, then what other methods can help us regulate qi and blood? The term “qi and blood” comes from Chinese medicine, so Chinese medicine is quite experienced in regulating the deficiency of qi and blood. Food therapy is one of the methods that Chinese medicine uses to replenish qi and blood to the human body through external conditions. Make a small stove on the body. Everyone should know about longan, wolfberry and red dates. They are often used to nourish qi and blood, especially girls with cold palace and irregular menstruation. They usually soak a cup of wolfberry and red jujube brown sugar water. These are all caused by insufficient qi and blood. Yes, and if paired with lily, jujube seed, lotus seed, tuckahoe, mulberry, etc., it can nourish the energy and calm the nerves, replenish qi and nourish blood, especially for those who often stay up late and have insomnia. In fact, replenishing qi and blood is not a difficult task. In addition to not doing things that consume qi and blood, some food supplements are used to help regulate qi and blood. It is difficult to make it ugly. (Some of the pictures in the article originate from the network and the copyright belongs to the original author. I would like to express my gratitude to the author of the picture. If you find any infringement of your copyright, please contact me and I will delete it.)

Long-term insufficient blood supply to the brain is the chief culprit in causing Alzheimer’s disease!

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Since Dr. Alzheimer first reported a 51-year-old female case in the early 20th century (1906), Alzheimer’s disease (Alzheimerdisease, AD) has been recorded in the medical history for more than 100 years . This is a global disease. On average, one patient with Alzheimer’s disease develops every 3 seconds! In 2018, about 50 million people worldwide suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. It is estimated that by 2050, this number will increase to 152 million, which is three times the current number. In simple terms, Alzheimer’s disease is a chronic degenerative disease of the nervous system, that is, the parts in the brain, the machine, are damaged and cannot function properly. However, due to the slurred professional name, people often use the term “Alzheimer’s Disease”. However, this obviously discriminatory statement has brought a lot of psychological pressure to patients and their families, and many families deliberately avoid it. This not only delays the opportunity for medical treatment, but also affects long-term daily care. Why are the parts inside the brain machine damaged? The reason is that the body cannot support it, causing the brain cells to gradually die. Although the human brain weighs only 2% of body weight, it consumes 23% of the body’s oxygen and nutrients. As people get older, blood vessels (especially capillaries) become more and more clogged, and the blood supply to the brain becomes less and less. The older a person is, the worse his memory, and even Alzheimer’s disease, is because the brain cells die and the memory disappears. This is the same truth. According to a survey and statistics, most patients with “cerebral infarction” and “Alzheimer’s disease (AD)” have a history of cerebral atherosclerosis leading to insufficient blood supply to the brain. Long-term insufficient blood supply to the brain will directly cause large-scale atrophy of gray matter in the brain, which in turn will cause Alzheimer’s disease (AD). You know, our forebrain, that is, the part of the cerebral cortex behind the front of the forehead, has a total of 22 billion nerve cells. They can’t regenerate, and if they die, there will be one less. Moreover, there are many classifications of human brain nerve cells, and the functions they are responsible for are also different: some are responsible for movement, some are responsible for taste, some are responsible for light perception, some are responsible for vision, some are responsible for memory, and some are responsible for summary analysis… So, After a stroke or a brain bruise, even if the patient survives by chance, there are various sequelae: either hemiplegia, or aphasia, or blindness, unable to take care of themselves… either death or disability! In short, “the one who gets blood will live, the one who loses blood will die”! However, what can we do to find out that our brain is not supplied with enough blood? It is very simple. For example, if you haven’t been doing tiring work or labor recently, but you still want to sleep, feel groggy and lethargic all day long, you need to be alert that may be a sign of insufficient blood supply to the brain; because insufficient blood supply to the brain will cause blood to be abnormal The delivery of nutrients will cause the human body to have these symptoms. In addition, some people will experience short-term loss of consciousness or mental decline, or even loss of normal judgment, or show insomnia and dreaminess, and will also undergo major changes in their personality, such as withdrawn, less speech, or The expression is indifferent, and if the treatment is not timely, there may be problems such as loss of consciousness and mental decline, which are all related to insufficient blood supply to the brain. Therefore, when you find yourself or your relatives and friends with the above symptoms, you must be vigilant. Such as timely intervention and treatment, the insufficiency of brain blood supply can be effectively controlled and reversed, but if ignored, it will become an “invisible killer” that affects the life and even health of middle-aged and elderly people. So, how to prevent Alzheimer’s disease? First, get a good night’s sleep and make sure you sleep at least 7 hours a night. When you sleep, turn off all light sources in your room. This is because the proper level of melatonin can help prevent the formation of age plaques that cause dementia throughout your life. Melatonin is only secreted at night, so try to go to bed at the same time every night. Second, smoking and drinking, smoking and drinking can directly damage the brain, and at the same time can induce arteriosclerosis, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as coronary heart disease and stroke, and then induce vascular dementia. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Third, the diet should be comprehensive and balanced 1. Pay attention to the reasonable mix of staple and non-staple foods, meat and vegetables, coarse and fine grains. Pay attention to low-sugar, low-fat, and low-salt diet, and take less

A woman who declines before she gets old, the reason is deciphered:

A woman who is not old and declining, the reason is deciphered: every woman wants to be young and beautiful forever. However, some things often go against one’s wishes. The more anxious you are about why you wrinkle your face when you are in your 30s, you will be out of breath after doing some work, and your menstrual irregularities often make women with insomnia and forgetful aging faster. What is this? The reason? To understand the reason, you must first understand a mysterious substance that makes women plump, sexy and beautiful-estrogen secreted by the ovaries. Estrogen is a kind of miraculous substance that promotes the maturation of female sexual organs and obvious secondary sexual characteristics, and maintains normal sexual desire and reproductive function. Insufficient female estrogen can cause breast shrinkage and sagging; accelerate the loss of calcium in the bones, leading to osteoporosis and easy fracture. In adolescence, women have plump and shiny skin, fat-cured skin and hair are all due to estrogen. Especially young women, thanks to the effect of estrogen, this period is the most sexy and charming. If the female estrogen secretion is insufficient, the skin will obviously lack elasticity and luster, become dry, wrinkled, prone to itching, various pigmentation, and even spots and chloasma will appear, and the hair will become dry and split. So how should women maintain the miraculous substance estrogen secreted by the ovaries? 1. Keep a cheerful mood: Studies have shown that bad emotions can reduce the secretion of immune active substances in the body. Strong mood swings or sudden huge mental stimulation can change the central nervous system, cause menstrual disorders, and then cause a decline in ovarian function, resulting in a sudden decrease in estrogen secretion, and your beautiful woman will suddenly “get old overnight.” 2. Bad habits must be changed: middle-aged women will also cause endocrine disorders due to frequent smoking and drinking and other bad habits. The estrogen disorder will reduce the secretion and make you grow old quickly. Because of toxins such as nicotine in cigarettes and alcohol in alcohol, the accumulation of too much over time will damage the function of human liver and kidney, liver accumulates blood, regulates drainage, malignant depression, kidney regulates reproduction, and decline in liver and kidney function will inevitably lead to women’s menstruation Disorders, endocrine disorders, insufficient estrogen secretion and premature aging. 3. Can’t stay up late: There are more and more female white-collar workers who suffer from insufficient estrogen secretion in premature ovarian failure due to long-term work pressure. Many women mistakenly believe that eight hours of sleep a day is enough. However, after staying up late, even if you sleep for 8 hours during the day, it will affect your body. Staying up all night for a short period of time will cause the disorder of female hormone secretion, which will cause irregular menstruation, decreased immunity, and cause various gynecological inflammations. Staying up late for a long time will cause irreversible insufficient secretion of estrogen, premature aging and even infertility. 4. Avoid taking contraceptives as much as possible: it is inevitable that young couples and couples cannot control it. Many women often take emergency contraceptives because they are worried about accidents. In fact, this has serious side effects, which are premature ovarian failure and sudden estrogen secretion. Reduce your loose and old skin early. 5. Don’t blindly lose weight too much: Many women perform excessive weight loss for the sake of figure, resulting in a sharp decrease in body fat. When the fat ratio is too low, it will affect the level of estrogen in the body, because the main raw material for synthetic estrogen is fat, body fat Insufficiency leads to insufficient estrogen. Decreased estrogen will cause menstrual disorders and even amenorrhea. Abnormal amenorrhea will inhibit the ovulation function of the ovary, which will easily cause the decline of ovarian function, insufficient estrogen secretion, premature aging, and even infertility. Women in their 30s have premature aging due to insufficient estrogen secretion. What should they eat more in diet? Modern medical research has shown that estrogen can be supplemented through food. The main ingredients are fresh royal jelly, flaxseed, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, onions, wine, peanut butter and other foods. They contain a certain amount of estrogen. It is recommended that middle-aged women who love beauty can live Eat more to prevent premature aging. Eat more soybeans and soy products appropriately. They contain a lot of phytoestrogens, which also play an important role in the treatment and prevention of breast cancer. The key is that soybeans can change the secretion of hormones in the body. Appropriate eating more vitamin D is also related to estrogen secretion. Vitamin D mainly comes from diet, such as milk and fish. For women, if they consume 1 cup of milk and 500 grams of fish a day for a long time, they can regulate the balance of estrogen. Appropriately eating foods rich in selenium and zinc also has a special effect on balancing estrogen. Selenium-containing vegetables include shepherd’s purse, garlic, shiitake mushrooms, tomatoes, pumpkins, etc.; zinc-containing foods include oysters, mackerel, eels, kelp, and beans

How do patients with kidney disease spend the summer safely

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Experts from the Polycystic Kidney Research Center believe that after the summer solstice each year, the solar term will gradually enter the small summer and the large summer, until the beginning of autumn for a period of time, this is the middle of the year The most sweltering and difficult period of time, this is the long summer period that Chinese medicine refers to, which is often referred to as the dog days. At this time, the weather is sultry and hot, with high humidity, rain and high temperature. If the kidney essence is deficient and the body’s yin essence is insufficient, the excessively raised yang qi is easy to feel fiery evil; while the kidney qi is insufficient, the kidney’s own water function is reduced; the life gate is not enough to warm the spleen soil , Resulting in the decline of the function of water and wet transportation, it is easy to feel wet evil. In the Changxia period, heat and dampness were superimposed, and when they attacked people together, it became a cold. As the patients with polycystic kidney disease and renal cysts are mostly based on kidney deficiency, the deficiency of kidney essence not only causes insufficient yin essence of the five internal organs, but also causes insufficient yang qi of the kidneys, which is prone to the occurrence of Shushi cold. Of course, this is not only true for patients with polycystic kidney disease and renal cysts, but also for normal people with insufficient kidney essence. The main symptoms are: body heat, slight nausea, less sweating, heavy or painful limbs, dizziness, swelling and pain, cough and sticky sputum, runny nose, upset and thirsty, or sticky mouth, not too thirsty to drink , Chest tightness, swelling, nausea, abdominal distension, stool or loose stool, short red urine, thin yellow and greasy tongue coating, pulse number. This situation can be seen in all stages of polycystic kidney disease. For this type, the method of clearing heat and dispelling dampness should be used as the method, and the new addition and subtraction of fragrant scallion drink is often used. It is generally formulated with honeysuckle, forsythia, fresh lotus leaf, fresh reed root, Elsholtzia, Magnolia officinalis, lentil and other medicines. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.Similarly, after the occurrence of a Shushi cold, the symptoms may not be fully prepared with all the above symptoms, nor can it be said that the colds that occur in patients with polycystic kidney and renal cysts in the dog days must be Of course, there are other types of Shushi cold, but Shushi cold is really only common in dog days, and it is really rare in other seasons. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. After nearly 30 years of unremitting efforts, the Chinese herbal medicine composition for the treatment of polycystic kidney disease and its preparation method invented by the scientific research team of Niu Chenglin obtained the national invention patent certificate (ZL201510299713.7). For details, please visit www. 0371-66318120, 13837179106 (same number on WeChat)

4 factors may cause fetal abortion, how can we better prevent it

  The phenomenon of abortion is a phenomenon that all expectant mothers don’t want to see. However, this kind of phenomenon is happening more and more in life, and expectant mothers should pay more attention to this problem. Next, mothers-to-be understand the 4 factors that may cause fetal abortion, so as to better prevent them.  1. Undernutrition    Female friends love beauty and want to have a perfect body. Even if they are pregnant, they still want to be a beautiful pregnant mother. Therefore, during pregnancy, pay great attention to diet control and eat very little. Over time, it leads to insufficient nutrition. The growth and development of the fetus needs to be obtained from the expectant mother. The expectant mother herself is undernourished, and the fetal baby’s natural nutrition is not absorbed enough, which may cause fetal abortion. Therefore, expectant mothers should pay attention to nutrition intake when they are pregnant, and don’t stop eating to keep in shape. A reasonable and healthy diet is the most important thing.  2. Poor mood    After pregnancy, the hormone secretion in the mother-to-be will be affected, which will affect their emotions. I might feel very uncomfortable when I see anything, and I want to lose my temper at every turn. If the mother-to-be’s mood has always been so depressed and poor, not only will her health be affected, but the baby’s development will also be affected, causing fetal abortion. Therefore, during pregnancy, expectant mothers must know how to adjust their emotions, and husbands and family members must also be considerate, caring, and understand expectant mothers.  3. Insufficient oxygen  If the expectant mother suffers from diseases such as high blood pressure or diabetes during pregnancy, it will affect the oxygen supply of the fetus. Once the baby is insufficient in oxygen, the probability of fetal abortion is greatly increased. Therefore, during pregnancy, expectant mothers should pay attention to regular check-ups. If there is any abnormality in the body, it can be dealt with in time.  4. The environment is poor    The environmental pollution in everyone’s life is still relatively severe, and various pollution problems are frightening. And if the mother-to-be has been exposed to such a serious pollution problem for a long time, and the environment is poor, the fetus may stop. Therefore, mothers-to-be should try to avoid places with poor environment.

Women eat too little, diseases are coming

 Modern women often eat less and less in order to maintain a slim body. Eating too much will increase fat and cause trouble, but eating too little can also cause a lot of trouble.   anemia    unbalanced nutritional intake makes the intake of iron, folic acid, vitamin B12 and other hematopoietic substances insufficient. Eat less, and the basal metabolic rate is lower than ordinary people, so the gastrointestinal movement is slower and the secretion of gastric acid is less, which affects the absorption of nutrients. These are the main causes of anemia.  Memory decline  The main power of brain work comes from fat. Eating too little, insufficient body fat intake and storage, and lack of nutrition in the body, severely damage brain cells, directly affect memory, and become more and more forgetful.   Hair loss    For people who are too thin, the supply of body fat and protein is insufficient, so the hair frequently falls off and loses its luster. If you diet too much and your hair lacks adequate nutritional supplements, including lack of iron intake, it will become yellowish and dull and eventually cause a lot of hair loss. The incidence of hip fractures in thin women with osteoporosis is more than twice that of women with standard weight. This is because the level of estrogen in the body of thin people is insufficient, which affects the combination of calcium and bone and cannot maintain normal bone density. Prone to osteoporosis and fractures.   Gastroptosis    Women who use the hunger method to lose weight often experience loss of appetite, gas, and pain, all of which may be signs of gastroptosis. Obvious gastroptosis is common in abdominal discomfort, fullness, and feeling of heavy fall. The symptoms are aggravated when standing or tired after a meal. Severe gastroptosis is accompanied by drooping of internal organs such as liver, kidney and colon.  Uterine prolapse    does not have enough protection, the uterus is easy to descend from the normal position along the vagina, the cervix droops, and even protrudes out of the vaginal opening, forming uterine prolapse. In severe cases, it may cause cervical infection or even cervicitis.

There are many benefits of black sesame, but everything has two sides, and eating it wrong may hurt your body!

Modern people, with fast-paced nights and unstoppable classes over time… The lifestyle has changed a lot, and staying up late has obviously become a daily habit! But do you know? Often staying up late and sitting for a long time are very harmful to the kidneys. Kidney injuries can lead to hair loss, lack of energy, energy and blood, etc. What is more terrible is that this situation is getting younger and younger. According to the theory of Chinese medicine, “the kidney stores essence, its hair is developing” The obvious manifestation of kidney qi deficiency is hair loss and gray hair. Many people will lose hair and lose their hair or even baldness in middle age. The main reason is the lack of kidney qi. The rare thing about black sesame seeds is that it has a kind of “run” which is different from other foods. Although there are many benefits of black sesame seeds, everything has two sides. If you eat it wrong, you may hurt your body! How to eat black sesame? There is a class of people who like to eat black sesame raw, but in fact, raw black sesame contains a lot of protein inhibitors, which has an inhibitory effect on stomach acid, intestinal digestion and absorption, and has an adverse effect on the human gastrointestinal system. There is a saying in Chinese medicine that every child must be fried, so ingredients such as black sesame are more suitable for fried. However, for those with weak spleen and stomach, it is not easy to digest cooked black sesame alone. Therefore, although some people eat black sesame, they can still see complete black sesame seeds or black granules when they are excreted. Black sesame is a better digestion method, it is recommended to grind it into powder. The method of nine steaming nine sun black sesame pills is to steam black sun sesame seeds and dry them. Separate the skin and flesh of sesame seeds, remove the sesame skins, stir-fry, beat into a powder, mix with white honey and make into small pills. &nbsp.

What to do if I often suffer from insomnia?

Chinese medicine for insomnia is called “insomnia” and “insomnia”. It is mainly caused by yin and yin and yin and yang disorders, and is related to a variety of factors, such as heart and spleen deficiency, heart and kidney failure, phlegm and fire disturbance, insufficient kidney essence and indigestion. Frequent insomnia is very painful, which will not only cause mental fatigue, memory, immunity, depression and other mental illnesses, but also cause blood pressure and blood sugar fluctuations, induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and harm your health! Recommend a medicine and food homology recipe for insomnia, based on the addition and subtraction of classic ancient recipes, which can clear the mind and calm the mind, communicate with the heart and kidney, and reconcile Yin and Yang. Applicable to cardioplegia, upset night sweats, palpitations and insomnia. [Wuwei Anshen Soup] Composition: Gardenia 9g, Cinnamon 3g, Sour Jujube Kernel 10g, Fushen 10g, Schisandra 9g. Usage: Shuijianbi, twice a day. Usually, those with deficiency of qi and blood can add longan, jujube, yellow essence; those with deficiency of kidney essence can add wolfberry fruit, rehmanniae; those who are full of upset heart can add lotus seeds, light bamboo leaves;