How to avoid routines that are not known for liposuction packaging words?

The current medical and beauty market said that the beautiful point is called Baihua Qifang, and the unpleasant point is called Yulong Mix! In order to compete for customers, various plastic institutions wish to pack a mm bean into a life-saving elixir! As far as liposuction technology is concerned, in the early years, major institutions seized hydrodynamic liposuction, and it was almost necessary to praise the hydrodynamic instrument as a father! Later, I couldn’t play anymore, and I started to work hard on how to make the liposuction of Kuawei Plastic. The small institutions that had no money to buy this instrument panicked and couldn’t lose! You have to pack a more advanced liposuction technology, that is called pure manual liposuction! Now the handmade ones are all valuable and beautiful! … others: Can’t lose! Let ’s change our name and call it endoscopic liposuction! Although it is blind, but can not lose from the momentum! So now all the plastic surgery organizations are competing in the packaging words of the project of death-knocking … And the beauty seekers are finally fooled, and they do n’t know who to believe! Brother told you very clearly that basically all kinds of unheard words that you have heard in the medical beauty industry are basically some advertising packaging words! The actual liposuction surgery method is negative pressure liposuction! The operation principle is to insert the liposuction tube into the subcutaneous fat layer through a small incision in the skin, and suck the accumulated subcutaneous fat out of the body. Another non-surgical method is to use the laser instrument to cool the frozen fat to improve the operation, but the slimming effect The effect of liposuction is definitely incomparable … At present, there is really no way to bypass these two! If it is complicated by some hospitals, then you can consider whether you are walking around, put some pictures for everyone to see if you can understand the approximate process! However, the packaging of the project is also very normal. Advertisement, on the basis of not breaking the law, whoever flickers and wins! The society is advancing in the development era. All hospitals hope that their own machines and products sound more foreign. Packaging these things is definitely indispensable, just like people also need to rely on clothing for packaging, because someone ca n’t avoid it. The wind and the rain are only bought and trusted by listening to the packaging words, and many people like high-end things, even if the packaging sounds tall, they are happy in their hearts. This is to spend money to consume psychological values, rich people We do n’t understand the time, and what the smart beauty seekers have to do is to look at the essence through the phenomenon, just like some stars, it also needs packaging, but the acting skills are clear at a glance! But for liposuction technology, no matter how the packaging operation principle will change, you will be asked what kind of operation method is recommended for the face consultation, and you know what surgical methods of liposuction, the price range is easy to understand. Finally, I want to say that teaching people to fish is worse than teaching people to fish. That brother teaches you to fish and fish. When any hospital has packed the surgery in the bells and whistles you, you can basically say goodbye to it. Now!