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The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention issued the Technical Guidelines for Influenza Vaccination in China (2020-2021). Considering the background of the continued global epidemic of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the guidelines recommend the following populations as priority vaccination targets: medical personnel, including clinical rescuers, public health personnel, health and quarantine personnel, etc.; elderly care institutions, long-term care institutions, welfare homes and other crowd gathering places are vulnerable Crowd and employees; crowds in key places, such as teachers and students in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, detainees and staff in prison institutions, etc.; other high-risk groups of influenza, including elderly people aged 60 years and above, and 6 months old -5-year-old children, patients with chronic diseases, family members and caregivers of babies under 6 months of age, pregnant women or women who are planning to become pregnant during the flu season, etc. This is so sweet and practical.

Whitening needle VS thin face needle, which is more dangerous?

Whitening Needle “Whitening Needle” is to solve facial problems by injection. Advertisement contains a variety of complex components for human health, which can inhibit cell oxidation, quickly decompose the melanin and yellow pigment of human skin, repair damaged cells, thus Improves hypoxic dullness, rough skin, etc. It has a lightening effect on the formed acne and spots, and effectively improves facial spots. In fact, our country’s national health department has never approved the treatment of whitening needles. The so-called “whitening needle” contains mainly glutathione, tranexamic acid (and vitamin C injection, etc.). Because it is an illegal treatment project, it is currently not launched in public hospitals. It is mainly promoted by private medical and beauty institutions and beauty salons. In order to achieve a visible whitening effect in a short period of time, these private medical and beauty institutions and beauty salons often use a dosage of drugs that exceeds the dosage of the drug by several times or even tens of times, which does have a lightening effect on some stains, but it appears poisonous. The risk of side effects is significantly increased. It is important to know that even if it is a vitamin, high-dose application is also risky. Let us see what adverse reactions may occur in the drug contained in the large-dose whitening needle: Vitamin C: Long-term use of vitamin C may be It can cause urinary stones, diarrhea, headache, frequent urination, increased gout, nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, etc., and may cause scurvy after discontinuation. Tranexamic acid: a hemostatic drug. It can inhibit plasmin. The main adverse reactions are: loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, heartburn, low menstrual flow, itching, rash, etc. Pay special attention Monitor blood routine, prothrombin time, etc. to prevent thrombosis carefully. Glutathione: side effects are relatively rare. Occasionally nausea, vomiting and headache, rare rash. Note: Some “institutions” want to quickly respond to “customers” Psychologically, the illegal addition of hormones or other prohibited ingredients to the “whitening needle” is even more harmful. The thin face needle is the botulinum toxin type A injection, which mainly acts on muscle tissue. It is called the thin face needle because it is commonly used to solve masseter muscle hypertrophy. The face-lift needle is a medical and aesthetic treatment project approved by the national health department. Therefore, it is carried out in major public hospitals and private medical and aesthetic institutions. Its mechanism of action is: acting on the neuromuscular junction to reduce the release of acetylcholine from the motor nerve, thereby Inhibit muscle contraction and relax muscles. Mainly have a significant effect on dynamic wrinkles (facial expression muscle contraction movements, such as laughing and crying), which can improve eyebrow lines and head-up lines. So, is the face-lift pin safe? About, face-lift pin The safety problem depends on whether you are injected in a regular medical institution. Whether you are injected with relevant funds Doctors. It is safe to inject thin face needles in public hospitals or large medical and aesthetic institutions, but in some small medical and aesthetic institutions and even beauty salons, it is likely that the injections are for nurses without relevant qualifications, and may even be People with no medical background. The risk is greater. The safety risk of face-lift needles is mainly related to the dose of the injected drug and the location of the injection. If the surgeon does not control the injection site and depth, and the preoperative evaluation is not accurate enough, Then deviations are easy to occur during injection (often the injection dose is too large), then it is easy to have stiff facial muscles, so-called “zombie faces.” Another risk of injections of face-lift needles is that there are counterfeit products on the market, which are fake Medicine. Similarly, these fake medicines are often circulated in small medical beauty institutions, beauty salons or personal studios. If you have injected a fake face-lifting needle, it is useless and the next thing, God knows what adverse reactions will occur !!! Whitening needle VS face-lifting After so many needles, everyone should understand. Which of the whitening needle and the thin face needle is more dangerous? For the whitening needle, it is a non-trivial matter. Treatment items, and drugs are often over-injected, the risk of adverse reactions is higher. Advise everyone who loves beauty not to choose this treatment. As for the thin face needle, if it is operated by a qualified and experienced doctor in a regular medical institution, there is little chance of safety risks. But if you go to a small medical beauty institution, beauty salon or personal studio, it is not necessary. Maybe you are injecting fake medicine, and the risk of a zombie face is also significantly increased. Once again, I advise everyone who loves beauty to do a medical beauty project. You must choose a public hospital or a large medical beauty institution. This can minimize the risk. Do n’t be greedy for cheap. Go to some unknown medical beauty institutions or beauty salons. If you are disfigured, you will regret it! ! This article refers to the popular science of Professor Yang Xichuan