Chuntian live broadcast tonight at 8 o’clock | “Sleeping baby” milk problems, sleep, wake up and other problems have been saved

Old mothers may have a common wish: May my baby sleep well tonight! In fact, this is not only your wish, but also your baby’s own wish. After all, I can’t sleep well and the baby feels very painful! (Pictures are from the Internet) But after all, the baby is too small to understand how to deal with the problem of sleeplessness, so I need my parents to help my baby! How to help? First of all, you have to understand the physiological characteristics of infants and young children’s sleep, the factors that affect the sleep of infants and young children, and how to cultivate good sleeping habits of infants and young children! Where can I learn this knowledge? Don’t worry, we have invited an infant sleep expert for you. Tonight, I’ll share with you the methods and techniques of “you can let your baby sleep well”~June 4, 2020 today (June 4, 2020 ) At 8 pm, Zhu Qingqing, a postgraduate student in the Shanghai Songjiang District Maternal and Child Health Hospital, a pediatrics (direction of child health), and an attending physician in the child care department, will tell you about “milk sleep, hug sleep, coaxing sleep, frequent nighttime wakeup…want to let the baby “Sleep and sleep”, it is very important to use the right method! “. These infants and young children have common sleep problems. Does your baby have them? A baby’s lack of sleep affects many things, and these factors that affect the baby’s sleep must be avoided! Do these things well and let “sleeping baby” become “angel baby” in seconds! On June 4th (Thursday), at 8-9pm tonight, press and hold the QR code in the picture to watch the live broadcast↓↓↓

When can the baby sleep well?

Since there is a baby at home, the total sleep time and quality of sleep of father and mother will plummet. Grandparents think of adding supplementary food to their babies early so that they can sleep longer if they are not hungry. Father and mother think about whether they can improve the quality of their children ’s sleep by supplementing calcium and zinc. Ask the doctor: “Doctor, when can my baby sleep well?” 1 In fact, this question makes it difficult for the doctor to answer accurately, because each child’s sleep has individual differences, the child’s developmental health status, individual temperament type, disease Resistance varies, and each family ’s adoption habits and environment are different. Some babies can sleep well from the age of 2-3 months, and some children are more than 2 years old and still get up at night to drink night milk. Therefore, there is no way for the doctor to predict when your baby can sleep well. Sleep habits develop from over-intervention, but interfere with children ’s sleep activities. Newborn babies always flush and blush at night and during the day of sleep. The body curls, heads back, and belly bulging, making a “humming chirp” similar to the sound of a pig, Parents think that such a baby is very uncomfortable, is the child hungry? …… The baby’s nervous system is not yet fully developed, and the active sleep state is relatively long. The above performance will appear during sleep is a normal active sleep period. If the parents think that the baby is unwell and give too much care at this time, hold the baby Sleeping, breastfeeding, etc., this disturbs the transformation of the infant’s sleep cycle, so that the child’s true awakening, and gradually grow up to develop the child’s habit of sleeping, lack of security in sleep. Intestinal colic small babies swallow a lot of air when sucking milk, and also inhale more air when crying and crying; factors such as milk protein allergies or fasting intestinal peristalsis due to full feeding can also cause physiological intestinal colic, and the baby will be relatively fixed Suddenly crying loudly during the time period. When crying, the baby’s face turns red, the mouth is pale, the abdomen is swollen and tight, the legs are curled up, the feet are cold, the hands are clenched, and the breastfeeding can not be relieved. Stop crying, exhaust, or defecate. Parents are troubled by the child’s intestinal colic, the pain in the child, the pain in the mother’s heart! Parents have checked a lot of ways to relieve intestinal colic: plane hugs, exhaust exercises, massages, simethicone … Some parents hold their children all night to let their children lie on their parents in order to relieve their children’s pain. After a long time, the child heard the long-lost breathing heartbeat in his arms, and found a sense of security in the mother ’s womb. After 3 months of age, the child ’s intestinal colic gradually eased, but the child could n’t find his own sense of security in the crib, and sleep. It became broken sleep. Are you hungry or hypoglycemic? Some babies are already able to sleep for 4-6 hours at a time at 2-3 months old or sleep until the daylight falls, but the mother is not calm, the child will wake up to drink milk after 2-3 hours, Will the child not be hungry for so long? Will it be hypoglycemic? Will the amount of milk not affect the growth and development of the child? At this time, the mothers will pick up the child and feed her. The child is fed in sleep, and the gastrointestinal tract continuously works to digest food. Excessive feeding will interfere with the child’s digestion and absorption, resulting in the child’s milk-weaning period and normal sleep rhythm being disrupted. . Create a good sleeping environment Parents need to create a good sleeping environment for their children, so that children develop regular rhythm in the sleeping environment. Rhythmic development requires a process, easy-to-cultivate angel babies will gradually develop a good life rhythm, sleep when they are full, and laugh when they are full; difficult-to-cultivate baby animals are not so simple! It is not a problem to solve the problem by coaxing and sleeping. Parents need to try to ignore and be willing to sleep, and cry to moderate dissatisfaction, let the children gradually comfort themselves in the unsatisfactory sleep requirements, and find their own sense of sleep security. It will be more painful. The individual nervous system excitability of each child is different, and the total daily sleep time will be significantly different at different months of age. Therefore, the total sleep time is also on demand. Children with higher nerve excitability have shorter total sleep time, and children with lower excitability have longer total sleep time. Parents do not need to worry about this. Daytime sleep environment: No need to create a nighttime sleep environment, natural light, relatively quiet, pay attention to the ambient air circulation, let the baby sleep in the small bed in his room, crying during sleep Awake parents try to pat and not hold up, the child can appease the feeling Just continue to sleep, give up the appease if the appease is invalid, let the child get up, wake up and chat with the child

Psychology: What kind of psychological anomaly is behind the cruel behavior of a highly educated person who has been dropped out of cat abuse?

Shandong University of Technology, a senior student in Mathematics, Fan Mou killed a kitten. At 7:04 pm on April 15th, Shandong University of Technology released an announcement on the official Weibo about “Fan Mouqing, a senior student in school, abused cats and filmed video sales.” ), Saying that “Fan Mouqing has been taken out of school”. The announcement also pointed out that the school conducted psychological counseling on “the students’ psychological abnormalities.” The incident originated a few days ago, a video of cat abuse was circulating on the Internet: a kitten was tied to a rope, it is estimated that a combustion-supporting agent was sprayed on the body, a fire was lit on the kitten, and the burnt kitten tried Extinguish the fire with rolling and claws, but because the fire is too large, the kitten is burned alive in about 20 seconds. Later, someone privately talked about Fan Mou and was threatened. On the morning of April 16th, the reporter contacted the propaganda department of Shandong University of Technology by phone. The staff said that since the “cat abuse incident”, the school’s psychological counselor has been “providing psychological intervention work” for Fan Mouqing, but after the psychological intervention In the circumstances, the staff stated that they were “uninformed”. After the school released the notice of handling dropouts, many netizens worried whether “Fan Mouqing’s cat abuse behavior will be worse after dropping out of school”, but school staff said that “what kind of behavior is it after students drop out of school? We can’t describe it to you.” “. Now that the Internet is so developed, knowing that cat abuse will have a high risk, and will you take the risk? What happened to these people? Why can you be so cruel to such a cute cat? What kind of psychological abnormality does Fan Mouqing have, will he continue to abuse the cat in the future? Abuse is voluntary by the abuser, and the abuser can get a pleasant feeling from it. This kind of happiness from abuse can be said to be “abnormal” (abnormal). This kind of person often likes to see the pain of others or animals and gets some satisfaction from it. What psychological abnormalities does Fan Mouqing have? The following is a multi-level analysis of this event from the perspective of psychology based on my professional knowledge and practical experience in psychological counseling for many years. 1. The drive of “death” instinct: life has two instincts of life and death, the social atmosphere suppresses the instinct of death, but it has not really disappeared, and the extremes easily break out. From Freud’s psychoanalysis theory, life While there are two instincts for life and death, the death instinct emphasizes a destructive force: when this instinct is toward itself, it is self-masochism and suicide, and what is manifested toward the outside world is violation. Two instincts exist at the same time, sometimes depending on which power prevails. Everyone is aggressive, and there is no dedication and love. The book “Destructive Analysis of Humanity” analyzes from multiple perspectives where the destructiveness that has been carried on humans for thousands of years comes from , Want to use this to unravel why there are large-scale destructive behaviors, such as long-standing wars. However, basically all society encourages pro-social behavior, and only those behaviors that show love and are harmless to society will be accepted. Under the influence of this social atmosphere, under the influence of family and school education, We believe that love is right and destruction is wrong, but instinct is something that can be suppressed but will not disappear, just like a volcano that has not erupted. The calm on the surface does not mean that there is no possibility of eruption. The psychology community also believes that animal cruelty may also be a manifestation of psychological depression, to a large extent, a way to vent depression and relieve tension. Once there is a chance, the death instinct can not be suppressed, it will burst out, venting energy, Fan Mouqing tortured 80 cats, extremely cruel! The “death” instinct is also a human instinct, but we need to be educated to improve people’s cultivation and self-restraint, and there are laws to control this instinct! 2. Satisfy the need of self-enlightenment and gain a sense of control: those who are not satisfied with early narcissistic almighty in their babies, live in an idealized world, and have very low resistance to stress. In the process of abuse, people will produce a kind of “I It ’s God (or God), I can control everything ”,“ I am high above ”, seeing animals or people surrendering to their feet, the abuser ’s inner sense of power bursts, and 10,000 repressed unsatisfactory in life After being released in this situation, he recovered his sense of ability to control his life. So not only the animals who abused animals, but also: husbands who abused in life, parents who abused children, individual teachers who abused students, people who like to play the role of abuse in sex, the initiators of war, etc.