Qi and blood work well

【Qi and blood health】Qi and blood health mainly includes two aspects. The first is the sufficient qi and blood. The second is the harmonious adjustment of qi and blood, mainly by the heart and lungs. In the regimen of health care, seizing Qi and blood, only when Qi and blood flow is normal, the body’s functions will work normally. Once Qi and blood are not running normally, the body will be stagnated, the body will lose its health, and disease will come. In life, we need to maintain the body regularly, pay attention to the flow of qi and blood. With the increase of age and daily life and diet problems, our peripheral hands and feet are often prone to early circulation disorders. The main symptoms are numbness, wood, cold, ice, swelling, pain, Swollen, heavy legs, soreness, muscle atrophy, difficulty walking, difficulty recovering and so on. Decades of clinical observation are very common and need to be highly regarded. The solution, a Daohuikang Quantum Massage Energy Insole, relieves the problem of blood circulation in both feet. Junqi quantum water cup regulates the problem of blood purification; the water cup and insole work together to complete the health problems of qi and blood circulation. Daohui Kangji people, everyone is healthy! ! !