Popular Science Promotion

good morning everyone! ! ! The health platform seems to have few products, no confidence, waiting, and watching. At present, some family members do not believe it. I hope everyone can think about it with their heads. The company is not the same as my company. Two pairs of insoles are 98 yuan and 100. 60% of the money is given to everyone as a bonus, and there is more than 40 yuan left. The cost price of two pairs, freight, courier fees and miscellaneous fees, how much money does the company have? The company is not Mr. He and me, but the company that everyone is sharing. Mr. He and I are just building this platform. Everyone is going to develop a big health business on this platform. We buy insole experience ourselves and get a 30% bonus from sharing health with others. I believe that as long as every family member understands it, they will definitely do promotion and promotion. I recommend ten people and ten people to buy and become company ⅤIP members. They become managers themselves. The bonus of 40, the management award of 10% of the team promoted by 10 people, always gains. Everyone must learn to look clearly, understand that helping others to work as a team is to help others get health, and at the same time to get wealth income by themselves. The company’s platform is to achieve “body The best platform for the double harvest of health and wealth gains. This morning’s learning and sharing, I hope that the family members of the three groups will work hard to be their own team when they learn well and understand clearly. I believe that everyone will get “healthy wealth and double harvest” in the future. The company’s philosophy and May all the people get health and all the people get wealth! Family members think about whether each of us should work hard to do this thing today? Would it be unhealthy for the team to do well? Will there be no wealth? Someone will ask me where the money for the big health platform comes from. The coronavirus infects the oxygen generator and starts up 50,000. It costs 300,000 to 700,000 yuan to treat a patient. Is this a huge cost? Our big health platform solves the circulation of blood at the ends of the feet from the insoles and enhances the circulation metabolism of qi and blood in the whole body. The water cup solves the blood problem. The next step is to eat five seasons of health products. The body has enough blood and viscera to function normally. The circulation of qi and blood is well-maintained, and we are not ill or ill. Diseases are far away from us. We are far away from the hospital. Are you not happy? Our big health platform spends a few hundred yuan a quarter, and believes that everyone can spend it. Our small program today must be the future big health. The family will work hard to make their own team! ! !