Do these things to eliminate the “junk” in the womb

For women, the uterus is a unique organ, which can give birth to a whole new life and upgrade oneself to a great mother. When there is no pregnancy, the area of ​​the uterus is actually very small, only the size of an ordinary egg. After pregnancy, it seems to have undergone a magical change, with rapid expansion. After giving birth, the uterus will shrink to its original state, just like the size of a human fist. At this time, the uterus is actually covered with a lot of folds, and the surface is no longer smooth. In these hidden corners, it is easy All kinds of garbage remain. What constitutes uterine trash? It includes menstrual blood that has not been discharged in time. Menstruation is very viscous, and there may be some residual substances that remain on the uterine wall after each month. Some can be taken out when the next menstruation comes. Each time it reappears for a long time, a sticky blood clot that does not fall off will form on the surface. The second type is the garbage after an artificial abortion. Some people will have an abortion through oral medication or surgery after an unintended pregnancy. At this time, if the embryos are not completely shed from the uterine cavity, they will be inside. Some substances remain. During sex, a lot of sperm will enter the uterus, leaving those eliminated in the uterine cavity. In addition, using some contraceptive products will also leave remnants. Even if you have very healthy habits, your body still produces a lot of metabolic waste. These long-term necrotic tissues cannot be completely excreted and some will stay in them, especially after women reach 30 years old. The decline of the body’s comprehensive functions will easily increase the amount of garbage inside. How to clean up uterine waste For women, the menstruation experienced every month is the best detoxification. The health of the body needs to be measured by menstruation. The easiest way is to maintain a very scientific lifestyle and be healthy. Eat, live a regular life. Don’t stay up late for a long time. Do aerobic exercises more than three times a week, and control them at 30 minutes each time, so that many toxins can be discharged quickly. Maintenance during menstruation is a very important link, which can effectively help clear the garbage inside. If you want to ensure that the menstrual blood is discharged cleanly, do not touch cold things during this period, and do not eat arbitrarily, those directly from the refrigerator Take out the food. Wear a coat reasonably when going out in cold weather to keep warm. If conditions permit, you can drink hot brown sugar water, with ginger, brown sugar, etc., to make menstrual blood discharge more smoothly. Appropriately eat more cereals, which contain sufficient carotene and folic acid, which can help women’s uterus to be in a very healthy state. In the process of delivery, try to adopt a normal delivery, so that these residual toxins can be discharged together. After giving birth, confinement should be carried out reasonably, and a variety of nutritional supplements should be paid attention to to keep warm. Breastfeeding methods can effectively promote the recovery of the uterus. The female uterus is an organ that is very afraid of the cold. Many young women wear thin clothes, which causes the appearance of uterine cold. After a long time, the metabolic function may not decrease and cause the elimination of toxins. Therefore, no matter what season you should pay attention to reasonable warmth, eat more peanuts, longan, beef, these foods can warm the uterus and help detoxification. &nbsp.&nbsp.

Reading “Revised Zhong Jing Quan Shu Treatise on Febrile Diseases” “Yi Zong Jin Jian”

The book “Treatise on Febrile Diseases” was written by Zhang Ji of the Later Han Dynasty. It published and clarified the profound theories in the “Internal Classics” without quoting any classic words in ancient classical books. These are all due to the author’s careful consideration. Theory to verify practice, various treatment methods should be available. Therefore, before this, there was only medical law and no medical prescription. Since then, there have been both medical methods and prescriptions. Since then, the traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment methods and models that have been passed down through the ages have been opened. It is really a sacred book in the medical field. Because this book has been a long time since it was written. And many people re-edited, and some mistakes happened. Today, I will collect and sort out the annotations of the philosophers, take the essence, remove the dross, correct the errors, delete the redundant theories, fill in the omissions, and further elaborate the medical theories inside. Test the theory through practice. The road to Jane is alarmist. Published in the world for the benefit of future generations.

“Autumn Tiger” is angry and becomes more humid

   As the saying goes, “Eat radish in winter and ginger in summer”, health preservation in summer is mainly to remove moisture and cold from the body. If cold and dampness accumulate in the body, it will affect health. In summer, the weather is dry and hot, and people’s emotions are also easily affected. , So we use summer to “use heat to force the cold” to remove dampness and cold to make the body healthier.   In summer, the focus is on getting rid of dampness! Remember the three not to do. Three things not to do after a meal: 1. Don’t drink water immediately after eating. A problem that many people have when they eat is to drink water immediately after a meal. Some people think that after eating, there is a taste in the mouth, they will drink water immediately. Suck your mouth and clean your mouth and intestines. In fact, this is very bad for the body. Drinking water after eating will dilute the stomach acid and increase the digestive burden on the stomach. It is easy to have indigestion.   Although the human body is prone to lack of water in summer, drinking water after a meal will increase the burden of digestion, affect normal blood circulation, and make the body cold and wet.   So it is best to wait for 20-30 minutes after eating to drink water, which can reduce the burden of gastrointestinal digestion. In addition, you should pay attention to drinking water in your daily life and drink slowly, so that your body can absorb water better.  2. Don’t eat fruit immediately after eating    Many people like to eat some fruit after a meal and think it can help digestion. In fact, eating fruit immediately after a meal not only does not help digestion, but also easily causes gastrointestinal discomfort. There are many kinds of fruits in summer, and many people like to eat watermelon. Watermelon itself is a cold fruit. Eating too much will increase the cold and dampness in the body. Eating fruits just after a meal can easily stimulate the gastric mucosa, and it is not conducive to the body’s nutrient absorption of fruits.   So do not eat fruit immediately after a meal, you can replenish the body with fruit two hours after eating. 3. Don’t take a shower immediately after a meal. The summer is hot. Many people may be sweating profusely after eating. They will feel sweaty, sticky and uncomfortable. They will want to take a shower immediately. In fact, take a shower immediately after a meal. It will affect the normal gastrointestinal digestion function, because we have just eaten, most of the blood in our body is concentrated in the stomach to help digestion.   When taking a bath, it will stimulate the blood, allowing the blood to flow to the skin, and the intestines and stomach are prone to ischemia, which affects the digestion of food, and bathing after a meal is more likely to cause dampness and cold to invade the body, which is not good for health. If you want to get damp in summer, the best time to take a bath is noon. In summer health preservation, in addition to paying attention to these items that cannot be done immediately after a meal, we must also learn how to dehumidify and expel cold, maintain health and maintain health!    1. Take good care of your mouth, eat less cold food, and drink more tea to dispel dampness Detoxification is hot in summer. Many people like to drink cold beer, eat popsicles, and eat some cold foods, but these can’t really relieve the heat, but also stimulate the stomach and let cold and dampness enter the body. There is a record in the Compendium of Materia Medica that the Chixiaodou, Coix Seed, Gorgon, Poria, Gardenia, Orange Peel, Winter Melon, Lotus Leaf, Licorice, brewed with hot water, can remove aging moisture.   If necessary, you can purchase the following dehumidification and anti-cold “magic”, with a reasonable ratio to make your body healthier.  2. Do more foot baths    There is a note in the acupuncture point book of Chinese medicine that the feet are the most dense organs in the human body. Soaking the feet before going to bed will help promote blood circulation and improve sleep quality.   Soaking feet before going to bed can speed up the body’s metabolism, expel toxins and garbage, and can smoothly expel moisture, and use heat to make cold. 3. Press the axillary “Detox Kou” frequently.    There is an acupuncture point in the axillary called “Jiquan Point”. This acupuncture point is located at the apex of the axillary and is a dehumidification port of our human body.    Chinese medicine believes that the nerves and blood vessels related to the heart are gathered here , Is an important acupoint in the Heart Channel.   Therefore, if you massage the Jiquan acupoint frequently, it can help expel the dampness and coldness from the body. You must apply force during the massage, and the intensity is evenly relaxed, and it can be gentle and gentle at the beginning.

What is happening with heart failure grade 4 pleural effusion?

Article source: WeChat public account [Pleural Effusion Patient Association]  Pleural effusion patients are more painful than abdominal effusion patients. This is because of our human body structure. We have hearts and lungs in the chest cavity. Therefore, there is very little space left in the chest cavity. Once the pleural fluid accumulates too much, it will oppress our lungs and heart, resulting in chest pain, dyspnea and other symptoms. So what is the cause of pleural effusion?   There are many reasons for pleural effusion. For patients with heart failure disease, the reason for his pleural effusion is mainly due to the deterioration of heart function. To put it simply, the heart is not so powerful anymore. We know that the function of the heart is mainly to provide the function of blood circulation. It is responsible for pumping the blood in our body from various organs back to the heart, from the heart to our lungs for oxygen exchange, and then expelling some of the waste in the lungs. Transporting oxygen into our blood plays such a role. Because of its function attenuation or abnormality, it will cause a lot of body fluids in our body to not return to the heart smoothly.   Especially in the chest cavity, if it cannot return to the heart, the fluid may accumulate in the chest cavity, which means that there will be pleural effusion. It’s like rain in our daily life. At this time, we need to pump out the accumulated water. If your pump is abnormal and it can’t pump out water, then the water will accumulate below. This is one of the important causes of pleural effusion.

There are 2 dehumidification switches hidden on the body, long press in summer, the moisture is very clean

Humidity is an important concept in Chinese medicine, where external humidity refers to the humid environment and humid season, and internal humidity refers to the problem of moisture in the human body. A person with spleen deficiency will easily get wet, and if it is not adjusted, it will cause many diseases. The more common ones are obesity, fatty liver, high blood lipids, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, so in the hot and humid season, heavy body, loss of appetite, and thick tongue coating How to recuperate? Acupoint massage to relieve spleen dampness: Yinlingquan acupoint: Located in the depression between the lower edge of the medial tibia and the medial edge of the tibia on the inner side of the calf Incontinence. Pubic pain, dysmenorrhea, nocturnal emission. Knee pain. Acupuncture points: Located in the lower abdomen, when the umbilicus is 3 inches from the middle and 2 inches from the front midline. Indications are full of lower abdomen, poor urination, dysmenorrhea, infertility, hernia. Note: The basic method used in this article, please consult a doctor before use. Humidity is an important concept in Chinese medicine, where external humidity refers to the humid environment and humid season, and internal humidity refers to the problem of moisture in the human body. A person with spleen deficiency is prone to get wet. If not adjusted, it will cause many diseases. The more common ones are obesity, fatty liver, high blood fat, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Does using cosmetics make my skin worse?

Does using cosmetics make my skin worse? In fact, this kind of worry is not necessary, because the reason why we use this cosmetic is to keep the skin in a healthier state by using it, or even help us to resist some external stimuli, such as ultraviolet rays For example, to help clean the outside dust, these stay on the skin and cause some damage to the skin, so after the correct use of cosmetics, it actually has a protective effect on the skin and will not cause some changes to the skin. But if it is used incorrectly, especially like some products, it may also cause some damage to the skin, such as washing the face, which is actually a very simple problem, but these cleaning products are not suitable for themselves when they are selected. Your skin, you may feel that the skin gets washed and dries, even after some people wash it, the skin becomes sensitive. This is caused by inappropriate selection of products or improper use of the product. In fact, we can divide it into two aspects. As a product, there are many and many kinds of ingredients in it, so most of the ingredients are not active ingredients of cosmetics, so these ingredients, for For normal skin, it stays on the surface of the skin, which is equivalent to having a very smart film. Keep it out, so that only some small molecules with active ingredients can be absorbed into the skin to play. It’s this activity. Therefore, for healthy skin, there is no need to worry that after applying cosmetics, a large jar of food will be eaten into the skin, which will cause damage or burden to the skin. This worry is not necessary. However, there are some people with special skin, such as people with sensitive skin, or people who already have some skin diseases. The protective biofilm is incomplete, so after applying the product, there will be some large molecules. Substances, or ingredients with a relatively large molecular weight, will enter the skin, so after applying the product, his feelings are different from ordinary people, he will feel very tingling, and even will have a burning sensation. Some comfortable feelings. So these feelings are actually reminding us that the skin may be in contact with deep tissues, some ingredients in these cosmetics, and some unnecessary inflammatory reactions have occurred. At this time, it is recommended that consumers must stop using this product, or Wash it off as soon as possible, then use some skin-friendly products, try not to produce this type of feeling.

Rumor crusher: After the prosthesis ruptures, the gel inside will flow everywhere?

When many beauty seekers come to me for a consultation, they always ask me: what should I do if my prosthesis breaks in my body? Will it flow around? Will it stay in my blood? First of all, the quality of the prosthesis and whether it is strong depends on its shell and contents. However, under normal circumstances, the contents of the prosthesis will not leak out, because the component material of the prosthesis is silicon, and silicon is an inert element, so it is impossible to degrade or volatilize, so do n’t look at the special softness of the prosthesis. , But even if it breaks, the contents inside will not flow out easily. The viscosity of the glue used in the current prosthesis is very high, and it is highly linked and strong. However, as in the previous 90s, the penetration of the prosthesis was very obvious, but this kind of fake is no longer available on the market, and the beauty seekers do not have to worry about the phenomenon of the prosthesis flowing out and leaking. However, for the safety and effectiveness of the operation, when we do breast augmentation surgery, we still need to choose a prosthesis with a regular brand, good quality, and a good shell.

How to eat acne?

It is very important for acne muscles to control their diet. Let ’s talk today about how to eat right. First, greasy food First of all, everyone must eat less greasy things, because the more greasy foods eaten, the more oil equivalent, which will promote the skin to secrete more oil, it is easy to grow acne. For friends who love acne. It ’s not that you ca n’t eat meat, but you should pay attention to the cooking method. Eat as much steamed or cooked food as possible, and eat less fried or fried food. Many friends will ask whether it is spicy food or not? The answer is not necessarily. If you just chew the chilli noodles themselves, the acne will not increase significantly. But if you eat Sichuan-style Hunan cuisine and hot pot spicy skewers and other foods, you have acne, and then you blame the acne on the pepper, then the pepper is really a bit wrong. Because research now shows that there is no obvious relationship between pepper and acne. Why do we have acne when we eat spicy food? Because these foods are very oily, and the oil content is very high. Whether it is Sichuan cuisine Hunan cuisine or hot pot Ma Ma. These foods contain a lot of cooking oil in Pei Liang. So in a word, the oil makes you have acne. Some Sichuan and Chongqing areas put some natural ground peanuts on the chili as a dip, so that eating can reduce the fat content. The probability of acne will also be reduced a lot. Babies who like to eat spicy food can try it this way. 2. Carbohydrates (sugars) Carbohydrates should be eaten as little as possible. It is more clear that sugar is not only the kind of sugar that everyone usually eats, but also sweeteners in drinks and snacks, and Various starch foods. Like all kinds of pasta, like noodles, rice noodles, steamed buns, etc., all of them are carbohydrates. For acne friends, they still eat less. Many friends will ask why these sugars or carbohydrates cause acne? This is the glycemic index (GI), which is a change in blood sugar after carbohydrates are taken into the body. The higher the change in blood sugar, the higher The higher the glycemic index. The higher the glycemic index can release insulin-like glycemic factors, so that the male hormones in the body become higher, resulting in acne. 3. Milk and milk products The relationship between milk and milk products and acne is that the more milk and milk products you eat, the easier you get acne, and the lower the milk fat content, the easier you get acne. Therefore, some people want to ingest nutrients, and are afraid that the fat in the milk will make them fat or have acne. They will buy low-fat or non-fat milk, which will make acne more likely. And this correlation exists not only in milk. Many milk products, milk tea or yogurt, can cause acne. Of course, there are many confounding factors, just like milk tea contains a lot of sugar besides milk. So whether it is yogurt or milk tea, it is actually a drink that will make people acne-prone. It is recommended to drink less. Some people may ask, besides milk, is coffee also acne-prone? If you drink black coffee without sugar or milk, it will not cause acne. It is recommended that you take a look at the ingredient list of all instant coffee on the market. The carbohydrate content and total calories in it will also surprise you. There are also people who exercise and eat protein powder. Most protein powders on the market are whey protein, which is extracted from milk. Because fitness itself will increase the level of androgens, coupled with the large intake of milk-derived whey protein, fitness people sometimes have endless bursts of acne. In such cases, it is generally recommended to change the protein The source is just like eating more eggs, beef and fish to supplement protein, and there are many protein powders specially designed for amateurs, mainly based on soy protein. You can also try it.