The same is double eyelids, why are some not good-looking?

This is mainly affected by three important factors. 1. The shape of the double eyelid is not good, and the good-looking double eyelid shape must be in harmony with your facial features and facial contours! Not the wider the better. 2. When there are inner and outer canthal epiceps, your eyes will look smaller than the actual size, even double eyelids will not look good. After opening the inner and outer corners of the eyes, the shape of the corners of the eyes becomes more natural and smooth. 3. The condition of the eyelid, whether the double eyelid looks good or not depends on the condition of the eyelid, including the thickness of the eyelid, the degree of looseness, the distribution and amount of fat under the eyelid and eye socket. Even with double eyelids, sagging eyelids, bloated eyelids, and excessive fat will affect the aesthetics, and may also change the shape of the double eyelids.

[Original] How long can you open the inner and outer corners of your eyelids?

Opening the inner and outer corners of the eyes is usually done together with the double eyelids, which has the advantage of a one-time operation and recovery at the same time to achieve maximum results. However, some beauty seekers may plan to do double eyelid shaping first because they are not mentally prepared for simultaneous surgery, or they are worried that the swelling together will take too long. Later, if they feel that it is really necessary, they will do the inner and outer corners. This decision is also understandable, so when is it appropriate to make inner and outer eye corners? Generally speaking, it takes about 3-6 months to complete recovery of the surgery. The specific recovery time varies from person to person. We recommend that if you have already done a good job of opening the inner corner of the eye, at least 3 months later It can be reexamined. If the doctor determines that the local double eyelid surgery scar has matured, the swelling has completely resolved, the curvature is stable and there is basically no change, then the operation of the inner and outer corners of the eye can be performed. The benefits of this can be based on stable The radian makes the most appropriate opening degree. As for whether the inner and outer corners of the eyes must be opened, and the degree to which they are opened, it is necessary for experienced doctors to make final judgments based on their respective conditions in order to obtain the best results. This article is the copyright of Dr. Liu Tianyi. Please do not reprint without authorization. Read more of my articles. [Original] Do plastic surgery have to avoid the physiological period? °[Original] Is unilateral double eyelid surgery performed with both eyes? °[Original] What is the role of cold compress after double eyelid surgery?

What causes loose teeth? Will it cause serious problems?

Under normal circumstances, teeth have a certain degree of physiological mobility in a healthy state, mainly in the horizontal direction, and the vertical direction is very small, which is not easy to be noticed. This is a kind of physiological mobility, which has a certain degree for teeth The protective effect can buffer a certain external force. but! but! but! If the teeth are caused by periodontal disease or other factors, the movement of the teeth is greater than a certain range, it is called loose teeth, and you must be vigilant at this time! Grade of tooth looseness Ⅰ degree of tooth looseness is the movement of the buccal and tongue direction (inside and outside direction) within 1mm, there is no movement in other directions; there are two cases of degree Ⅱ tooth loosening, one is the degree of buccal and tongue direction (inside and outside direction) Between 1 and 2mm, the second is the movement of the teeth in the buccal-tongue direction (inside and outside direction) and the near-distal and middle direction (left-right direction); the third degree of tooth looseness also has two cases, the first is the buccal-tongue direction (inside and outside) The direction) has a mobility of more than 2mm. The second is the tooth’s buccal-tongue direction (inside and outside direction), near-distal and mid-direction (left-right direction) and vertical direction (up-down direction). (Looseness Ⅲ: There is swaying of the teeth before, after, to the left and right, up and down) The degree of loosening of the teeth from degree Ⅰ to degree Ⅲ is getting heavier, and it also has a greater and greater impact on the patient’s life. Generally, the tooth is lost or needs to be removed The possibility is also greater. Causes of tooth loosening 1 Periodontitis Periodontitis is the most important reason for tooth loosening, which can lead to alveolar bone resorption and gum atrophy. The most direct consequence is a series of phenomena such as tooth loosening, enlarged gaps, and food embolism. 2 External force collision Due to the external force collision, the teeth are shaken if they are subjected to external bruises, falls or excessive bites. This is because the excessive external force has damaged the periodontal ligament, the elastic fibers between the tooth and the periodontal ligament are damaged, and the teeth are loosened. 3 During periodontitis or periapical periodontitis, the gums are red, swollen and painful, bleeding is common when brushing teeth, and loose teeth will appear. 4 Abnormal occlusal relationship When individual occlusal force is too large or the occlusal relationship is abnormal, loose teeth will appear. The harm of loose teeth In real life, many friends will have loose teeth, but most friends will take a stand-by attitude. If the teeth are not treated in time, the consequences are quite serious.

Rumor! Newborns have leggings and their legs will be straight. This wrong approach hurts the baby!

Some elderly people often stubbornly want to give their babies leggings shortly after the baby is born, saying that they can correct the leg shape. So is it scientific to legband a newborn? The answer is no. & nbsp. When it comes to X-shaped legs and O-shaped legs, many people say, I feel I have a little O-shaped legs or X-shaped legs. What’s the difference between these two diseases? The “O” shaped leg is also called knee inversion; both lower limbs are bent outwards, and when the medial ankles are closed, the knees are not closed, and the walk is swayed. The “X” shaped legs are also called knee valgus; when the knees are close together, the medial ankles are not close together. When walking, the two knees collide with each other and fall easily. Most of the knee valgus in childhood is physiological. Generally speaking, infants under 1 year old are mainly knee valgus; the lower limbs gradually straighten at 1-2 years old; knee valgus at 2-3 years old Mainly, the most obvious around 4 years old, and then gradually corrected, close to the adult level by 7 years old. The joint distance between the sides of the knee valgus is normal within 125px. Physiological knee valgus can usually be corrected on its own, so no special treatment is necessary. Therefore, it is normal for children to have knee valgus within a certain period of time, and parents need not worry too much. Some parents are afraid that the child will have legs that are not straight. It is not right to tie the child ’s legs after the child is born, which will affect the development of the child ’s lower limbs and even the development of the hip joint. & nbsp. However, if the child is over 7 years old and still has abnormalities or even aggravating trend, then a child orthopedic specialist needs to be consulted. For patients with knee valgus after physiological correction, conservative treatments such as massage braces are basically ineffective, and surgery is required. For patients with knee valgus after physiological correction, conservative treatments such as massage braces are basically invalid, and surgery is required Intervene. Previously, osteotomy orthopedic surgery was used, but it has the disadvantages of large trauma, heavy bleeding and long fracture healing time. At present, the unilateral epiphyseal block surgery with 8-shaped steel plate is mostly used, which gradually corrects the deformity by blocking the growth of one epiphyseal plate and the natural growth of the other epiphyseal plate. It overcomes the shortcomings of osteotomy orthopedics and is suitable for almost all growth and developmental children. Both children and parents are easy to accept. But if the child has passed puberty, the best time for this approach is missed. Therefore, parents should pay close attention to the growth of their children. If any abnormalities are found, they should be consulted in time to avoid delaying the best treatment time. Doctor Yao Jinghui, the Third Affiliated Hospital of Southern Medical University (Guangdong Orthopedics Hospital, Guangdong Orthopedics Research Institute), hopes to help everyone’s health!