What should happen to nipple inversion?

“Nipple inversion”, is it very strange to this? “Nipple inversion” has rarely been heard of this situation, but in reality women are not concealed because of shyness. Nipple inversion refers to the breasts of some girls. The bulge can dent the nipple into the breast, which not only affects the appearance, but also affects the sex life and fertility. What are the factors that cause nipple inversion? What are the ways to recover? There are two reasons for nipple inversion, one is congenital nipple inversion, which is more related to genetic factors, mainly Due to the shortening of the breast duct, some tissues have fibrotic contractures and the nipple smooth muscles develop abnormally. There is also an internal sale of acquired nipples, which is mainly caused by the acquired nipple being pulled by the pathological tissue in the breast or the compression of the bra or the chest. It is more common in diseases such as inflammation and tumor, which invades the ducts, ligaments, and fascia of the breast, causing the affected ducts, ligaments, and fascia to contract. Unreasonable corsets or bras that are worn too tightly occur in adolescence because of The chest is tight and the blood circulation is poor, resulting in poor breast development and inverted nipples. Of course, for nipple inversion, you need to choose a treatment method according to your own situation after a face examination. The depth of nipple inversion varies, generally can be divided into three degrees: 1. One part is the nipple inversion, the nipple neck exists, can be easily squeezed out, the size of the nipple after extrusion is similar to ordinary people. 2, the second is the nipple completely It is sunken in the areola, but the nipple can be squeezed out by hand. The nipple is smaller than normal, and most of them have no nipple and neck. 3, The third degree is that the nipple is completely buried under the areola, and the invaded nipple cannot be squeezed out. Once was relatively mild introversion, second was moderate, and third was severe. If the patient is one degree or two, he can correct himself with the nipple correction device. If he enters the severe stage, he needs to be corrected by surgery. It is recommended that you can go to the hospital for examination first. If it is pure congenital nipple inversion, it is feasible to correct nipple inversion. A