40% of girls have this problem, affecting the “sex” life

Obviously, this patient has a sexual life disorder. That’s right, women also have sexual difficulties. When it comes to sexual life disorders, people often think of men’s problems first, such as impotence and premature ejaculation. However, they rarely think that women may also have sexual life problems. Affected by traditional Chinese education, “sex life” is a private topic, not to mention talking about it in a large public, even if it is a handful of women who come to the gynecology clinic to consult with sexual life disorders. &nbsp. Does this mean that there are very few women with sexual life disorders? of course not. In fact, women with sexual problems are quite common. According to statistics, about 40% of women have sexual problems, but there are very few who clearly know and need help and treatment. &nbsp. Contrary to the actual situation of outpatient consultation sexual problems, I received a lot of consultations during online consultation, some of which appeared after delivery like the patient above, some had never had an orgasm after many years of marriage, and some were sex life Pain…actually, it’s all sexual disorders. There is still a good time in life, and we should not endure it silently. We need doctor’s help in time and more knowledge about relevant knowledge is the right solution. &nbsp. Girls with insertion difficulties are also responsible? The manifestations of sexual life disorders are different, including lack of libido, sexual arousal disorders, inability to achieve orgasm, pain during intercourse, and difficulty in insertion, among which insertion difficulties are common. Let’s take a look at the two patients I received during the online consultation: Case 1: The patient is 24 years old, married for a year, and has repeatedly failed in life. Every time her husband inserts, it is extremely difficult to use lubricants. Case 2: When the patient is 30 years old, half a year after delivery, and three months after delivery, her husband is also difficult to enter. Although she is not excluded, she cannot enter smoothly. After reading it, you may feel that there is no difference, because it is difficult for men to insert, is there any difference? Of course there are differences, although the performance is the same, but the reasons are different: after examination and evaluation, the women in case one are afraid of pain and have obvious fear or anxiety about sex life, resulting in vaginal muscle spasm during sex life Contraction prevents male insertion. In the second case, the women had abnormal pelvic floor function, excessive muscle tension, involuntary tension or contraction of the pelvic floor muscles, and sexual life failure. &nbsp. The above two cases are the most common causes of female insertion difficulties-psychological factors and abnormal pelvic floor function. In addition, the common causes of insertion difficulties include the following: female reproductive tract deformities, Including vaginal developmental deformities, hymen atresia, etc.; reproductive tract trauma, including vaginal adhesions, stenosis, etc. after surgery or childbirth; postmenopausal estrogen reduction, vulvovaginal atrophy. If insertion difficulties occur repeatedly or continuously during sex life, it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination, and the doctor will help determine the cause and take targeted treatment. If it is a psychological problem, try to eliminate the fear of sexual life; if it is abnormal pelvic floor function, you need to do pelvic floor treatment; if it is a genital tract deformity, you need surgery to correct the deformity; if it is caused by estrogen reduction, you can The vulva vagina is treated locally with estrogen. Sexual life pain, is the boy’s posture or movement wrong? Yes, sexual life pain is of course related to men. If the vagina lacks lubrication before the female sexual excitement is fully aroused, inserting the penis or inserting the action abruptly will often cause pain, and the female sexual excitement will be suppressed. With the insertion and friction of the penis, the pain may increase. In the absence of sexual excitement and dryness, not only will there be pain, but also a psychologically unbearable disgust, resulting in a vicious circle. &nbsp. In addition to male factors, there are many reasons for women themselves. I once encountered such a case in an outpatient clinic. It was a newly-married couple. The woman always felt pain during intercourse. The man did not dare to continue, so he came to the hospital for examination. Fortunately, they came in time. They didn’t know if they didn’t check. Only after checking that the woman was suffering from vaginitis, this condition disappeared after medication. vaginitis or other reproductive tract inflammation is a cause of pain in sexual life, as well as other common causes of pain: psychological cause: fear of sexual life, or worry about pain in sexual life, or have a history of physical abuse or sexual abuse ; Non-infectious causes: myofascial pelvic pain syndrome, pelvic organ prolapse, congenital genital tract